Chapter 147.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Girl Talk
“Rosarin, daughter of Duke Rosenberg, I would like to get engaged with you. Someday, please become my wife… he said.”

The girls got all excited. The proposal is the dream of all maidens, after all.

“How wonderful.”

“How nice.”

Milfi and Rabisha-chan were also fascinated.

“And so, how did you answer?”

“I accepted normally, but… umm, I got licked so I quite couldn’t manage to speak out. This ring is something I have received at that time.”

“Ring with Riccar flower…”

“So dreamy!!”

The girls were getting louder. I, on the other hand, can’t keep up with them. I pulled back slightly.

“An engagement ring is a custom for Beneficiaries. Girls are presented with a ring when getting engaged. Dirk is also wearing a ring that forms a pair. Ring on the left ring finger means that you are either married or have a loved one.”

“So that’s why you are always wearing that ring.”

“I get it now! That’s why Master is always looking at the ring, laughing and kissing it, muttering Dirk-sama’s name, and coordinating her outfits to match the ring!”

“N, noooo! Stop! Don’t expose me!”

“Master, you generally prefer wearing wine-colored clothes, so I found it strange that you were picking white or blue dresses when going on dates.”

“Rabisha-chan! Spare meee!”

I begged quite desperately, but Rabisha-chan didn’t listen.

“Moreover, you were saying that your clothes don’t have to match every day. I thought you weren’t wearing it when you went to the Knights Order, but you had it on a chain, wearing it like a necklace… the mystery got solved.”

“Auuu… Rabisha-chan you sadist…”

“Isn’t it fine? Your maiden heart is adorable.”

“So you were keeping it so precious, Rosarin.”

“Excuse me, I’m going to die of embarrassment for a little. Don’t look for me, please.”

I’m too embarrassed. It’s most severe because it was exposed in front of Dirk. I’d like to go traveling for a while. Thinking that everyone now knows that I talk and kiss the ring, it hurts. It’s so painful. And above all, the person who gave me the ring got to know about it too, just what kind of death sentence is this? I’m leaving! The cause of death: Embarrassment! Criminal: Rabisha-chan!

While I was panicking in confusion, Dirk hugged me tightly. Why? When I confirmed the situation, Dirk seemed to be very happy.

“I always thought that I was the only one in love, Rosarin. You were always denying it, but I was lacking confidence. But now, I realized that you really like me. What do I do? I am so happy I just might go insane.”

I feel embarrassed enough to die, but Dirk finally realized my annoyingly heavy love for him. It’s embarrassing, but if it can make Dirk happy, then it’s fine, I think… I think my feeling finally reached him, so I have to tell him.

“Dirk, I love you.”


Dirk curled up. Why. Isn’t this too cruel to me, who worked so hard?


“Your destructive power is too much… wait a moment until I manage to calm down, please. Your normal destructive power of cunningness is incredible too, but this cute side you show once in a while is too much for me to handle!”

The effect was exquisite. I’m so happy. A smile formed on my face naturally.

“”Thank you for the treat.””

Milfi and Rabisha-chan were in sync. Eh? Everyone’s faces were red. I immediately recalled what I just did in front of people. It seems that everyone got stimulated too much. When I glanced at Dirk, he was still in agony for some reason. I rubbed my cheeks against his and patted him. Yep, I feel blessed.

“They really are a harmonious couple, aren’t they?”

“It’s envious. Especially since it’s difficult for nobles to marry for love.”

Aldin-sama sighed. S, somehow, Alphage-sama was in agreement too. Did something happen, I wonder…
I inquired from Rabisha-chan to clear the heavy atmosphere.

“What kind of person is to your liking, Rabisha-chan?”

“To my liking? A rich person.”

“Too heavy!!”

However, Rabisha-chan seemed very serious as she tilted her head puzzledly.

“My Father is a good person but he lacks money, so I thought marrying a rich person would be nice.”

She’s quite sincere. But, how do I say this, that’s quite wasteful.

“In that case, you just have to make money yourself.”


“You are good at gathering information, and you have talent in acting and talking, so I thought you would make a good diplomat. Of course, it’s fine to continue as my maid as well, though. Rather than marrying the rich, I would prefer if you chose an occupation with a stable income, and support a husband you’d marry out of love. I mean, this is more secure than being swayed by the money of your marriage partner, no?”


The girls, including Rabisha-chan, looked like they were awakened to the truth. Did I say something strange? Milfi asked me with a serious expression on her face.

“Rosary, what occupation do you think I am fit for?”

“You are bright and hard-working, so a minister’s secretary or accounting would suit you. You are good at calculations, after all.”

“H, how about me?”

“And me?”

The girls started asking me with serious faces. For a while, I was telling my classmates what kind of occupation they were suited for using the information I got about them. Why did the girl talk turn into something like this, I wonder?

I digress, but… I don’t want to think of this as my fault, but the majority of the girls I told about suitable occupations married late. T, this wasn’t my fault, right!?

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