Chapter 130

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Beasts
When I came to school, I got surrounded by my henchmen… I meant classmates.

“Big Sis, the trip has been decided! Seems like we will be going before the summer vacation!”

Jess seems to have done his best as we are apparently going to Wolfanea, after all. I have to make preparations… I sighed secretly.

Sometimes, I’d like to be alone… no, Mofumaru would be with me, but you know? I left early with that in mind and came to our garden for a walk, but the Snow Tiger’s group waiting there. Are they wishing to get rewarded (food) for the last time?

“Want a meal?”


Snow Tiger-kun rolled over and showed his belly.

“You want a pat?”


Snow Tiger-kun nodded.

“Mofumofu~ patpat~”

“Purr, purr…”

As I enjoyed the mofumofu… n? The Magic Beasts seemed to be lining up?

“… Eh?”

No, they are seriously forming a queue! They are queuing up beautifully! A queue for a massage… no way!

“… E, everyone else would also like to get patted?”

No, surely not. That’s ridiculous. However, the Magic Beasts all nodded.


After finishing with Snow Tiger-kun, next I enjoyed the Thunder Lizard’s mellowness, Pralyze Snake’s smoothness, and even Water Spider’s unexpectedly soft abdomen hair. I am fine with all insects except cockroaches.

In addition, I let a Crystal Rabbit on my lap, patched up Wind Hawk-kun’s wings feathers. Everyone was satisfied.


Huh? The queue… has it not gotten bigger? Why are my spirits… Kou and Arisa also lining up?? When is this going to end? Looking carefully, isn’t this your second time Snow Tiger-kun, oi. However, even if I ask him, he can only answer me garuu. Mofumaru (translator) was taking a nap.
I waited for Kou’s turn. Kou was in a puppy-sized dragon form.

“Kou, what is this queue for? What’s going on?”

“I lined up because I wanted to get patted by you, Oneechan~”

“… Eh?”

My dragon is such a cutie… that’s not it! They are seriously queuing to get patted by me?


“Because everyone here loves you, Oneechan!”

Kou! Kou’s dere came out!

“Kou! Oneechan loves you too!”


“Mama, Mama, Arisa too~!”

When I hugged Kou tightly, Arisa joined in as well. There, there, let’s all hug together.
Why. The Magic Beasts seemed super envious, though. Just my imagination, right?

“Kou, interpret for me. Why do they want to be patted by me?”

“Because they love you.”

No, I am telling you… no, wait. Surely not… I must be too self-conscious, right!

“This queue is because you guys love me so much that you want to be patted?”





They all nodded!? And everyone brought a tribute to me. Precious herbs, gems, magic stones… they all were quite extravagant articles.

“I told you not to bring expensive stuff like this… Kou, is there a meaning behind these gifts?”

“Lord, I am this amazing, you know! Praise me! That’s the reason the Magic Beasts bring their lords presents.”

“Oof… in other words, I am like a wicked woman who insinuated bad behavior in the Magic Beasts that were feeling pure admiration for me?”

“Garuu, garu!”

“Oneechan, you are not well-informed about this, so it’s different. They seem to have been thinking that you are going to take them in officially if they do their best at bringing you gifts.”

“Doesn’t that make me seem vile either way!?”

“… Rather than you, isn’t this Mofumaru’s fault?”


“Lord, sorry.”

You were pretending to be asleep, Mofumaru!

“Lord, wanted to hog you. Lord, kindhearted. Would contract Magic Beasts if asked.”

I can’t refute. I am not so cold-hearted to deny the Magic Beasts that kept bringing me presents this enthusiastically.

“I see…”

I patted Mofumaru. Behaving like a spoilt child, Mofumaru rubbed against me.

“You are first on the list, so you will have to look after these children, Mofumaru.”

“Lord… you forgive me?”

“Yes. I forgive you. I have work and school to attend, so I will be able to keep you company only occasionally, but if you are all right with that, I will contract you, Magic Beasts.”

In the end, all of the Magic Beasts were in my possession. Then, there was a huge barrier to overcome.




The family (mainly Elder brother).

“Cacti, sure. But letting Magic Beasts run free is bad, right! What are you going to do if the neighbors experience a scare!?”

“Niisama, they are this cute, you know!? The neighbors have recently given up on interjecting from exhaustion, so it will be fine! Rather, the cacti are also not good to begin with, so it’s too late for this now!”

“Kuh… I can’t deny that! The neighbors recently let us deal with it ourselves, no matter whether it was an explosion or not… y, you can’t even if they are cute! We can’t keep Magic beasts this big!”

Hearing that, every single Magic Beasts became smaller. The palm-sized Snow Tiger-kun and Crystal Rabbit were murder-class adorable.

“Tousama! Please! It’s fine to keep them, right!? Right!?”

Father expressionlessly touched the kitten-sized Snow Tiger-kun. Umm… Snow Tiger-kun is frightened, you know? I can tell that you find it cute, but Snow Tiger-kun doesn’t, okay!

“I will allow it.”



The head of the family is Father! It’s my win as long as Father agrees! You endured well, Snow Tiger-kun! Snow Tiger-kun whom I patted with appreciation was elated.

In the end, I decided to let them sleep in my room. The spirits came too. Surrounded by the fluff, mellowness, and smoothness, I fell asleep happily.

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