Chapter 146

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Pillow fight is the real pleasure of traveling.
After reporting to Jess, I joined up with my classmates. The original plan was to stay at an inn for a night, but the town is still in a meat festival mood and I would be surrounded, so we decided to stay at the castle. We are still only seven, so we all sleep together. By the way, the exhausted teachers and knights who accompanied us are sleeping in a different room like logs.

“Everyone, when it comes to school trips, pillow fights are indispensable! Something outrageous happened today, but there’s surely nothing more to it. Let’s enjoy ourselves!”

The power of unity and goodness glues our class. Everyone agreed. Everyone was listening happily as I explained the rules of the pillow fight.

Unlike at home, Curtis is the only one that can be tricky. I thought that he wouldn’t want to participate, but he unexpectedly did.

“It looks fun, so I want to do it too!”

“You are bad at holding back! I can’t let you!”

My classmates had a proposal.

“How about a handicap then?”

In the end, Curtis was playing with both of his hands tied behind his back.

“I, is he going to be all right?”

The kindhearted Milfi was worried, but even though he’s like that, Curtis is Wolfanea’s strongest assassin. Rather, I would say that it’s a lukewarm handicap for him.

With Curtis participating, we decided to allow the use of magical power operation and the use of magic. We also allowed Beastification. However, indoor destruction will come with a penalty.

“Then, let’s begin!”

Elder brother and Pitch Dark-sama were referees. If anything, they both belong to the indoor faction.

“What!? Neesan, isn’t that Mister Knight too strong!?”

“That’s why I did not want him to join us.”

As I thought, binding his hands behind his back couldn’t be considered a handicap. Curtis was dexterously kicking the pillows and eliminating my fellow students one after another.

“Ahaha, as expected of my guard knight.”

Pitch Dark-sama seemed to be having fun. I also wanted only to spectate, but Curtis was mercilessly aiming at the girls’ faces.


What the hell, the face of my angel Milfi has been…

“Curtis you bastard, I shall avenge my Milfi!”


“Everyone, gather the pillows!”


“Roger that!”

My well-unified classmates quickly gathered pillows for me. I turned the ring into a pitching machine… no, to a pillow Gatling gun and fired rapidly at Curtis.

“Whoawhoawhoah!? Isn’t this against the rules!? Referee!”

“It’s amusing.”
“No objections.”

You seem to be having fun, elder brothers!

“Fuhahahahaha! Niisama is an ally of fun! Don’t run, Curtis!”

“Who would want to get hit by that! Rather, weren’t you supposed to be on my side, Alphage!?”

“Generally, yes. However, I believe that it’s necessary for a fool that aims for the faces of ladies to get hit by Miss Rosarin’s pillows.”


Using Alphage-sama’s distraction, I made Curtis slip on ice.

“Curtis, prepare yourself!!”

“Gyaaa! Ouch!? Wait, this is too powerful! Rather, isn’t aiming for face against the rules! Referees, stop her! It hurts super bad!”

“However, what a strange mandragora that is.”

“I also don’t understand how it turned out like this.”

I don’t know whether it was on purpose, but the referees were not looking. Ah, Alphage-sama did it on purpose, huh. As expected of Pitch Dark-sama. He will forsake even his subordinates for the sake of amusement.

“Don’t be looking away!”

Curtis shouted with tears in his eyes, everyone burst in laughter.

“Eh? Rosarin, aiming for the face is against the rules, so you can’t do that.”


“Also, this has been on my mind since a while ago, but this can’t be necessarily counted as pillow throwing, no?

Come to think of it, I am not throwing the pillows. Elder brother who shouldn’t know more about pillow fights than me, interjected.
Everyone started laughing again when I turned my head away in silence.

“Now, everyone. There are people sleeping, so quiet down a little.”

Being warned by teacher… I mean by Dirk, who was actually working properly, everyone obediently entered their bed.

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