Chapter 148.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I don’t want to be something like the Saintess.
When I woke up, I was wrapped in something warm. Fluffy and warm… I smell Dirk’s scent. Rather, I hear some voices…

“They really are a harmonious couple, aren’t they?”

My consciousness instantly woke up. I seemed to be sleeping happily in the arms of Dirk who was Beastified. Dirk’s sleeping face is innocently cute. However, how embarrassing this is. Who was it that carried me next to Dirk. This must be what paradise looks like. Thank you very much. But, I got startled and embarrassed, so my brain was smoking.

“G, good morning. Milfi.”

“Good morning to you too.”

I swiftly dressed myself up and ate breakfast. By the way, it was Curtis who carried me next to Dirk. I thanked him with my fists.

We had plans to survey the urban areas today, but that seems impossible because of me. The situation outside looks horrible.

“Meat meat meat meat!!”


“Meat~ meatmeat!!


“Barbecue this evening!!”




A large group of muscular white cloaks was parading around the castle. It was a muscly parade. Is this harassment? A ritual? Anyhow, is it fine to use force?

“What is that about?”

“Sorry… I warned them, but…”

I have a bad feeling about this. Meat aside, don’t be shouting a person’s name. I don’t want to ask but, Jess-san, please explain.

“I don’t want to ask, but what is that about?”

“They are apparently worshipping the Saintess. I warned them that the person herself wouldn’t like it, but they came one after another… there were only a few drunkards at first, but it got to this extent before I noticed… sorry.”

“… I will do something about it.”

Mainly for the peace of my heart.





I let out Valkyrie on the Wolfanea’s castle’s plaza. Everyone bustlingly gathered around. Elder brother and Aldin-sama were with me too.

“Haru, amplification please.”

“Sure thing.”

Haru made sure my voice reached everyone.

“Everyone, I am no Saintess who saved Wolfanea. It was my lord, Aldin-sama! My lord has ordered me to help Wolfanea. You were all saved thanks to Aldin-sama! Please praise your new Hero! Aldin-sama banzai!”

“Eh? Wait…”

“Aldin-sama banzai!”

“Little Hero banzai!”

It seems that my great strategy to push credit on Aldin-sama was successful. The simple people of Wolfanea began cheering Aldin-sama’s name. Furthermore, I made doubly sure.

“Aldin-sama, I’m thinking of filling the soil with mana. Please give me your orders. Wolfanea will suffer from starvation again if we leave it to natural recovery.”

“I see. Then, do it. Rosarin, please restore the mana.”

“Understood, my lord.”

I poured magical power into Valkyrie. I had Elder brother and Fir help me and requested Haku, Sui, and Arisa to support us.

“Valkyrie, magician mode!”

In order to amplify the magic, Valkyrie changed its figure with a priest-like robe and a cane. The cane was overflowing with greenery magical power.

(Fertility of Greenery)

The greenery magic rapidly filled the soil. The grass suddenly started sprouting, the crops instantly grew up, and verdant color swiftly returned to the dried up trees. Additionally, gigantic veggies calling me to eat them…


“Eat me please.”

“I’m ripe enough.”

“I’m delish, you know?”

Gigantic carrot, mushroom, and burdock walked through the town…

“Unfortunately, there’s no lotus root so I am not interested.”

“Rosarin, stop looking away from reality. You have to do something about that.”

“Err~… t, these huge vegetables are all presents from Aldin-sama. Please enjoy them thoroughly!”

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