Chapter 122.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Playing with the black panther.
“What happened to your clothes?”

“In the Knights Order, I… rather, how are you so calm!?”

“Wicked thoughts ran through my mind while I was brooding over how to tell that you are naked, and I ended up running in circles, so I am not calm by no means.”

“Wicked thoughts?”

“Concretely, thoughts about how pretty your butt is and how much I would like to touch it.”

“I beg you, be more secretive! You are way too frank!”

“May I touch it?”

“Yo, youyouyou can’t!!”

Dirk ran away from me in panic. The brief glimpse I got while he was trying to hide was quite magnificent.

“Ah, I saw it.”


Dirk used the sheets as his skirt. I pushed him down so he couldn’t move.

“Fu fu fu. Give it up, Dirk.”

“Wha!? W, what are you doing!?”

“I will have a good look at your body.”

“Eh? Y, you can’t!”

“Why? You will be troubled if you Beastify completely again, no?”

“……………… Eh?”

“I have to make sure that your magical power is stable.”

Seeing me grinning, Dirk finally noticed that I was just teasing him. It was just a simple wordplay. Dirk shouted with his face bright red.

“Rosarin, you bully!!”


He became a Black Panther again. Hmm. His magical power was sealed for a long time, so it will take time for it to stabilize.

“Dirk, I will help you so try canceling the Beastification on your own.”


He put his chin on my shoulder and leaned on me. Mofumofu… his magical power is much stabler than before. If he doesn’t get impatient here… the moment I thought that, Dirk returned to his normal form.

“I did it!”

“I did not help you this time. It might be better for you to stay with me until your magical power stabilizes.”


“Your magical power seems to be unstable because it has been sealed for such a long time. Stay here for the time being. I don’t have to go to attend classes anyway, and I will tell the Knights Order to push the paperwork on my successor.”

“T, thank you.”

“No, it seems I did something unnecessary. First of all, what do we do about your clothes.”


“I do have clothes for you, though. One set with expansion magic sealed in them so they won’t become too tight even if you Beastify, one casual set of clothes and two Knight uniforms.”

“Is that so?”

I don’t even remember how many times I prickled my fingers and cleaned the clothes with purification when embroidering them… I wonder whether I am cursed in embroidery.

“Eh? You made them?”

“Yep. I did my best.”

I canceled the barrier and as I was thinking of going to buy some underwear, I heard a carefree voice.

“Oh, the barrier came off. Huh? Are you in the middle of having fun?”

“T, that not it, alright!?”

Curtis teased us with a light tone. Dirk denied with a red face, but he was totally naked. It’s suspicious indeed.

“What’s up, Curtis?”

“Ah~ your reaction to the teasing is different. Dirk lost his clothes and panties, so I came to deliver them.”

“Ohh, good job, Curtis! I was just getting worried about the panties!”


I received the clothes and underwear from Curtis. They were the boxer-type from an elastic material. Black ones.

“Stop calling them panties, you two! Rather, Rosarin return those panties to me!”


He turned into a black panther again. Excitement is not good it seems.

“First of all, it seems that I need to embroider them so they don’t come off. Stay in the sheets for a little longer, Dirk.”

I took out the sewing tool and started embroidering the waist part.

“Huh, you are unexpectedly good at this…”

The moment Curtis said that, I prickled my finger.

“… You fine?”

“I’m fine. This happens all the time.”

Sewsewsewsewsewsewsew… stab!

“Bl… blood is…”

“By the way, Rosarin. How many times do you usually prickle yourself before making three pieces of clothes?”

“… About twenty times?”

I continued embroidering while looking at my hands seriously.

“Your mother is good at embroidery, no? Why don’t you ask her for help?”

“I don’t want to hand Dirk’s panties to anyone.”

Curtis, laugh if you want to. He was curled on the ground. As expected, I can’t ask, I won’t ask. It can’t be helped.

“No, I certainly don’t want to ask anyone except Rosarin… but I don’t like Rosarin hurting herself too…”

“Then, let’s go buy underwear later.”

“How did it turn out like this!?”

“From the looks of it, your magical power will be unstable for a few days… up to a month. You will be troubled if you have to take your panties off every time, right? The preparations are indispensable. Also, I want to choose your underwear.”


“It’s difficult to embroider them depending on the material.”

“… Your real intention is?”

“I wanted my lover to wear the underwear I chose.”

“Buhahahahaha! So honest!”

Crap, I was caught off guard by Curtis’ incitement! Dirk’s reaction…

“I, if you really want to do it that much then… please don’t choose the way too tight ones, okay?”

Is he a maiden! He gave me an okay while fidgeting. I finished the embroidery while performing a two-person comedy act.

“Here, it’s done.”

Since it was bloody, I cleaned it with purification magic. I took out the embroidered clothes on the occasion as well.

“Thank you… I will change now, so won’t you turn away?”

“Isn’t it fine, it’s not like you will lose something.”

“You are fine with me, right?”

“You aside, Rosarin please leave!”

“For Curtis to be allowed to watch while chasing your wife away, are you cheating on me?”

“Stop teasing me while knowing that it’s not like that! Curtis too, don’t laugh until you can’t breathe!”

“Dirk, if you get too excited…”


He became a black panther again.

“Rosarin, Curtis, you bullieees!!”

In the end, Dirk turned back on his own and safely got to wear the clothes.

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