Chapter 128.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wish and animal nature.
Dirk took the trouble to take a day off to accompany me to the Sage’s room… messy room.

“It’s because your magical power is unstable. You wished for something, didn’t you?”

Sage said so after looking at the flow of my magical power.

“Quickly wish to turn back. Staying in this state is not good for you at all.”

“Eeeh, even though my boobs finally got bigger!”


Sage and Dirk were unimpressed.



Dirk and I returned to my room. Dirk placed me on my bed, took my hands and looked straight into my eyes.

“Rosarin, is this because of me? Did you wish to become an adult because of me?”

“… That’s not it. It was my selfish wish. I wished for my boobs to get larger.”


Not good. My worthless lie was seen through. I had no intention of crying, but tears spilled from my eyes on its own.



“I wanted to be of the same age as you if possible! Like that, you wouldn’t have to endure, we could improve our relationship… we could marry too… it can’t be helped that I wished to become an adult!”


Dirk sat next to me and patted my head in comfort.

“You see, I love the current you. I certainly have a lot to endure, but the one I fell in love with was the little Rosarin, after all. Just grow up little by little. I don’t know much about you before we met, but I want to witness all of your growth by your side. Don’t become an adult all of sudden. Let’s grow up together.”


The tears didn’t stop. Even though I hate being such a spoiled child.

“My cute bride. I want to see you all the time.”

Dirk said gently. His patting head, gaze, anything and everything about him is gentle.

“I want to turn back.”

The feelings of wanting to be an adult don’t change, but obtaining a body of an adult in this way has no meaning. I don’t want to make Dirk worry needlessly. There’s nothing I can do about the age gap. I want to turn back quickly and make Dirk smile in relief.

My magical power listened to my wish and my appearances returned to normal. Huh? I thought Dirk would be smiling, but why is he red-faced?
Dirk vigorously coiled the jacket he was wearing around me. My clothes have apparently slipped off because they were of the shoulder type.

“I will call Martha-san over!”

Dirk dashed off to call Martha who brought me a change of clothes.




I was in thoughts while drinking tea with Dirk on the terrace. I was wondering why Dirk was experiencing complete Beastification.

“Dirk, are you not suppressing your animal nature too much?”

“… Eh?”

“You have been suppressing it because you thought it was a bad thing up until now, right? Isn’t this loose Beastification a result of my continuous teachings and the seal removal?”

“………… It might be.”

“Then, I was wondering whether your magical power will stabilize if your animal nature feels content.”

“W, what are you planning on doing?”


“I won’t do anything perverted, let’s do something fun instead.”

I smiled at Dirk and brought him to Yggdrasil-san.

“So, what are we doing?”

“I will play with you to the limits of your cat… no, panther ability!”


“Dirk, Beastify completely.”


I took the pseudo-foxtail I made to play with Mary at Yggdrasil-san’s place before.

“I won’t enjoy something like that, you know?”

He said that, but his eyes didn’t leave the pseudo-foxtail for a second. I waved the foxtail right and left. Fufufu, witness the skills I perfected while playing with the neighborhood’s kitties in the past!



A few minutes later.



“Nyaa! Nyan!”

“Dirk, come here, come~ ah, you didn’t get it!”

Dirk chased the foxtail and I evaded him.

“Nyaa! Nya!”

Dirk was serious about chasing the foxtail. Dirk and I played with the foxtail to the maximum of our ability. Unlike normal kitty, his movements were way faster, so it was quite difficult for me as well.

“… What are you doing?”

I think it was a surreal sight to witness a black panther play chasing a foxtail. Elder brother asked with an unimpressed expression.

“We are playing to stabilize Dirk’s magical power and animal nature.”

“… I see.”

“Nya! Nyaa!”

“Dirk has already become a kitten… a panther cub? Is this fine?”

“No problem!”

Elder brother must have been tired of interjecting as he told us to be moderate about it and left to continue working on the garden.

We played with all of our strengths with a ball and other cat toys I made until the sunset. Midway, the children joined us… especially Mary… so we played until tired out.

That day, we slept like logs. And the next morning,

“… My impulses vanished.”

“Your magical power is stable as well.”

“Does that mean that your theory was correct?”

“Let’s observe for a few days first just in case.”

And, as a result of the study, we found that Dirk’s magical power and animal nature were stabilized when cat playing at least once a week.
Furthermore, as a result of stabilizing his magical power and animal nature, Dirk became able to Beastify just parts of his body. This increasing his speed and strength more than magical power manipulation does. On top of that, the consumption of magical power is low as well. My 50-50 winning percentage while using magic went down. He started winning even against Geraldin-san, so Dirk obviously became stronger. I wonder whether he’s not the strongest in the Knights Order now…

I can’t keep on losing, so I will work even harder! Rin and Rosalia were mixing together little by little, so it was becoming more difficult to tell who is who. We both love training, reading, and Dirk.
Why is my magical power not stabilizing even though our progress is so certain? How strange.

Well, for now, I am just glad that Dirk was stable.

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