Chapter 125.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Instinct and manliness.
“Dirk, you didn’t…”

“W, we didn’t go until the end!”

“Erm, I seduced Dirk and his reasoning collapsed.”

“… What did you do?”

Leonid-san asked in amazement.

“I showed him my underwear in bed.”


“And you still didn’t go until the end? Are you impotent or what?”

“You are wrong! It was close, but even though she’s grown-up, she’s still only seven years old, you know!? She would be the one to get hurt if we went until the end!”

“… Dirk, aren’t you enduring way too much? Just how long are you going to endure?”

“No matter how cute, charming, good-smelling, recently sexier, and how tempting Rosarin is, I am older! I have to protect and cherish her! I won’t do anything until Rosarin reaches marriageable age!”

“… Isn’t he so manly? Leonid-san?”


Leonid-san smiled wryly. On the other hand, Fizz was making a bitter face.

“That’s reasonable. You are still young. However, to be able to make someone fell for you and tempt him this much, you really are frightening.”

“Eh? Me?”

“”… Certainly.””

The two Beastmen nodded in agreement too. Why.

“Well, I understand your spirit. But, keep the libido with moderation, the animal nature of us Beastmen is no joke. You are going to explode. If you really need to, have Rosarin use her ha- “Nononono! Not possible! Please don’t speak of unnecessary things! What am I going to do if Rosarin gets a weird idea!? We will be living together for a while, until my magical power stabilizes, you know!?”

“Leonid-san, should I just help him with se*ual services?”

“I’m telling you that you don’t neeeeeed toooo!!”


He Beastified completely. I touched the fluffy Dirk. So soft~

“… Is this transformation triggered by something?”

“He turns into this when stimulated, excited or agitated too much.”

“”I see.””


They were convinced. Dirk seemed somewhat down, so I there, there’d him.

“And so, about venting ou-…”

“Stop returning to that subject!!”

I got scolded. It can’t be helped, so I think I will ask later.

“Anyhow, let’s get patrolling.”


That being the case, we started patrolling. Curtis found it amusing, so he tagged along. The malicious prince apparently told him to do as he pleases today. He apparently has days like this occasionally. Is he intending to let Curtis let off steam? When I asked in the future, I was told that you sometimes get a big prey (information) when letting Curtis de-stress. It looks like he’s doing well.





“What do I say… you are loved, huh.”



“Your tail.”

I brushed Dirk’s tail that coiled around my arm. Dirk withdrew it at an extremely fast speed.


“You do it unconsciously? That’s normal. You really are loved, Rosarin.”


“… Ahhh, drop dead my instinctsss!”


He Beastiffied completely. So, I nonchalantly caressed his tender paw pads. What a wonderful texture.

“It makes Rosarin happy, isn’t it fine?”


“It’s happening even now. I feel so loved~”

His tail was rubbing against me. It was ticklish.

“I think I can’t approach you for a while, Rosarin.”

“I will restrain myself from teasing you, so please forgive me. I will cry if you are not near me. I will start wailing.”

“She looks serious.”

“Rosarin is seriously going to cry. Powerful crocodile tears, that is.”

“Being separated from a mate is impossible. Moreover, it’s a mate that you dote on so much.”

Everyone indulged me. Dirk rubbed against me.

“… I will forgive you. It wouldn’t be possible for me to separate from you anyway.”

“Dirk, I love you!”

Dirk easily caught me who jumped at him.

“… All’s good as long as you have a smile on your face.”

I believe that Dirk, who laughed troubledly is indeed older than me.

“… He’s so manly, right? To think he would endure this embarrassing situation for me.”



The three nodded in agreement as Dirk was perplexed. He himself is not aware of it, but I really do think that Dirk is manly.

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