Chapter 169.2

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Serious match.
“Rosarin, what about your deathblow?”

Curtis wasn’t able to let things pass unnoticed and advised me. Deathblow? Ah, that! Yep, that will work!

“Curtis, I will make you a lunch the next time if I win!”

“Seriously!? Rosarin, do your best~!”

“Rosarin-chan, you will win this time!”

“Lass, go all out!”

“Rosarin-chan, fighting!”

Somehow, everyone was cheering me on. A smiled while waving my hand and turned towards Dirk.

“This will be the last one! Don’t you go easy on me now, okay?”

“All right!”

We both took a stance.

“Well then, begin!”

I smiled and walked leisurely. A knife was hidden in one of my hands. The ring remained a ring. Although I closed the distance between us, Dirk did not attack me, who seemed defenseless.

Dirk entered my range. I threw the knife. However, not towards Dirk but above me.

Just as Dirk’s attention was momentarily taken by the knife, a bright glint and a loud explosion resounded.


I got behind Dirk who was stunned by the sound and light and placed another knife I had at my waist to his neck.

“Victor, Rosarin!”

Rudolph-san declared.

“Yaaaay!! I wooooon!!”

After 49 consecutive losses, I was able to gain victory! My excitement was at its max as I high-fived everyone.

“Ugh~ my eyes are still flickering and my ears hurt… I have lost, didn’t I?”

“Sorry, Dirk.”

“No, I don’t mind that I lost. I know that I got disoriented by a glint of light, but what did you do?”

“It was Nekodamashi.”


“Nekodamashi means clapping your hands in front of the opponent’s face, aiming to cause them to close their eyes briefly. I added a flash of light with the light attribute of the ring and amplified the sound with wind magic, so what I did was an enhanced version of Nekodamashi.”

Nekodamashi is a technique of the good old Japan’s national sport (sumo). Curtis and the guys also learned it as an assassination technique and taught me precisely the enhanced version.

“Curtis, as I promised, I will make you lunch next time.”


“Alright! Rosarin-chan, you are getting a toss to celebrate your victory!”


There was no way for me to stop the excited muscleheads. I was somewhat exhausted, so I got caught instantly.


I was being tossed in the air before I knew it. Please spare me from the musclehead parade! It’s too high! I’m scared! Too rough! They are tossing me up and down to the beat, you know!? Hey! Dober-san, please don’t gesture ‘rest in peace’ at meee!!

“S, save meee!?”

Dirk has become stronger, but he too was tired and was unable to save me. What the hell! The former assassins group… not good, they are laughing! Fizz… you are praying too!? He, help meeh!

However, the muscleheads’ heave-ho parade continued against my will until I fell asleep… no, I fainted and Dirk sent me home.




The next day, I came to the Knights Order to deliver the lunch I promised.


“Take this!”

“I’m not done yeeet!”

Wasn’t everyone shouting strangely today? It’s probably just my imagination… it’s not.

“Oh, Rosarin.”

“Curtis, here you go.”

“Meat and potato stew?”

“It’s there. I don’t get it… isn’t everyone more eccentric than usual today?”

Curtis laughed.

“Yeah, it’s the Rosarin effect.”

“Excuse me?”

It seems that the knights were inspired by me, who kept on challenging Dirk after losing over and over again. I’m embarrassed because I was desperate. I just hate to lose, okay? W, well, it’s good to be motivated! I decided to convince myself.

After that for a while, when I went to visit the Knights Order,

“That is not enough! Rosarin-chan did not get discouraged after losing to Dirk several tens of times!”

“Yes! Even though she suffered so much, she won in the end! Don’t betray your effort! I will do my best too!”

… and things like that were happening.

“I cannot lose to Rosarin-chan! Uooooh!”

… Is what I kept on hearing, and I was unable to stay. Don’t use me as a reference! In the Knights Order, I was stuck with the image of a hard worker, and I became a good example for others… Before I noticed, my nicknames changed from the Witch Queen to the Saintess of Effort. It was too late when I noticed it. The muscleheads don’t remember who started it, but it stuck around after someone uttered this nonsense. I tried to correct them over and over again, but it didn’t work. I can’t have this embarrassing title stuck to my name! I’m telling you, I am no Saintess!!


Ahhh geez, why did it become like this!?

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