Chapter 171

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The results.
The capital of Wolfanea was bustling. There seemed to be a big festival today and there were many street stalls. We still had time to spare, so Dirk and I went on a festival date, but.. they still have the Saintess’ meatbuns. They were yummy.

But… but…

“We have Saint-sama’s portraits!”

“Would you like to buy Saint-sama figurines?”


“Is this supposed to be a woman?”

When I addressed the seller, he tilted his head. I mean, this is…




Ain’t this the Valkyrie!!




Ahhhh, I want to interject so hard! I knew that wasn’t me! There was a stick figurine standing on the Valkyrie’s shoulder drawn in the picture book! I certainly am childish and small, but I am not this miniature, okay! You certainly cannot be sure whether it’s a woman or man you are talking about when you say ‘saint’!
I’m sure this is not Ravioli-san’s fault. It’s the fault of the Wolfanean merchants who misunderstood his explanation! Dirk supported me up when I crumbled down.

“Ro, Rosarin… are you okay?”

Dirk’s face was cramping up as well. I’m not okay. Should I be glad we did not bring Curtis with us… he would be rolling on the floor already. I would have to punch him for a while to vent my anger.

“Yeah, well… no one will be able to tell it’s me if it looks like this.”

I decided not to mind it. It will be my loss if I do. Well, me = Valkyrie, caused me to receive plenty of damage, but on the other hand, I won’t need to wear a disguise. I believe that I’ve become stronger mentally since coming to Wolfanea.
Today, I’m using illusion magic to make me look as old as Dirk. We look like a proper pair of lovers, and I’m having a blast. My excitement fell a little because of the Saint matter, but this is a date with Dirk, you know! I don’t have time to be down!

Even so, they have many articles here.
Oh, a Valkyrie mask… I bought it.

Saint makeover set… is this for boys? Or for girls?… It was unisex. So it was most popular with boys, huh. Is that so? I thought so… I bought it.

Saint figurine… oh, find a type with moving joints! This one is a deluxe edition… the armor can be replaced? Ah, a bow… this sword is cool. They have throwing stars too. Why? They even have a transforming airship model? Wowzee! It really transforms! I bought it.
The Valkyrie figurine I bought the last time was very popular mainly with boys. Aldin-sama wanted one too. Maybe I should construct this model in my free time? He will be happy for sure. Pochi and others will surely like one too, so I bought extras. Dirk also bought one. Valkyrie is cool, isn’t it? He was cute when he said that with embarrassment.


A portrait of the Saint… the roses in the background made it look somewhat surreal. The frame was beautifully crafted, increasing the disappointment even further. I really liked the frame’s craftsmanship, so I bought only the frame. My Mother will probably like it.
The Saint’s mascot… how cute! It was a deformed Valkyrie! I bought it. There was also one holding a piece of meat… because it’s the Meat Saintess? It made me feel uncomfortable.

Saint’s protection charm… the embroidery is amazing! Use this technological ability in other fields too! Wolfanea has rough outlines, but they seem to have a great technological ability because of the God of Manufacturing called the Salvation Saintess. The figurines were also something the craftsmen in Christia would have a hard time producing. But, this embroidery… the technological process is incredible, but it has a bad taste. Who would buy a protection charm with the embroidery of Valkyrie holding a slab of meat or Valkyrie with roses in its mouth?

“Oh no, this is amusing!”

“Eh? They have no problems with the profits? It’s really selling!”

It was in high demand. Who would have thought! It wasn’t a waste of technological ability!
There was a Valkyrie cutlery set in the sister products. The craftsmanship was incredible. There was a custom of giving a silver spoon on a child’s birth in Rin’s world. It was supposed to mean ‘to have no trouble eating’ if I remember correctly. I bought it.

Saint picture book… it made me feel unpleasant so I read it. Anyhow, I wanted to destroy it. Who do I contact to erase it from existence?

Saint-style accessories… no, Saints have nothing to do with this, no? They had cute silverwork with blue roses! The matching rapier brooch was cool, too!
Dirk bought me a pendant, so I bought him the rapier brooch.

“Dirk, help me put it on.”


I raised my hair up and asked Dirk to help me put on the pendant. Dirk’s hands were shaking, is he okay? The posture looked as if we were embracing, so we were quite close. After mischievously giving him a kiss, he completely Beastified and curled up.

“My heart is going to rupture, so please stop doing that all of sudden!”

I got scolded, but I did it again. I mean, he was so close. I’m not this tall normally, so isn’t it fine once in a while?
I helped him with the brooch. Dirk was cautious about the kiss so I did not do it, but I could tell he was clearly disappointed because of his drooping ears. I learned that Dirk must have mastered tsundere-ism recently. Just how many nosebleeds does he want to cause me to have? Did he learn the supreme tsundere-ism from Milfi? Dirk is angelic today as well.

The food stalls were freed from salt-only since I provided recipes.
The skewers were yummy. I’m a sauce person.
Oh, a pork one… no, it’s Orc, huh. Wolfanea mainly hunts for food, so you can eat meats you normally couldn’t think of, so every stall is thrilling.
There were so many meat dishes. Let’s give them a refreshing recipe next time.
Dirk was chomping down on it like a hamster.

“Is it good?”

“… Should I be honest?”

“Yeah? Tell me honestly.”

“I have never eaten anything more delicious than what you cook. Because I eat that delicious stuff every single day… even if everyone says something is delicious, I cannot really see it because anything except your dishes doesn’t seem that impressive to me. I would rate this as average, I think?”

“I will continue making delicious food for you for a lifetime!”

“Eh? Thank you.”

Just as I planned, I have conquered Dirk’s stomach! I won’t ever let go of it! I have to be diligent for that reason!
And also, thank you for your bashful smiling face! Thanks for the treat!

And that’s how I enjoyed my festival date with Dirk.

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