Chapter 148.2

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I don’t want to be something like the Saintess.
By the way, Mr. Tomato and others were also here. The mana that I filled the soil with enabled the plants to grow rapidly. The aunties I gave the veggies yesterday were resting them on the ground to keep them fresh, so they apparently suck up the magical power and grew huge.

I thought I better chop them up first, but I couldn’t. I was unable to cut the veggies that weren’t resisting… however, as expected of Wolfanea. There were no children that were scared by gigantic vegetables. Rather, they were all eager to eat them. How incredible. The aunties were carefreely peeling the veggies. Mothers are strong. There’s a limit to indifference.

Even if I didn’t lend a hand, the aunties brought the veggies home. I got to hear about this later, but the Wolfanean wives apparently started hunting for food instead of shopping. They were natural-born hunters. The farmwork was apparently left to the children. They become adults once they go hunting. What a cultural difference.

“It’s a veggie festival tonight!”

“Long live the Little Veggie Hero!”

“Long live the Meat Saintess!”

Wait a momeeeent!? I don’t get the Meat Saintess whatsoever! Why did it stick!?

“Rosarin, why do you dislike being called a Saintess?”

“That’s not my image.”

“You think so? I think it’s perfect. You are kindhearted, after all. You would help Wolfanea even without me asking, no?”

“Indeed. My little sister bowed to me and requested that I come up with an idea for Wolfanea’s food shortage. I also think that the title of Saintess is quite appropriate for Rosarin, though.”

“I’m not so pure! I’m not worthy! I helped Wolfanea so that they would owe us a big favor!”

“You did not want money or any item as a reward from Wolfanea’s King, but you wanted him to receive treatment instead. This disposition of yours is no doubt, that of a Saintess. Give up, Rosarin.”

“Besides, isn’t being called Meat Saintess amusing? It somehow fits you very well. You give off the impression of meat hunter rather than a vegetable picker, after all.”


“Niisama!? What kind of image is that!?”

“I mean, you started accompanying Martha on her hunts for monsters recently.”

What a blunder. Did I become one of those hunting enthusiasts in Niisama’s head!?

“Oh, the lunch boxes she makes would definitely have…”

Don’t nod in agreement there, Aldin-sama!!

Two voices overlapped.

“”Give up.””

“Waaaaah! I hate this!”

This and that happened, and my status as Meat Saintess got established. Aldin-sama became a Vegetable Hero.

I found out a few years later when I visited Wolfanea again that yesterday became an official summer festival named the Meat Festival, while today was officially celebrated as Vegetable Festival.

People were wearing white mantles and yelling meat and Rosariiin to celebrate the Saintess.
The Vegetable Festival had an event where the person who caught the most talking vegetables, which had became a specialty of Wolfanea, became the winner. Why did the Vegetable Hero disappear, but the Meat Saintess stuck around!? I couldn’t accept this.

Seriously, why did it turn out like this!?

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