Chapter 122.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Playing with the black panther.
On my regular date with Dirk, I happened to talk with him about magical power manipulation.

“That reminds me, you don’t have much magical power, right? I misunderstood.”


Dirk had food in his mouth so his pronunciation was weird. That is also his cute point.

“No, if you think about it carefully, being capable of Beastification means that your magical power is quite high, no? May I investigate for a little?”

“Hm? Sure, but… oi, why are you unfastening the buttons!?”

“It’s easier to do while having contact with bare skin.”

I brought my cheek to Dirk’s chest and placed my hand on him. His heartbeat was fast.


“N, not done yet?”

He looked restless but his tail coiled around me. After setting my heart on not touching it, I concentrated.



Dirk patted me and combed my hair.

“In conclusion, you possess a considerably high amount of magical power.”


“It’s just my guess, but you have probably feared the Beastification. That’s why I believe that you have unconsciously sealed the magical power so that you can’t use it on your own.”

“Erm, in other words?”

“If we undo the seal, a complete Beastification may be possible for you. Can I undo it? You will be much stronger if you are able to control the magical power in you and you will be able to use magic too.”

“Then, I think I will leave it to you.”

I undid his seal and taught him a simple way to control his magical power. Dirk mastered it immediately.

And on that day’s evening. Martha informed me that Dirk has come. She told me that he was waiting in my room. I opened the door to my room.


A black panther was inside. A supple and beautiful black panther. I shut the door.


I opened the door again. There indeed was a black panther in my room. I shut the door.


I asked Martha who stood behind me.

“Dirk is a black panther Beastman, but I don’t think he’s a black panther! Where did you bring it from!?”

“He named himself as Dirk-sama and he had his voice, so…”

“Say that earlier!!”

I rushed into the room. The black panther was crying in my room.

“Dirk!? Why are you crying!?”


The voice was certainly of My Darling’s. Both his ears and tail looked dejected!


“Sorry, I couldn’t recognize you immediately.”

“… No. I can’t turn back no matter how many times I try… what do I do?”

I took off my knight’s jacket and trousers, leaving me only with a tank top and leggings.


“Ro, Rosarin!?”

Not minding the panicking Dirk, I sat on the bed and called him over.

“Come here. I can probably turn you back. It will be easier to drain the magical power if more of our skin is touching.”

Dirk approached me while taking peeks at my chest.

“Are you curious? They grew a little.”

I pulled on the tank top and showed him a glance of my chest.

“D, don’t show it!”

However, his tail coiled around my leg.

“Eh? Do I have no charm? Are you not interested in flat chests?”

“I am but stop it! I won’t be able to hold back because of the complete Beastification, okay!”

“Eh? Well, I would also like for my first time to be with the usual Dirk-”

“What are you talking about!?”

“… The bridal night?”

“Don’t instigate me in this form! I beg you!”

“… I heard they get big in complete Beastification? Can I see?”

“Definitely not!!”

I was able to communicate without saying anything. It can’t be helped if he doesn’t like it.

“Tch~ Come on then, I will adjust your magical power while hugging.”

“Yeah… purr, purr.”

He was purring. My Mr. Black Panther is totally an angel. I put his magical power back in order while patting him. The mental image is soft, covering his entire body, with the feeling of a circulation. While sensing the magical power flowing out of him, I started feeling bare skin instead of the fur…bare skin?

When I opened my eyes, Dirk was completely naked. He was lying face-down so I didn’t see his front, but I was able to see his lovely buttocks with a tail above it. What do I do? This is a feast for my eyes… or not, he needs a sheet or something to cover his lower body with. This is this, right, the lucky pervert stuff… not good. My brain is racing in circles. I want to touch his dorsal muscles… or not!

How do I tell Dirk about this… while I was undecisive, Dirk who noticed that my hands stopped looked at his own hands in delight.

“I turned back!”

I saw it. In full view.

“Rosarin, thank you!… Why are you so red in face?”

“Well, of course, even my face would turn red when seeing a naked body of my lover right in front of me.”

“… Na, ked?”

Dirk timidly separated from me and checked the lower part of his body. Then, seeing his state, I activated the soundproofing barrier.


Dirk swiftly rolled up in the duvet. Yep. It was a wonderful view. Thank you for the meal.

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