Chapter 149.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Stirring up a provocation.
This is not worth talking about, but I was sparkling even after taking a bath and sleeping, so when I cried to Sui to help me get it off, he told me it was composited of high-class light, barrier, and purification magic, so he directed me to Haru. I worked hard with Haru and somehow managed to get the glitter off.

Currently, I’m the same age as Dirk because I’m using illusion magic. The image I had the last time my body turned adult was perfect. My chest was bouncy.

I was flirting and clinging all over Dirk. This is not my hobby, but a strategy. The side benefits are… Dirk keeps saying to not cling to him too much all the time, but that’s only what his mouth says.

I walk with my arms linked with Dirk. This is quite difficult in my original appearances, so I’m delighted about this. His tail was coiled around my leg as usual. Yes, this is bliss.

Walking through the castle’s corridor, a big sister who lost to my coercion the other day was coming from the opposite side.
They were glaring at me, but I didn’t dislike their guts. But, to flaunt my privilege, I rubbed against Dirk.

“Dirk, that lady is so scaaary.”

The woman was irritated by my acting. Different from usual, I spoke to Dirk in a spoiled voice while clinging onto him.
N? What’s the matter, Dirk? Why are you all jiggly? Did you find me gross?

“So cute… this spoiled kind of Rosarin is way too rare…”

My Darling was suffering in agony. I thought so before too, but isn’t Dirk too easy?
It certainly may be rare. I certainly wouldn’t go ‘kyaa’ in a haunted house. I think I would rather go ‘gyaarghh’ if jump-scared in silence.
Let’s give him a little service. Just a little one.

“Dirk… I’m scared.”

I grasped the hem of Dirk’s clothes, who was still jiggling in agony like a herbivore.

“Will you protect me from that scary lady?”

I tilted my head cutely. Dirk replied properly with his entire face bright red.

“Yeah! I will definitely protect you, Rosarin!”

“That makes me so happy.”

No, let’s ignore the fact that I need no protection. I also want to be treated like a girl. That’s limited to Dirk only, though.

“You are scared of me? A savage little girl that fought off a swarm of monsters?”

“Yep. Can you not squeak so hysterically in front of us? Dirk, that auntie is scaaary.”



The big sister’s face was cramped. Oh? Was it effective?

“Older women are addressed as aunties, no?”

A teasing grin formed on my face. Ha, ha, ha. She was super glaring at me. It was truly effective.

“Big sister is also someone older, right?”

The big sister replied while overflowing with anger. Well, I agree, but I want to provoke you.

“Ehh? I believe that a rude woman who addresses others like a little girl is more than suitable to be called an auntie, you know? I think it’s quite kind of me to not call you an old hag.”


“Moreover, I’m a guest of honor, you know? The dignity of Wolfanea is questionable. I may look like an adult now, but I am still an immature seven-year-old kid.”

“I, it’s because you show no respect to your elder, right!?”

“Which part of you is worthy of my respect?”

“This little girl!!”

She snapped. Is that fine of a noble to do? The big sister was some kind of a wildcat and she assaulted me with her claws.

I tried to fight back, but Dirk hid me behind him and easily stopped her. Well done! The gallery watching on from a distance who were brought by the commotion clapped their hands.

“My fiancée is also certainly at fault for provoking you, but you are taking things too far. Also… I won’t forgive anyone who insults my Rosarin. If you understand, get out of here.”

Dirk released the wildcat big sister a bit rudely. She showed expression of hatred, but understanding that she stands no chance, she retreated. Fumu, my provocation was so-so.

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