Chapter 149.2

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Stirring up a provocation.
“Dirk, thank you for protecting me.”

“You are welcome. Are you okay?”

Dirk gently patted my head. What a bliss. Moreover, Dirk’s previous statement made me feel good.

“Yup. I’m fine thanks to you.”

“You are in quite a good mood, aren’t you?”

“Well, of course! You did say something nice just a little bit ago!”

“Did I say something like that?”

He probably said it unconsciously. But, I’m happy.

“My Rosarin.”

“……… Excuse me?”

“I’m happy that you declared that I am yours.”

I broke into a grin. I say it all the time, but it’s unusual for Dirk to say it.

“Th… that’s, umm… just the truth.”

“Yeah! I am Dirk’s Rosarin, after all!”

“That’s right. You belong only to me.”

I got a kiss! But, Mr. Dirk?

“Err, as expected this kind of gallery would embarrass even me, so we better continue when it’s only the two of us.”


We were stared at so much. We made such a big of a fuss, after all.

“Say it earlier!!”

Dirk took me in his arms and ran away with great vigor. He’s quick. Dirk can get really fast when serious. No, I understood that he wouldn’t drop me, but I was still frightened by the speed.




After that, when I was strolling in a garden with Milfi, we came across the wildcat big sister again. No, we were ambushed, to be precise.
When the wildcat big sister confirmed that Dirk wasn’t around, she addressed me with a stuck up attitude. She doesn’t learn.


“You are unpleasant! Get out of my way!”

I tilted my head to the side.


Milfi was startled by the wildcat big sister that appeared all of sudden, but it seems she decided to leave it to me.

“You are in the way!”

“Then, how about you avoid us yourself?”

“You cheeky lass!”

Wow, how short-tempered. She raised her claws against me once again.


Milfi screamed. I smiled at her comfortingly and threw the wildcat big sister over my shoulder.


The wildcat big sister was in a state of disbelief. Normally, a human can’t win against a beastman barehanded, after all.

“A stupid cat needs to be disciplined. It’s foolish to pick a fight with someone you can’t win against. I am a Duke’s daughter. He’s the second most powerful human in Christia, right after the King. You don’t possess a single thing that you excel over me in. Strength, status, fame, beauty, youth, a wonderful pair. There’s no way I can make a way for you with all of these. This is the last time I will overlook this, Auntie.”

“I won’t forgive you…!”

The wildcat big sister glared at me and ran away.

“That startled me. Rosary, you are not injured, are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“That woman was one of those women who were clinging to Dirk-sama yesterday, right? There must be another reason for you to have such a low opinion of someone irrelevant, no?”


Milfi seemed convinced. She really is bright.

“You can’t be too excessive, though. Please remember that there are people who are genuinely worried about you.”

“Got it. Thank you for worrying about me.”

I hugged Milfi tightly. My best friend is adorable.

Now then, with this much provocation… I wonder if I stirred something up?

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