Chapter 131

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My Ring
I had a day off today, so while I was leisurely reading on the terrace, Haku, Kuurin, and Arisa came.

“Speaking of whichh, that ringg, it’s peculiar, isn’t itt?”


Haku seemed to be interested in the Warrior Maiden’s Ring, so I took it off and handed it to him.

“This was bestowed with magical powerr, I see. I sense the presences of Haru-kun and others withinn. Can I also do thatt?”

Haku returned the ring to me.

“Then, Kuurin will bestow magical power too!”

“Arisa too!”


Is it all right to add any more magical power than this!? However, the spirits bestowed their magical powers ruthlessly. The Warrior Maiden’s Ring shined in rainbow color.


Did it broke!? Did it finally broke!? It might be a kind of magic sword, but did it finally reach its limits!? Once the light subsided, I checked the ring.
The Warrior Maiden’s Ring originally had an elaborate design of a rose in the center that was entwined by two thorny vines. The ring’s shape changed, the number of roses and vines increased. And there were eight gems embedded in it.

“Haku, the shape of the ring changed.”

“It evolvedd.”

“Nonono, it’s just a ring, you know!? It’s an inorganic substance, alright!? Leave evolving to the magic beasts, okay!”

“It did its best for your sakee, Rosarin-chan.”

“… Does the Warrior Maiden’s Ring has a consciousness?”

“It’s originally a type that amplifies magical power based on the owner’s thoughts, after all. I guess it was influenced by youu?”

“So it’s my fault!? I will go ask the creator!”

“I will go with youu.”




That being the case, we came to Sage’s messy room!

“Rosarin, just what have you done!? The Warrior Maiden’s Ring was my biggest masterpiece, alright!? This is no longer the same thing, oi!!”

“Ah~ sorry.”

“Geez… I have to study it for a little, so take it o-… ouch!”


The ring released a slight lightning strike. The Sage observed from a distance.

“Rosarin, take it off yourself.”

“Eh~ what are you going to do if it shocks me as well?”

“You are sturdy so all will be fine!”

“What an old geezer!”

So while I was complaining, I took the ring off easily. The moment I handed it to the old geezer, he got struck by lightning again.




The Sage dropped the ring. Haku spoke to the ring.

“Rosarin-chan is worried about youu, so let the Sage take a lookk. Be a good child, okayy?”

Haku then handed the ring back to the Sage whose hair turned into a burnt afro.
The Afro Sage examined the ring.

“This isn’t my Warrior Maiden’s Ring anymore. Not just by the outward appearances. Even its essence has been transformed, it’s now yours… Rosarin’s ring. As a result of the bestowment of all attributes, it perfectly fused with your magical power, and customized itself to be a ring made just for you. It rejects me, its creator and recognizes only you as its master.”

“W, why did it become like this…”

“This is only my assumption, but the Warrior Maiden’s Ring amplifies magical power at the owner’s will. I believe that a etching-like phenomenon occurred because of the continuous exposure to your powerful magical power and will…”

“In other words.”

“It’s your fault.”


“Give it a try. It should feel more familiar to you than before…”

“… Eh~?”

First of all, I changed the ring to the familiar harisen. N?


My hands felt accustomed to it. It felt like it was a part of me.

“Lend me a training room!”

The old geezer’s special training room and laboratory. It’s a special room that won’t have any scratches left even if an explosion happens inside.


When I hit a wall with the harisen, it made a comfortable sound, but there was no scratch left on the wall. When I swung it again, Haku fell over because of the terrific wind pressure. A flashy crack appeared on the wall.

“Hey!? Spare this room’s barrier from breaking in a single hit, alright! Your very existence is absurd, girl!”

“Ah~ sorry, sorry. I will fix the barrier.”

I examined the broken barrier and fixed it.

“… Hey, I have worked on the composition of this barrier for years, okay? How can you just create the same thing instantlyyy!”

The Afro Sage started crying. Ehhh… even if you tell me that…

“Just because?”

“I’ve had enough! Why is someone as abnormal as you calling herself my disciple!?”

“Because it’s convenient.”

“How honest you are!”

I deceived the sobbing old geezer with sweets.
The Warrior Maiden’s Ring reformed itself to be my own ring, and became an adjustable super-cheat weapon. Well, the ring certainly had a deficit of not being able to hold back, you know? I somehow managed to fix that, but if I swing my harisen seriously, the barrier the Sage has worked on painstakingly for years can be destroyed in a single blow.

“How did it turn out like this…”

No, I generally understand both the reason and the cause, you know? I understand, but… I just couldn’t help but say the line.

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