Chapter 126.2

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Fishing requires bait.
The kidnappers took Jash to an abandoned house on the outskirts. It seemed to be a noble’s house before as it was quite large.
While thinking about how to sneak inside, I listened to the communication device just in case. Jash seemed to be in a pinch.

“W, what are you trying to do with me!?”

“Ehe he he, say big bro. You think I could taste this woman a little?”

“… Do as you please.”

“Hii! N, no, stop it… save me…”

Somehow, Mr. Jash… what do I say…

“He’s like a heroine…”

Fizz slapped my head when I said that.

“Stop saying stupid things and let’s go save him.”

Why. I feel that my feminity is losing to Jash.


As a precaution, I erected a barrier around the mansion.

“Mofumaru, is the abducted Fox Beastman girl in here?”

“Is. Similar magical power response.”

“”It talked!?””

Fizz and Leonid-san were shocked.

“Quite a few high-level magic beast can apparently talk, you know? Mofumaru, protect the girl.”

“Lord is?”

“We will meet up after we rescue Jash. Protect other hostages too, if there are any. Can you do it?”

“No problem. Three other people.”

“Dirk and I from the front. Mofumaru from the vents. Leonid-san and Fizz from the back. Let’s get started!”


And so, Dirk and I hurried to rescue Jash.

“No, noo! Stop it! Someone, save mee!”

Jash resisted desperately. However, the man was also a Beastman… moreover, a buffed one, so he definitely had strength… oof, it’s real bacon-lettuce in action.
Jash was bright red, desperately pinning his skirt down. Yeah. His tear-stained face looks cute, the man would definitely… yep. Things would be different if I was the bait. It can’t be helped, though. I’m the hunter, while he would be the Little Red Riding Hood. Now then, it’s time to hunt!


“Who are ya!?”

Dirk brandished his sword and instantly stunned the man who was assaulting Jash unconscious. One hit with the hilt. Wonderful job.

The other seemed to be trying to take hostage as he tried to grab me. Thank you, you saved me the trouble.


The moment his hand touched me. I swept the man from under his legs and hit his chin. The man fainted instantly.

“A, ahh… I am saved.”

“You did well. You commanded your Revelation splendidly.”

I ruffled his hair. He did well stalling for time. It was possible he was about to experience the real thing, but he enduring coming out as a man.

“Now then, I wonder how Fizz and Leonid-san are doing?”

From the looks of the furniture, we were probably in the office. The hostages seemed to be in the living room on the second floor.

“Waahh, monsters!”

“Why are there so many monsters!?”

“Moreover, they are strong!”

Several teary-eyed men ran out. Errr, there should be only Mofumaru there, though…


“Mofumaru! What’s going on?”


I felt that Mofumaru was also perplexed.

“Umu… the magic beasts Lord saved before, got a whiff of this by a chance…”

Is that so? I understand. They went on a rampage in order to help me, huh. I felt overwhelmed for a little, but it can’t be helped.

“… I understand, roughly. How about the hostages?”

“Safe. Magic beasts are protecting them.”


The magic beasts whose ownership I temporarily got since that auction were very diverse. As a result for helping them, they do many things for me in the shadows.
There is a beautiful Snow Tiger that freezes things, a Thunder Lizard that struck others with its lightning, a Paralyze Snake that makes people incapacitated, a Water Spider that captures others in its web…

“Almost everyone came…”

As for how I can tell; The magic beasts that are in my temporary ownership often come over demanding food, while bringing tribute in exchange. I don’t really have the need for the tribute. I told everyone to come if they are hungry, but no one is listening to me. Why. Because I am their temporary owner? The Snow Tiger’s fur is especially soft and fluffy…

“Everyone, that’s enough! Thank you! That being the case, disperse!!”

The magic beasts scattered all at once. S, so quick!? I got surprised myself.

“Were they your magic beasts, Rosarin?”

“Since when were you a Beast Master?”

Leonid-san and Fizz were shocked.

“Don’t create weird jobs for me! I am not a Beast Master or anything!”

“Gyahahahaha! You are not persuasive at all after they dispersed with a word of yours!”

Curtis exploded in laughter. Exactly. The magic beasts disappeared who knows where after hearing my instructions.

“… Kuh! You are right! T, that doesn’t matter now, though! The hostages!?”

“Safe, they are safe. Well, it’s my first time seeing the man-eating magic beasts protect someone else besides their Lord.”

“That was certainly an unusual spectacle. They must be that loyal to their Lord.”

Please stop it. Don’t look at me like that.

“… Animal trainer?”

“It somewhat turned weird in one go! I am not an animal trainer! Rather, leave me alone! I am only a temporary owner of theirs, they have no need to be loyal!”

“Lord, the magic beasts will be sad, if they hear that.”

“…… Ugh. I’m sorry. A, anyhow, let’s help the hostages and thrash the kidnappers. They are most likely connected to a slave trader, so we better arrest him too!”

After that, the work progressed smoothly and we managed to arrest the slave trader without any problems. We took the abducted ladies back to their homes, and Curtis dropped the bomb after we returned to the Knights Order.

“Now that I think about it, you could have done it yourself, Rosarin, there was no need for Jash to act as bait, no? Haven’t you used an illusion before? You don’t need to dress up as a woman either.”


“Eeeeeeeh!? Is that so!? Is that so!? Rosarin-saaaaaan!?”

“… Jash…”

“Ah~ it’s Rosarin, after all…”

“… I see, she could use magic.”

Jash screamed and shouted, Dirk was sympathizing, Leonid-san was amazed, ‘so there was this method too’ is what Fizz’s expression said. Curtis found it completely amusing.
Actually, there was a way for me to become a bait and use Jash’s Revelation too.

“Well, Jash’s Revelation operates on the premise of people important to him, so there was a chance that it wouldn’t work on me, and it was his first time trying to make use of good fortune, so I thought he should use it on himself.”

“If that’s the case, then… no, there was no need for female clothing, right!? Even if it didn’t work on you, I could use it on myself, so my feet would drag me to their hideout, right, Rosarin-san!?”

Ohh, Jash is so smart. That’s correct.



We were found by Dober-san while having such a conversation, so Jash started crying because Dober-san misunderstood that dressing up as a woman was his hobby.
It’s fine, Dober-san is only teasing you. Jash was more crestfallen than I expected, so Dober-san and I soothed him.

After that, I worked with Jash on the paperwork, then I dealt with Dirk and others with the post-process and today’s work came to an end.

Today, I returned home while holding Dirk’s hand. It was enjoyable going to and back from work together, and I returned home feeling happy while talking nothing of any importance with Dirk.

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