Chapter 126.1

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Fishing requires a bait.
As we continued patrolling, Curtis said something indiscreet.

“Now that I think about it, doesn’t an incident happen every time Rosarin goes on patrol?”

“Don’t say it as I was the troublemaker! It’s just a coincidence, co-in-ci-den-ce!!”

While talking about this, a Fox Beastman auntie I was acquaintances with, ran over to us with tears in her eyes.

“Rosarin-chan! My daughter… she has not returned home!”



“This is differentmon! It’s because you said something so weirdmon!”

“That doesn’t matter, so stop quarreling!”

Fizz roared. Right! Sorry! Let’s take the work seriously!

“I’m sorry, Auntie. Can you tell me about it in detail?”

Auntie’s daughter didn’t return home after she went shopping yesterday. She had no reason to ran away from home. She had never stayed out overnight without giving notice. I confirmed the route Auntie’s daughter should have taken.

“Hmm, maybe she took a shortcut?”

There’s a back street she could take on the way home. It was daytime, so she might have used it. As a result of further interviews, there seem to have been kidnappings or attempts aimed at Beastmen women.

“… Shall we go fishing?”

“As expected, using you would be impossible, Rosarin.”

The target of the kidnappings is commoner Beastmen women of about 15 to 20 years of age.




I went to ask Dober-san to lend me Jash for a while.

“I will take responsibility for the work he misses.”

“I understand. Be careful, Jash-san.”


Jash asked me seriously.

“What should I do?”

“Yep. Strip.”





Let’s go back a little. I heard that fishing requires bait, so…


“Definitely not!! I’m not going to cross-dress!! Absolutely not!”

Did he recall something unpleasant?

“Then, Fizz.”

“That’s not possible for me.”

He’s a beautiful person, but he’s indeed quite rough.


“Maybe just as a gag.”


I would laugh my butt off seeing a macho like him cross-dressing.

“Yeah. I just wanted to ask. Curtis.”

“That’s not going to work, no?”

“You all have no motivation. Even though the fate of women rests on your shoulders.”


Dirk showed a clear reflection after hearing my words. I would love to see Dirk in female clothing, but there’s someone more suitable to be the bait.

“Just kidding. Fufufu… it’s fine. I have a suitable candidate.”

“Rosarin, your smile is scary, you know?”

“That’s totally the face of a schemer.”

That being the case, the suitable candidate was Jash. His occupation is not one of a combatant, so he has no muscles and a neutral-looking face.

“W, why is it necessary to undress!?”

“I will have you dress like a woman to lure out the criminals.”


“It will serve as a practice for your Revelation too, so we will be killing two birds with one stone!”

“Uu… I understand.”

Dirk was very apologetic. How kindhearted you are.

And so, we moved to Miss Butterfly’s store. Miss Butterfly put my Jash remodeling plan into operation.

“Eeeh, I don’t need underwear too…”

“Be quiet! Stop complaining about everything!”


With this and that, it was done. The result was wonderful. Jash looked like a clean and lovely Beastman girl no matter how you looked.
I had him wear female perfume just in case too.
Miss Butterfly and I shook hands. What a good job! Thank you!

“He’s transformed.”

“Amazing, Rosarin and the old man’s technological skills are amazing.”

“It should be fine with this.”


Three people were impressed while Dirk sent Jash a gaze filled with sympathy. Does he have a trauma of cross-dressing?

“W, what should I do now?”

“For now, just loiter outside.”

“In this get-up!?”


“G, got it.”

“At that time, recall happy memories and try to draw the criminals towards you using your imagination. Be in control of your Revelation.”

“… Yes!”




After waiting for a while.

“They took the bait!”

Jash splendidly lured out the enemies. Job well done! Jash got swept away. All will be fine since he has a tracking device on him!

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