Chapter 169.1

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A serious match.
When we returned the uncles were (drunk) fighting.

“Dirk is strong!”

“Noo, Rosarin-chan is stronger!”



It doesn’t really matter. The uncles (under the influence of alcohol) were arguing whether Dirk or I was stronger.

“When it comes to physical strength, Dirk is overwhelmingly stronger.”

“It was fifty-fifty with the use of magic allowed, but I cannot tell about now since Rosarin has been refusing matches lately.”

“Alright, let’s make them fight!”


“You guys, it’s a festival!!”


We couldn’t win against the vigor of the (drunk) uncles. how did it turn out like this!? This was a party thrown for me and probably Dirk too, no!? Don’t drag the leading actors into your mess!!



We were heave-ho’ed by the uncles (drunkards) who were in a festival mood and taken to the practice grounds.

“I feel bad that it turned out like this, but this is just right. I have made great progress since I got my magical power unsealed. Come at me with all you’ve got.”

“Hah… can’t be helped.”

Dirk held a spear while I brandished my twin swords. Neither were training pieces, but our ring weapons. Furthermore, I activated defensive magic through my engagement ring. My clothes turned into short pants, knee-high boots, and a sleeveless turtle neck. I wanted to make sure my movements weren’t restricted. Dirk also changed into an easy-to-move-in knight uniform.


Simultaneously with Rudolf-san’s signal, Dirk instantly closed the distance. I fired a chantless shockwave, but he avoided it. As a result of getting magic under control, Dirk became able to sense the activation of magical power. That is the most troublesome. To be able to avoid chantless magic, what a cheat that is!


It cannot be compared to before! Each of his hits are heavy!


Moreover, he’s so fast, quick, and swift! His blows are not as heavy as the Hero’s, but he’s that much faster. I’m doing my best to avoid him. I got teary-eyed. We were able to act separately as Rosalia and Rin before, but as the result of the gradual fusion, my reaction speed increased but our ability to act separately nearly disappeared. In other words, I have no chance to use magic! I will definitely lose if things continue like this!



However, I’m not going to lose so easily!




I poured magical power into the twin swords. In response to the magical power, the twin swords were infused with wind attribute and enveloped them in an invisible vacuum.


Dirk sensed the danger and jumped backward. The ground where he stood was gouged out.

“Shoot, shoot, shoot-!!”

I threw fireballs without thinking about the control.


Dirk was running away. But I can’t let him! I will lose if I let him approach me!


Finally, Dirk wasn’t able to evade anymore and got hit dire… he cut the fireball in half with his weapon.


I see, if you consider his ring’s category, you would place it in the magic tools category. If it’s packed with magical power, you can negate magic in turn! Moreover, didn’t it change shapes or something!? Dirk’s ring was supposed to be able to change only into a spear and twin swords, but doesn’t that look like a two-handed sword!?



Dirk closed the distance using my puzzlement to his advantage and I lost. My twin swords fell to the ground. Dirk’s sword was placed against my neck.

“… I lost.”

“Victor, Dirk!”

The cheers arose. The people who had bet on me seemed dejected.

“Dirk, one more time!”


Dirk made a troubled expression and accompanied me for another match.
The result? My loss! So quick! I can’t hit him! Rather, using magic against him is meaningless! (Misplaced anger)
I cannot win no matter what I do! Before I noticed, I lost 49 times in a row. Dirk mastered his ring and tested various weapons. To even be able to change into a staff… fufufu… I didn’t know. Since he was able to negate magic, I stood no chance. I might win if I used Valkyrie, but I don’t want to do that. That would destroy the entire practice grounds. I have no chance to use it in the first place.

“Miss Rosarin’s guts are quite something, right?”

I got the impression that Fizz was unimpressed. Was it just my imagination?

“Yeah… the life in her eyes doesn’t die no matter how many times she loses.”

“No, her stamina is incredible too. No matter how much recovery magic you use, ordinary people would still get exhausted…”

“She doesn’t know how to give up at all. Even though Dirk is super strong.”

The knights were whispering among themselves. No, others don’t matter. Think, how do I win? The difference in actual strength is obvious. I can only use strategy! I need to use my head! Think, think, think!

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