Chapter 147.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Girl talk.
Because we were pillow fighting with all of our might and the exhausting daytime, half of my fellow students went to sleep. I wasn’t sleepy because I was too excited…

I asked Milfi what she was doing during the day.

“Healing magic is my forte, so I was providing medical treatment. Right, Rupert-sama was doing an outstanding job.”

“Niisama was?”

“Yeah. Or rather, I don’t know whether it’s national pride or something, there were many soldiers who didn’t want treatment as long as it could heal by licking it, even if the injury was considerable. Rupert-sama scolded them until they received the treatment willingly.”

“I didn’t want to look at their deep wounds all the time, so I threatened them to stab them with a thick injection if they didn’t receive treatment.”

“…… Are they kids?”

“I asked about this later, but the majority was apparently scared of injections. Those I couldn’t persuade in the end were forcibly put to sleep by the cacti and received treatment in sleep.”

“You have worked hard.”

“The cacti were also very hardworking.”

“That so? I wonder if I should praise them the next time.”

“Please do that.”

Milfi smiled gently. Recently, Milfi has been all dere.

“By the way, Milfi.”


“Let’s have a girl talk.”

“Gi—? Erm, what does that entail?”

“We talk about the person you like or what your preferences are and giggle all night! That being the case, what kind of people are you into?”

“Let’s see… I have good feelings about people that are diligent. I think that people who have strict self-discipline are wonderful.”

Fizz immediately flashed in my mind. Although there’s quite an age gap, I think they would look pretty good together.

This is inconsequential, but Zilva was straining his ears. Does he like Milfi… Zilva and Milfi originally grew up together, so they seem to get along well. They grew up like a brother and sister, they were close and that what the fuss was about. Milfi said that Zilva got much better after Jash got a hold of him, he apparently got a much better understanding of discerning the guard’s spheres of action. Jash, you did a good job. Please train your father in that way too.
I sent a piece of my mind to Jash in Christia.

“Next is your turn then, Rosary. What kind of gentleman is to your liking?”




Dirk was choking for some reason. Am I not saying this all the time? My preferences = Dirk.

“No, not like that…”

“Then, a person like Dirk. With black hair like Dirk, androgynously beautiful, a Beastman that can Beastify, slender but with well-defined muscles, diligent, honest, reliable, kindhearted and older than me. Cuteness also receives high points from me. Adorable and cool is nice. Someone who eats the food I make with delight, a person who spontaneously says ‘thank you’. Wonderful fur with pleasant touch sensation is a must! I don’t think there would be anyone else closer to my strike zone than this.”

“You really love him, don’t you? Then, when did fall for Dirk-sama?”

“Ah, I’d like to hear that too!”

“Me too!”

Somehow, Rabisha-chan and the other girls got baited over. I don’t really think it’s that of an interesting story, though.

“To put it simply, it was love at first sight.”


“I fell for Dirk-sama who was having a mock battle at the Knights Order at first glance.”

Well, there’s more to it, but it was like this for Rosarin.

“And so, I tightly grabbed him by the stomach until we got engaged.”

“Waaait! I certainly love your food, but I love you as a person even better, okay!? I definitely wasn’t enticed by the food! I absolutely love you properly!”


I received ‘love you’! So happy. I tightly hugged Dirk. The girls went kyaa~… oof, that reminds me, we are in front of people.

“Then, who started the engagement talks?”

“My plan was to propose during our first day on my fourth birthday. But, in the end, it was Dirk who proposed to me.”

Milfi seemed to be very curious as she continued asking.

“What were the words of the proposal?”

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