Chapter 168.2

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Knights Order and his resolve.
Adeil did a splendid job. His skills are so great I wanted to preserve my nails forever. My nails had a picture of blue Riccar flowers adorned with an imitation of the jewelry. They looked neat and adorable.

“Whoah~ it’s so cute!”

Moreover, moreover, it’s exactly what I desired!

“Yeah, it matches the ring very well.”

Dirk took my hand. I also think so. The wonderful nail art matches with Dirk’s ring… I am totally satisfied! As thanks, I made several fake nails according to Adeil’s size.

“How is it, Missy. You enjoying yourself?”

Rudolph-san who changed his class to drunkard while I had my nails done called out to me.

“Yes, very much.”

I replied to him with a smile. Although it cannot be helped, I will miss the Knights Order during the summer vacation. There are many muscleheads, but they are mainly good people, so… I think I will miss them a little.

“That reminds me, I’ve cooked a meal for everyone. There’s plenty for everyone, so eat up.”

To cheat my gloomy feelings, I lined up a great amount of food on the table. I worked quite hard for this.


“So good!”

Everyone really devoured it. They were a bit scary. Oh, Curtis was running away with the meat and potato stew pot… looking carefully, Hugh was running away with the Tonkatsu too!? Adeil ate dashimaki eggs silently while Curtis drew away the attention. I wonder if assassins have a habit of eating only one dish they like?
Oh, Fizz was also eating happily. He seems to like the braised burdock roots.

While looking at the Knights eating deliciously, I was invited by Dirk for a walk. How could I refuse a walk with the Knight-sama I admire so much?

“I will accompany you anywhere!”

I replied immediately. It’s already a reflex. There’s no refusal in my vocabulary regarding this!

“Thank you.”

Dirk smiled wryly and took me to the terrace. He lifted me up in his arms and jumped off the terrace and went into the castle’s garden.

“This place should be fine. Rosarin, put up a barrier.”

“Okay~ gladly.”

I put up a barrier just as I was told. Dirk seemed a bit strange. Was he nervous? Was it a serious talk? He dropped me off at the garden’s bench.




“I will quit the Knights Order.”


I was startled and had many questions, but my brain stopped working. What does he mean? Even though being a Knight is his dream?

“I will succeed the household. I have already discussed this with Tousan. Commander had already received my letter of resignation.”

“… Can I ask for the reason?”

Dirk nodded. He stared straight into my eyes.

“It’s to walk hand-in-hand with you.”

“With me?”

“Even if I am a Knight, there’s not much I can do for you. Rather, I am unable to accompany you because of the work. Not only that, but if I become the Marquis, I can support you in whatever you want to do. Whether it’s bettering the employment terms or insurance of women, welfare or agricultural produce. So I made a decision. To be able to stay by your side for the rest of my life, I will become the Marquis. I have no regrets leaving the Knights Order. My future Marchioness is already working, so please teach me a lot.”

Dirk smiled at me. I certainly am studying Marquis Barton’s territory and formed a partnership with the Rosenbergs. I really didn’t mind controlling both the territories so Dirk could remain a Knight.


But, Dirk… he made a decision for a better future for both of us. Crap, my heart aches. There surely isn’t anyone who considers my feelings so much like him.

Dirk used to say that he wanted to stand beside me, but aren’t we walking now with him pulling my hand? I smiled naturally. I love him so much that tears started dripping down my face.


My beloved darling wiped off my tears with his hand.

“Dirk, my feelings are so stimulated I can’t put it in words. I love you… be it everywhere or anytime, let’s walk together forever.”

“… Yeah.”

Dirk kissed me with a sweet smile, and I, who was shaking with happiness, hugged him tightly until I calmed down.
There were no words and it was very quiet, but… my heart felt satisfied during this tranquil moment. So being so happy your body shakes really happens. I am really blessed to have met him.

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