Chapter 123.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s buy underwear.
When Dirk finished changing clothes, we decided to go shopping. He needed a spare, and going to the Knight dormitory to get his stuff would be troublesome. Dirk also asked Curtis to be subtle because of something in the room, so it might have been really dangerous if Dirk turned into a Beast on the way.

“Now that think about it, you did well recognizing Dirk’s panties, Curtis.”

“Yeah, the Knight uniforms have names sewn on them. Besides, I thought that only you would strip Dirk naked and kidnap him.”

“Even if it’s me, I wouldn’t do something like that! We take clothes off only when we are alone! I don’t want strangers to see Dirk’s naked body!”

“You are concerned about that!? The main point in your sentence is wrong In the first place! Rosarin did not kidnap me, okay!”


The stimulated Dirk turned into a black panther. The clothes properly stuck to Dirk’s body.

“Is it not too tight?”

“How strange… it feels fine.”

He looked like a puppy in clothes, very cute. The embroidered clothes were a simple shirt and pants, but it looked good on the black panther. I am glad the embroidery magic worked as intended above all.


I buried my face into his neck and rubbed against it. Dirk also returned the rubbing. It’s so ticklish.


I got licked by the rough tongue.

“Strange, isn’t it? Even though it’s normal when you Beastify, your tongue is all rough in complete Beastification.”

“… I don’t understand it quite well myself.”

“… Oi~ leave the flirting to when you are alone.”


I forgot Curtis’ existence. I would be troubled if the shops closed, so we went to a nearby one.




“I usually buy something like this…”

Dirk handed me the underwear similar to what Curtis brought over. It seems that there won’t be any problem embroidering these.

“Should we take five or six of them?”

“Eh~ such normal ones? How about these?”

“Whoa, the hell is that. It hides nothing. Are these for show?”

Curtis brought thongs. Bikini thong? Are there people who buy these?

“N, no way! Absolutely, definitely, never!!”


He turned into a black panther again.

“Curtis, I can’t embroidery that, so I have to refuse.”

“Thaaat!? Rosarin, that’s your reason for rejecting these obscene panties!?”

“Yeah. I will love Dirk no matter what kind of panties he wears, so be at ease.”

“Nono, I won’t wear those, okay!? I’m not going to put on such meaninglessly thin panties!”

“Rosarin, how about this?”

Panties with a bird’s head between the groin, huh. So they were in this world too. The hero of dirty jokes. Rather, who would buy something like this? I’m curious.

“Curtis, should I buy this for you?”

“Eh, no way.”


“Don’t push something you don’t like on others!”

The black panther Dirk is busy interjecting. Rather, this isn’t considered as underwear, no? It’s a joke item.

“Rosarin, how about this then? It has a tail.”

“Yeah, it seems that I could do embroidery on it and the tail is detachable…”

“Why have you been bringing weird things deliberately since a while ago, Curtis!! Not speaking of the tail, I don’t want to wear that has a hole on the butt!”

The so-called O-back. It’s sexy underwear with a hole opened on the back and a nearly full view of the butt.

“Dirk, Curtis does it purposely. He takes delight in people’s reactions. He finds you amusing because you react so much.”

“But, if I don’t react, you are also going to start running wild.”

“…… Tehe.”

“Don’t try to deceive me by smiling cutely!!”

“Dear customers… umm, you are bothering other customers, so…”

“””We are sorry.”””

We got cautioned by Ms. Shopkeeper. We certainly were loud, so we apologized.

“Come to think of it, are you not buying anything yourself, Rosarin?”

“Eh? Underwear?… Dirk, do you want to choose?”


“But you see~ I’m wearing underwear my Kaasama makes especially for me. They are cute ones with laces.”


That’s why I don’t find the underwear in this shop cute at all. I am curious about Dirk’s underwear of choice, though. Huh? Dirk’s reaction is… he already turned back, but he became a black panther again. He got stimulated too much, it seems.
I snuggled up to Dirk and whispered to his ear.

“… Would you like to see my underwear?”

“Eh, wha… I, I do, but………… nonono! Stop tempting me!”

“Yep. I will show you later then.”


Dirk was dumbfounded. Curtis brought something strange again.

“Rosarin, how about this?”

“… I want to reject because I can’t do embroidery on it, but is that even in the category of underwear?”

Curtis brought something like a huge fang. With a string.

“Ms. Shopkeeper told me that you can stop it from moving by putting a string through here.”

“You are quite brave for asking the shopkeeper! Rather, I am shocked by you, Curtis!”

I would definitely not be able to ask!

“There’s no way, okay! I won’t ever put it on!”

The black panther Dirk was about to cry. I spoke to him while patting his head.

“I don’t know what clan uses this costume on what occasion, but I won’t make you wear something like this. It certainly is amusing, but if I am to bring some with you, it would be only the sexy underwear.”

“Heeeey! I don’t want to wear sexy underwear either!!”

“Dear customer…”

“””We are sorry for causing a racket.”””

The three of us apologized simultaneously. However, we got cautioned by someone else this time. She was a big sister with quite a lump of meat and an impressive presence. A beauty with an envious rack. Her straight, red hair was also wonderful.

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