Chapter 124.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Animal nature, underwear, and strike.
We have returned home after Curtis and I somehow managed to comfort Dirk.

Curtis went home after having dinner. He told me that he wants to eat meat and potato stew next. He really loves it, doesn’t he!

I was thinking about my underwear before taking a bath. Dirk’s preferences, huh…

“How about these?”

The underwear of my choice was a set with blue rose laces on a white background. A bustier, transparent camisole with accented ribbon on the chest. The bottom of the ribbon splits, leaving the navel visible. Dirk’s preferences sway towards the cute kind… I think? I chose based on his preferences of clothes, but I wonder about this~ In the end, I did not hear what kind of underwear he likes. I really wanted to know. Putting a bathrobe on top, it was time for the match!

Dirk was uncomfortably staying in my room. The pajamas Dirk was wearing were embroidered with my bloodstained hands.

“Dirk, hug~”

“Yes, hug~”

Dirk gently returned my embrace. This is happiness. I hugged him on the bed and acted like a spoilt child.

“Dirk, I love you.”

“I, I also like… love you.”

“Dirk, I want to mofumofu you. Can you Beastify? Ah, shall practice complete Beastification?”


A soft and fluffy black panther. I gently caressed his chin.

“Fumiyaa… purr, purr.”

“How cutee. Wow! Paw pad!”

“Fumiyu… n? Ah. This is complete Beastification after all, so something like paw pads…”

Funifunifunifunifunifunifunifunifuni… I was thoroughly enjoying the paw pads. Whoah… it’s so funisoft! To think he would awaken new fetish in me… Dirk is a terrifying child!

“… Having fun?”


I touched the paw pads funifuni and munimuni. Dirk doesn’t seemed to hate it, so I touched it as much as I pleased.
Dirk on the other hand, rubbed against me.

“Fufu, it tickles.”

“… You are not afraid of me even in the complete Beastification, I see. Rosarin, do you like this form of mine too?”

“I love it!”

I replied with a whole-faced smile without hesitation.

“Today, you see. I was afraid that I won’t be able to turn back and you… it was so obvious, but only I haven’t noticed… actually, I was able to completely Beastify in the past. But the children in my class told me how creepy and scary it is and how much they disliked it… I was scared when I recalled those memories.”

“Even though you have such terrible memories, why did you agree to remove the seal?”

Dirk hugged me tightly. In his usual form.

“I wanted to become stronger. I thought you wouldn’t come to hate me, since it’s you.”


“Rather, I love you even more, you know? You look pretty, cool, and wonderful in your complete Beastification too.”

Chu, I kissed Dirk.

“Yeah. I was getting all uneasy on my own.”

Ahh, I love this expression of his. I can’t get enough of it. I want him to smile by my side like this forever.

“Then, I will thoroughly spoil you in your complete Beastification. Let’s overwrite the anxiety with happiness.”


Dirk turned back to his black panther form and surrendered to my hands. It’s time for my golden fingers!

“Spoil me…”

I touched the black panther while rubbing against him with all of my might. When I am happy, Dirk is happy! That is a good thing.

“Miyuu… fumii… nn… Rosarin, I love you…”

“Cu, cucucuteeee! I, I love you too! I won’t let you separate from me ever again, okay!”

I’m going to die of moe! Dirk who entrusted his body to me snuggled up to me like a spoilt child. Far from my heart going kyun, it was doing dokkiyun, dokkiyun!! (Incomprehensible)

Dirk replied intoxicatedly to me restricting remark.

“Don’t leave me… miyuu… I don’t want to separate.”

Oy! Today’s Mr. Dirk is way too spoiled! He’s so cute I might go crazy!

“Me too! I like you, Dirk! I love you!”

“Yeah… miyuu… I love you too… love, lovee…”

Dirk licked my face. My spoiled darling is impeccable! Ah geez, I really love Dirk so much I don’t know what to do anymore! What am I going to do about these urges!

I was completely satisfied after flirting and mofuing for a while. Dirk’s sanity also returned and he was acting extremely suspiciously.

“Dirk! You see, I am glad I got to pamper you!”

“Forget about it!”

“No. I’m going to engrave it on my heart to preserve it permanently. I can spoil you even more, you know?”

Hugging him tightly and scratching his chin, Dirk’s face turned red.

“O, only once in a while, okay…? Let me be the one to pamper you normally.”

“Yessss. Then, it’s my turn to get spoiled next!”


Dirk placed me on his lap and gently patted my head. This is bliss. Ah, right, my underwear… remembering, I got off Dirk’s lap, stood in front of him and… smoothly took off my bathrobe.

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