Chapter 128.1

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Wish and animal nature.
Now then, it’s night. When I opened the door of my room with my heart beating restlessly because of yesterday’s night, Dirk was wrapped in a blanket in the corner of the room.



His ears twitched and turned towards me. He doesn’t seem to be sleeping.


However, he’s not replying. He doesn’t seem to be angry from the looks of his tail. When I touched him a little, he reacted a little. He seemed to be frightened.

“I will sleep here in case I assault you again! You must not touch me!”

“I see. I will tempt you with all my might then.”


“I mean, I mean, I was looking forward to us having a chance to flirt openly! Even though yesterday’s night was so passionate, to tell me that nothing is going to happen tonight is too much!”

“I can’t handle it when I remember that, that’s why I am in the corner! You are so cute, I love you so much, I absolutely mustn’t hurt you! You may be certainly able to heal the wounds with healing magic, but what if you were left with some kind of after-effects? Your mind aside, your body is still that of a child, you know? It’s easy to fall to your desires. But, men who do that to the girls they want to spend their whole lives with are disgusting!”


My heart throbbed. To think he would think so much of me. And yet, how selfish am I? I leaned my head against Dirk’s back. He jolted with a start, but he did not refuse. I am sorry for making you endure so much. Thank you. I love you. Because of my mixed emotions, no words came out of my mouth. The result of my thoughts had a big impact on me.

“… Do you need me to provide assistance with hands or mouth?”

Dirk’s head collided with the wall. There’s blood! I immediately healed his head with magic.

“Why did it turn out like that!?”

“I understand your concerns, but I don’t want you to endure when we are flirting, and I want to see your embarrassing side as I bully you! It’s unfair that only you can toy with me all the time!”

“Unfair… s, sure… nonono, if you do something like that to me, I will lose all of my reasoning! I somehow managed to stop at the last moment, but I have no confidence in stopping the next time! You trust me way too much, Rosarin!! Leonid-san is hateful for telling you something unnecessary!!”

“Eh~ so it’s no good?”

“I will deal with it myself!”

“Eh, I wanna see that!”

Dirk froze in place. After a short while, he rebooted. His face was red and his eyes teary.

“…………… Eh.”

“I want to watch.”

“Not possible, impossible, not going to happen! No way! That’s so embarrassing!”

He enclosed himself in the blanket. His tail was sticking out. With a mischevious heart, I caressed the tail.


“Tail is an erogenous zone, right?”

“Wha… ah… stop…”

“I will make you feel good.”

“Fuu… you can’t… feels good…”

“Dirk, shall we move to the bed?”

Led by me, Dirk flabbily fell onto the bed and he let me do as I please. This might be the first time he let me touch it so much.


“………… Enough!”

Dirk ran off somewhere at unbelievable speed and returned after a short while.

“… Rosarin, I will sleep together with you, so make me fall asleep with magic. It certainly feels good when you touch me there, but it’s dangerous, so you mustn’t. If you want to flirt before going to sleep no matter what, make me fall asleep with magic.”


“If not, I can only chop i- “I will use magic!”

Dirk was tormented way more than I thought! He was super serious. I don’t want to hear what he was suggesting to chop off! After making Dirk sleepy with magic, I kissed him, hugged him tightly… and he fell asleep straight away.

… I want to become an adult as soon as possible. I don’t want Dirk to endure so much. While having thoughts like that, I quickly fell asleep in the most reliable arms in the world. This is probably where things went wrong.






In the morning, I was awakened by Dirk’s screaming. The clothes felt too tight. Especially the chest area. Why? When I got up, boing, something big had…

“… Eh?”

I lifted it. Dropped it. Soft. A boing, boing, outrageously shaking breasts. My dream came true!

“Dirk, my breasts became big! Look at it!”

“This is your first thought!? You are Rosarin no doubt… don’t show it, hide it, don’t let me see that!! I know that you are happy, but… stop holding my arm in between!! Martha-san! Martha-saaaan!!”

Even though I wanted to share my happiness and serviced him, Dirk shouted with desperation.

“Tough luck. The soundproof barrier is up.”

“Cancel it! Right now!”


My body that was reflected in the mirror was about 165cm tall. I now had blue-silver hair that reached up to my waist with a gentle wave, and my eyes were of deep purple color. The outrageous boobs from my dreams were at least D or E-cup. The buttons on my shirt snapped so the cleavage was in full sight. And, the small panties that were digging into my skin were barely hiding anything, so Dirk wasn’t able to look at me.

“I don’t care about what happened, so wear clothes first!!”

The desperately yelling Dirk Beastified completely and rolled out of the room, so I had to call for Martha.
My Mother’s clothes fitted me perfectly, so Mother and Martha ended up playing a dress-up doll with me for a while.

“How is it?”

“C, cute… no, beautiful.”

My Mother’s clothes are neat and tidy with lots of frills and laces. I ended up wearing what I thought was Dirk’s preference, a white one-piece dress with laces. My hair was braided as well. Ah, my Mother’s spare underwear also fitted perfectly.

“Thank you very much.”

I was delighted by the praise. I smiled at Dirk.

“But, why did you suddenly grew up so much?”

“I wonder why. Would Sage know about this, I wonder?”

If I had to guess, then it was the wish to become an adult quickly. I hope it’s not that.

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