Chapter 129

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Capable Attendant
Jash is very capable. As an attendant, rather than a manservant. Come to think of it, Jash was originally chosen to serve as Rosalia’s personal servant even with the handicap of being a Beastman. It might be only natural that his ability is so impressive.

I was woken up by Martha, I changed my clothes and then I was served tea by Jash.

“Good morning, Ojousama. Please try a mint herbal tea this morning.”

“… Delicious!”

This herbal tea might be better than what I usually put in. Jash smiled proudly.

“It’s my honor that you find it pleasing to your tastes. Ojousama, I have a request.”


“Would you allow me to do your hair?”

“… Why not.”

Jash was skillful. My hair did not get disorered whatsoever even after working and training at the Knights Order. Amazing. When I inquired about it later, I heard that he took the initiative to learn from Miss Butterfly on his own.

Additionally, the number of times I have been troubled by Geraldin-san has also clearly reduced.

“Father, how many times do I have to tell you before you understand!”

No, I guess that Jash just found Geraldin-san doing something earlier than me and scolded him first, but it greatly reduced my burden.

Also, also, he also comes to help me with peeling and stuff when I go making lunchboxes.
He apparently helps Dan in his free time too.




“Ah, this is nice.”

The tea cakes during the teatime were different from usual. The cookies with a simple taste and gentle sweetness was to my preferences. N? The tail of the waiter Jash was flapping wildly.

“… Did something good happen to you?”

“Ueh!?… Ah! My tail!?”

Jash stopped his tail in a hurry when he noticed it flapping. There’s no meaning in doing that.

“Ah… ugh~ you said the sweets were nice, so I was feeling happy…”

“Sweets…? Were this perhaps made by you?”

“Y, yes…”

“Alright, give me your head.”

“Y, yess.”

Did he think I was going to hit him… his tail curled between his legs. I patted Jash’s head without care.

“… Eh?”

“Thank you, they are delicious.”

“Y, yes! I have more! Ah, I would like to give some to the children too…”

“I’m fine with what I have here. You can take the rest to the children. They will surely be happy.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Jash ran off with his tail wagging buzzingly… he’s unexpectedly quick! The children were apparently delighted.
The children wanted Jash to make it again for them.

He occasionally cleans and does gardening too… why do I feel that you work too hard? You also have a job at the Knights Order to do, no? I see you run well, though.




I consulted with Rabisha-chan about Jash’s workaholism. However, it seems that Rabisha-chan wasn’t interested. She was sulking on the terrace as she complained to me. I served Rabisha-chan tea.

“Master’s tea is so yummy~”

“… Ojousama is serving?”

Jash, who happened to pass by stared blankly. This is not normal behavior, after all.

“I want to do things like this once in a while.”

“… Is that so? However, Rabisha-san, you mustn’t act too over-familiarly with Ojousama.”

“You have no place to speak. I am a commoner, Master also wishes for me to be like this.”

I smiled bitterly, it was the truth. She’s behaving unbridled because I am asking that of her.

“That’s correct.”

“… May I ask why?”


“Sure. It’s because she’s my personal maid as well as a friend. We make a clear distinction in public, but it’s normal for us to be like this in private.”

“… Is that so? I am sorry for disturbing you.”

I let out a sigh as Jash left.

“He’s so stiff~”

“Master, should I break him a little?”

“Breaking him physically is out of the question.”


It was that type of breaking, as I thought… is this because of Martha that Rabisha-chan started feeling a bit brutal to me?




Jash was very devoted to work since then.

“Jash, I have a request for you.”

“Yes, anything.”

“I really want to eat Calico Cat Pastry’s limited cheesecake. Get me twenty.”


It’s a dessert from a super popular store with a huge queue. Now then, let’s prepare while Jash isn’t here.




“Lord, this is…”

“Relief party.”

“Relief party?”

“This is a reward for a servant that works hard for their Lord. You are working a bit too much. Take a rest. Also, this is my apology for the rough treatment and a way to show my appreciation.”

“I wanted to make amends even if a little…”

“You have no need to make amends to me at all. Thank you for everything.”

“A… u…”

“Master especially made tea cakes just for you, how about you… wipe your face first?”

“U… eguh… thwey ae delish.”

Rabisha-chan drew away from Jash whose tears and snot were running all over his face. To be honest, I don’t think he’s in a state where he can taste the flavor of the cakes, but he seems to be happy, so… oh well.

“And so, tell me your real reason for following me. You even take care of me gallantly.”

I spoke to Jash who finally calmed down.

“There are many things that happened, but in the end, I was escaping from my Revelation. I understood that well from that dream. I did not want to face this Revelation that I hated so much. It was you… Ojousama, who gave me a chance to start anew. You gave me lots of happiness. It will take me a lifetime to repay the debt of gratitude. It’s only natural for me to obey you. As for the gallant part, I just enjoy taking care of someone… I feel gratitude towards you and being of help to you makes me feel very, very happy… I’m sorry, I did not want to trouble you.”

“Well, it’s alright if you enjoy it. Making people feel happy is a good thing too.”

“Rabisha-san, you are my senior when it comes to serving. I have many faults, but please do take care of me.”

“Ueh? Y, yeah.”

Rabisha-chan was overwhelmed by Jash who lowered his head to her. Good people are hard to find fault with, huh.

“Alright. Let’s leave it at that! Let’s enjoy ourselves! Come out!”


“Oniichan, I helped in making this cookie too.”

“Mary mixed the cream, you know!”

“Jash Oniichan, can we eat too?”

“… (Smile).”

Nex was refilling the teacups. Jash was bewildered by the sudden appearance of the children.

“Well then, once again, welcome to Duke Rosenberg’s home.”

“Y, yes! I will be in your care!”

Jash showed his best smile today.
Rabisha-chan and Martha’s acceptance and appreciation of Jash’s hard work is a story of little further in the future.
I decided to pretend that I didn’t hear Manya’s lamenting about not being able to skip the newcomer’s welcome party.
Don’t skip something like this, you fool.

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