Chapter 125.1

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Instinct and manliness.
Today, I contacted the school that I was going straight to the Knights Order. Being able to go to work together in the morning… that is nice. Having an incoherent conversation while holding hands… that is nice! It’s like a commuting date! We have fun all the way to the Knights Order and arrived in no time.

“Dirk, good mo…!? You are Dirk!?”

“Stupid, next to her! It’s Rosarin-chan effect.”

“Ah, I see.”

Mr. Knight I was familiar with nodded in consent. Eh? What? Me effect, what’s that? Dirk talked to me who didn’t understand while smiling.

“Rosarin, you are going to Dober-san and Commander’s place, right? I will wait for you expectantly.”

“Yeah! I am also looking forward to it! See you soon, My Darling.”

I withdrew my hand and pecked Dirk’s cheek.


Mr. Dirk Beastified completely. So fluffy~


“Rosarin-chan, is that some kind of a curse or what?”

“No, his magical power is unstable so he Beastifies completely when stimulated too much. Can you turn back?”

“It’s fine.”

Dirk immediately turned back. Fumu, seems that there are no problems once he calms down. I took Dirk’s hand and probed his magical power. It’s quite stable. Was yesterday’s turmoil a blessing in disguise?

“You are fine without me, huh… no! I am worried, so I will negotiate with Dober-san and Rudolph-san! Right away!”

When I tried to say that he doesn’t need to be watched by me anymore, Dirk seemed like he would burst into tears, so I immediately changed my opinion. I must not make Dirk sad! I rushed over and got permission from Dober-san and Rudolph-san to dispatch with Dirk’s team.

A team of Knights is usually made of three people. That’s so others can follow if something happens to one of them. Because Dirk’s former teammates of Curtis, Hugh and Adeil are Royal Guards now, his members changed to Fizz, and for some reason, Leonid-san. Is it because there’s a lack of manpower, or is he aiming for something… it’s an incomprehensible team, I must say.

“Long time no see, Rosari- “I’m glad we can work together.”

“Eh? Yes. I am glad too. Umm, I would like to gree… no, it’s nothing.”

He was smiling but his tail was angry! It was hitting the ground. Ehhh, why!?
While surprised, Fizz explained to me in tiredness.

“It’s jealousy.”




Dirk turned into a black panther once again. He got too stimulated, huh.


“Are you jealous? Even though I only love you?”

“I, I mean… Leonid-san is so manly and cool…”


“I look so effeminate and gloomy in comparison…”

“… Nn?”

“Moreover, he seems like the type you prefer… I don’t want you to get stolen from me…”

“Hm? How about listening to my opinion first?”


Dirk listened obediently.

“First of all, Leonid-san’s muscular body is not to my liking. Also, I think he’s quite incompetent. He only looks manly. He’s manly in the same way Geraldin-san is manly. That’s not to my tastes whatsoever.”


Look, Leonid-san got a little teary-eyed. He would laugh it off if he was manly, I think.

“Also, you are effeminate and gloomy? I find your smile gallant, cute and gentle. Your serious expression when you are training is so cool too.”

“R, really?”

“Yeah. Rather, I will say it how many times it takes, but you are totally in my strike zone, Dirk. Both outwardly and inwardly.”


“Yes, truly. By the way, why are you in a Knight Team, Leonid-san? You were in the Beastmen Corps, no?”

“My status was elevated to a Knight because of the lack of manpower.”

“I see.”

Occasionally, there are those who are promoted to Knights when their ability stands out in the Beastmen Corps. With various things happening in the Knights Order in recent days, there were not enough people to make rounds, so other people than Leonid-san must have been promoted as well.

“By the way, there’s something I am curious about.”


“What did you two do to smell so strong?”


My smile stiffened.
Dirk turned red and petrified.
Fizz turned pale for some reason.

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