Chapter 170

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolfanea and Saintess.
Our first outing of the summer vacation was in Wolfanea. I’ve got an invitation and there are many things I have to do, so to save some time, I used the teleportation magic stone to get there.
This time, only Dirk accompanied me. He intends to start his Marquis studying earnestly when the new semester begins, so he will accompany me for my outings during the summer vacation as much as possible. I’m happy since we can spend a lot of time together, but is this okay? When I visited him, it was because I wanted to. He said he wasn’t forcing himself. My fiancé is seriously handsome.

First of all, we went to see Cidar-kun on the outskirts. Everyone, do you remember him? He was the pickpocketing mouse boy.


“……………… What did you come for.”

“Oh, it’s the meat sister!”

“Are you going to give us food again?”

Cidar-kun’s siblings ran up to us. They remember that I gave them meat and vegetables the last time! S, so cute! Their fur got a little bit better too! Can big sis mofu you a little?

“I am no meat sister. It’s Rosarin Oneechan. I have sweets for children who can call me Rosarin Oneechan properly.”

“Rosarin Oneechan!”

“Rosarin Oneechan it is!”

Children are so honest… I gave them a basket of baked cookies as a gift.

“Wow, it smells nice!”

The children were devouring them. At least wash your hands… no, they will eat while washing them, no? Oh well…

“And so, what did you really come here for? You did not come here to feed our pipsqueaks, did you?”

“Oh, I want you to grow this. I’ve got the permission from the Wolfanean royalty. You can divide the seeds with those interested. You can also eat or sell what you grow. Submit a monthly report and you will get your salary.”

“… Huh?”



Cidar-kun, why are you staring blankly?

“Oh, did you forget? The Great Tsunami was a disaster, after all. Maybe I came too late?”

“Ah… no… rather, I was thinking about whether you forgot. Got it. I will do it.”

“Then, sign this for me. These are the instructions. And these are the fertilizer and seeds.”

Cidar-kun read the instructions seriously. He also checked the contract.

“Ah, this is the advanced payment. You will be getting paid on the first day of each month. You will need money, so here’s half a salary in advance.”

Cidar-kun received the money and checked. He stiffened.

“… Ain’t this too much?”

“Please work that hard in return. You will need a lot to support your young siblings, no?”

“I understand.”

The request for Cidar-kun was to popularize the talking veggies. Additionally, there are other things he would have to report, such as the growth difference due to different fertilizers. It’s a very complicated job because of the differences in the soil in Wolfanea. Hence, the payment is never too much.

“Don’t you think I will take the money and run?”

“Anyone to do that would not ask that question in the first place, and I have confidence in my judgment of character. Besides, it will be more profitable for you to continue trusting in me to increase your reward rather than running away with the money.”


He was convinced. By the way, Cidar-kun really took his job seriously and increased his salary.
Additionally, he later became known as Wolfanea’s legendary Talking Vegetable Master, but that’s a story for another time.

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