Chapter 124.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Animal nature, underwear, and strike.

“How is it? Is this underwear to your liking?”

It was a little embarrassing, so I asked while covering my chest. Dirk got totally petrified and red-faced.

“Uh… ah… very charming… aaah, geez, I can’t take it anymore! I can’t hold back!”


I was on the top up until now, but my field of vision suddenly turned over and I was pushed down. Dirk was oozing with sex appeal. T, this… did I overdo it?

“Dressing in such delicious-looking get-up, do you want to be eaten by me, Rosarin?”


He brushed my cheek with his tongue. Ehh!? He’s not Beastifying completely despite being excited!? He’s controlling his magical power!

“Is this underwear to my liking… you ask? It is. It’s so cute and indecent it makes me lose my reasoning… what were you trying to do, inviting me dressed like that?”

He kept caressing my cheeks. It tickles so much it sends me shivers! Not good, not good, not good!!
The Sexy Dirk-sama has arrived after a long absence!

“Errr, rather than inviting you… I was trying to find out your preference in underwear?”

“Undressing and showing your underwear on night’s bed to your lover, there’s no way you were not trying to invite me, no?”

Dirk-sama was overflowing with pheromones and I couldn’t move. Moreover, he was completely correct. He got me. You can’t say I wasn’t inviting him.

“I, I won’t tell.”

“I’m happy.”

I was deep kissed by the Sexy Dirk-sama who smiled bewitchingly and I couldn’t endure anymore as I was left breathless. Ah geez, that was incredible. Dirk is a technician. It was a passionate assault.




The next morning.

“I am truly sorry.”


I awoke to a morning dogeza. I couldn’t work it out because I was still half-asleep. When I woke up, my lover was prostrating himself in underwear before me. Why.

“Y, yesterday, I against your will, umm… your body…”

“There’s no need to apologize since I consented to it. At night, in bed, wearing underwear, they were three outs, after all. Rather than that, how was I in underwear? You assaulted me because it was a strike, right?”

“Yeah. It certainly was a strike. You had a terrifying destructive power. My reasoning snapped with one hit.”


“Don’t look so delighted! Ahh, geez… you are too cute, okay!”

“About what you told Curtis before.”



“You said that I would hate you if you assaulted me, but there’s no way I would. I would certainly be troubled if you assaulted me in a fitting room, but I would come to hate you only if you cheated.”

“… You were listening?”


“Ugh… is that why you did something like that?”

Dirk was perplexed. This doesn’t matter to me, but I wonder if he understands that he’s currently only in his underwear?
I could see parts I shouldn’t if I only took a glimpse.

“… It’s a half-truth. The other half of me wanted to confirm your preferences as your future wife.”

“There was no need to undress, was there!?”

“I also wanted to see you panic. I did not think your reasoning would collapse.”

“You criminal! Stop using your body to tease me!”

“I decline. It’s the purpose of my life, after all.”

“Don’t say it with such a serious expression on your face!”

“By the way, Dirk.”

“What is it?”

“When you were acting spoiled yesterday and when you lost your reasoning too, how come your magical power didn’t get unstable?”

“Ugh… it’s certainly getting hard to put up with. However recently, I feel that my animal nature is becoming stronger even at times when I don’t lose reasoning. I feel it’s getting worse.”

“Are those the times I press the switch by making you panic?”


In other words, the Sexy Dirk-sama comes out as his reasoning loses to his animal nature.

“I understand. I will refrain from tempting you excessively until your magical power stabilizes.”

“No, refrain at all times! My body won’t stand it!!”

“No way. I want to make you panic and your heart throbb… pleasee, Dirk~”

Secret technique! Teary, puppy eyes!

“… D, do it only occasionally.”

He fell for it! The effect is still excellent! While doing stupid things like this, it was almost time for Martha to come. I was fine since I was wearing a bathrobe, but Dirk was no good.



“Are you not going to dress? It’s a wonderful view, but I have been seeing the parts that were not okay to look for a while now.”

“Say that earlieeer!!!”


Dirk Beastified completely with the strongest shout so far. He couldn’t dress up with animal limbs, so I helped him to put it on.

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