Chapter 123.2

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Let’s buy underwear.
“Are you looking for sexy underwear?”


“Please come this way, Ojousama.”

Before being able to reply that I wasn’t looking for underwear for me, the big sis brought me to a women’s corner. Dirk couldn’t forsake me and followed nervously after me.
Curtis… ran away. That bastard.

“Now, what kind of underwear is to your liking?”

“Whoah… how risqué.”

There were cutes ones too, but there were offensively laced ones as well.

“Dirk, which ones do you like?”

“You are pushing that onto me!?”

“I was thinking of grasping the preferences of my future husband.”

“Oh my, you are engaged?”

“Yes. The wedding is still far in the future, but I will be marrying him.”


Dirk looked happy. The big sis smiled and lined up several items.

“Let’s see, how about these?”

The big sis presented a neat, cute, pink underwear with a flowery pattern. It’s cute, but I like the kind with laces more~

“N~ I find the ones I am wearing now cuter.”

“… Show me?”

The big sis smiled widely! Eh? Wait!



I was dragged into the fitting room and stripped. I sought help.

“Dirk, save me!”


“My! What wonderful underwear this is!”

The big sis was delighted. I was stripped to my underwear with teary eyes. Dirk who entered the fitting room in order to save me was too late.

“Eh… ah…”

I didn’t know. You know, the thing where blood often splurts out of the nose in manga. I thought it wasn’t possible in reality, but Dirk accomplished just that. And then, he escaped from the shop.

“Your boyfriend is so pure, isn’t he…”

“Yes… well.”

I quickly put on the clothes.

“First of all, I will pay.”

“Rather than a payment, I’d like to know how your underwear was made!”

“Ah~ I will bring you the design the next time then. As expected, I can’t show it to Miss Butterfly.”

“Are you Miss Butterfly’s acquaintance?”

“I’m a customer, business partner, and a friend.”

“She’s our regular customer.”

Is that so? People do have strange relationships. I ended up talking with the big sis for a while. She was actually the shop manager.
I promised to come again. It seems that the underwear based on the design I gave her became popular in the future.





In the end, I bought several pieces of underwear of Dirk’s choice, boomerang pants, pajamas and some everyday clothes for Dirk.

Dirk was loitering in front of the shop in the black panther form. It was amusing so I observed him for a while. I hid in the shop’s shadows and picked up the sound with wind magic.

“What do I do, what do I do…”

“It’s not like Rosarin will be angry that you saw her in her panties. Rather, she must have found your reaction amusing.”

I won’t deny that, but don’t say it as if I was a female pervert. I’m definitely going to punish you later, Curtis.

“E, even though she sought my help…”

Dirk was dejected. I want to hug him right away! So cute!

“It can’t be helped, right? Isn’t it good that you didn’t assault her? She definitely wouldn’t like that.”


Dirk got excited after seeing me in my panties and escaped so he wouldn’t hurt me, huh. I can understand that. He also had no face to see me again, so he didn’t return.

“Dirk! I finished shopping.”

Dirk’s shoulders jolted in a startle. He’s still Mr. Black Panther.

“I want to hold hands, so turn back.”

“Ah, okay.”

He turned into the usual Dirk and we joined hands.

“… How did I look in my underwear?”

“I’m going to have a nosebleed so stop it!”

“Curtis, Dirk’s nosebleed was amazing. It looked like a fountain.”

“Don’t tell him unnecessary things!”

“Eh, are you wearing such incredible ones, Rosarin?”

“Ehh? They aren’t risqué or suggestive, I would consider them of the cute type, but… how was it, Dirk?”

“They were so cute and you were so pretty… oi, don’t make me remember!”

Dirk turned into a black panther.

“He got excited, didn’t he?”
“He got excited, indeed.”

“Don’t be consenting now, you two! There are no men who don’t get excited by seeing the girl they like in her underwear, okay!”

“… Well, I am of the same opinion, but I don’t think it’s something to talk about in public.”

Fizz has come to warn us who were fussy on the road. I greeted him and thought that this certainly isn’t the place to discuss something like that.

“Hello, Fizz.”


“U, uwaaaaah!!”

“Dirk!? Sorry, Fizz! I am going after him!”

“I’m going too!”

Dirk who most likely reached the peak of shame started running away at incredible speed.

“… Was that Dirk?”

Fizz muttered to himself. Catching Dirk was quite difficult. We teased him way too much, it seems~ I am reflecting a bit.

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