Chapter 127

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I’m telling you that I don’t need any manservants!
A head greeted me when I returned home. I thought it was dogeza for a moment, but it wasn’t. I remember this courtesy.

“Rosarin-san, no Rosarin-sama- “I refuse!!”

I shouted over Jash’s pledge of allegiance. I have only bad feelings about this! Aren’t Silver Wolves supposed to be proud!

“Rosarin, how about you listen to him at the very least?”

“No way! I can predict only trouble from this!”

“I knew it, Rosarin-sama who already has my Father wouldn’t allow me to be her manservant…”

Geh, Jash’s negative aura is…!? What a troublesome guy!

“Are you still trying to serve me after I treated you so badly today?”

“Oneechan, what did you make Oniichan do?”

Your question had no confidence in me, Jend. I did something bad, though!

“I let him dress in female clothing and gotten him kidnapped.”

“What are you making him do!? Oniichan, are you okay!?”

“I served as a bait to catch kidnappers. I have done many, many bad things, so something like that couldn’t even be considered a punishment.”

“Oniichan… Oneechan, don’t bully Oniichan too much, okay?”

I got scolded by a six-year-old. Yep, I will be careful. Jash is a good-natured person at roots, so I acknowledge that I was teasing him too much.

“What do I have to do to allow me to serve you?”

“Eeeh… why do you want to serve me? I kicked your family’s jewels on our first meeting, I made you wear female clothing, I did not do anything decent to you.”

“Oneechan, on the first meeting…”

Jend drew away from me. However, Jash informed Jend gently.

“It was inevitable, Jend.”

“Ehh!? Seriously, why do you want to serve Oneechan after she has done something like that to you!? Oniichan, isn’t saying that it was inevitable too much!?”

“I… I am willing to dedicate this life and loyalty of mine to Rosarin-sama, who has granted happiness to my daily life even though she had the right to detest me.”

“That’s unexpectedly too heavy!! I don’t need your life! Life is important! Your family! Rather, this happiness was given to you by Jend, so be thankful to him!!”

“Oneechan, I didn’t save Oniichan. Oniichan is right about that.”


And, while tangled up in this mess, the stupid geezer arrived.

“Wanting to serve Lord is very admirable of you! Since you have the opportunity, why don’t you take in Jend as well?”

“Stop making the situation even more complicateeed!!”

I interjected with all of my might. As expected of the Warrior Maiden’s harisen. It has wonderful might. And so, after I struck down the fool, Jash was looking at me with sparkling eyes.

“To make Father fall in one hit, as expected of you! I will follow you for a lifetime!”

Hah? Why are you looking at a woman that beat up your Father with such admiration in your eyes… Dirk spoke to the bewildered me.

“For Beastmen, strength translates to charm, after all.”

In other words, Geraldin is strong→I am stronger→admiration→I want to serve you.

“Why did it turn out like this!”

I raised a storm of interjections. Jash was full of enthusiasm to serve me as he prostrated on the floor.
At that moment, Martha arrived.

“I shall test anybody that wants to serve Ojousama!”

“Wait! What test!? I’m telling you that I don’t need any manservants!”

“I’m Lord’s number one manservant!”

Geraldin-san bickered. However, Martha had a triumphant smile on her face.

“Hmph, I’m serving Ojousama since she was a baby.”

“Martha, you are serving Tousama.”



Martha and Geraldin-san froze in place. And so, Geraldin-san had a smug on his face.

“As I thought, I’m the number one manservant.”

“O, Ojousama! Who do you trust more, Geraldin-dono or me?”


“Whoah, instant reply!”

No, it’s not a problem of trust. Martha is the only choice! But you know, as for who is my number one…

“You two, Ojousama’s number one servant is me!”

Rabisha-chan came over as well.

“I was asked by Master to be her personal maid! I am different from Martha-san who is originally serving Sire and Geraldin-san who only causes Master trouble despite forcing himself to be Master’s servant!”


“Wha… what!? I am troubling Lord…”

The adults hung their heads down dishearted. It’s a sound argument, but… setting Martha who is her teacher aside, did she just get angry at Geraldin-san?

“Lord… I…”

“You are bothersome, sometimes.”

Ah, crap. I spoke the truth. Geraldin-san sulked. He huddled himself down.

“Err… what should I do, in the end…”

“If you want to serve Ojousama, defeat me first!”

“How did it turn out like this!?”

“Wait, Jasper. Miss Rabisha, let’s have a match for Lord’s number one!”

And so, the two started fighting.

“… Do it outsideee!”

I grabbed the two by the scruff of their necks and threw them outside. I have not destroyed anything when I used the harisen a little while ago, but they will certainly destroy something.

“Can’t be helped, let’s go watch.”

Rabisha-chan aside, Geraldin-san is clumsy. I would be troubled if he injured Rabisha-chan.
When I walked outside,

“Would you stop it already! Serving one’s master with sincerity is what servants are supposed to do! What are you two doing! You should not be scrambling over who is Lord-sama’s number one, but cooperate in serving instead!!”

Jash snapped. How correct he is. My two subordinates were dejected. Alright, I have decided.

“Jash, you are hired.”

I told Jash.

“… Eh?”

“Continue trai… guiding your father as you did just now.”

“You were about to say train, right!? You were troubled by him quite a lot after all, weren’t you!? I’m sorry for my Father!”

Thus, Jash officially became my manservant. I’m looking forward to Geraldin-san’s reform.

“Oneechan, can I serve you too?”

“Please spare me from anything more than this!!”

And then, I tried to seriously persuade Jend, but Geraldin-san said something unnecessary again, so he ended up being lectured.

“You have it hard, Rosarin.”

“Heal me! Dirk, heal me!!”

I rolled around Dirk’s fur and somehow managed to release the stress. Fluffy is justice!

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