Chapter 121.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The other side of Jesper’s death.
A few minutes later.


Jend who was worried about Jasper who’s fur had to be dyed completely black, went to check together with Jasper. And Dirk was now patting me gently. Stop flirting? No, he has an important mission of healing me. I mean, I was about to kick Jasper’s ass. Even though I decided to save him, he made me angry. No, he isn’t Jasper anymore.

“With this, ‘Jasper’ has died, Jash.”

It’s a pseudonym similar to his real name. It would be bad if he didn’t react when called to, after all.
Jasper has become Jash and his fur has been eternally dyed with magical hair dye. Moreover, his scent is being overwritten with perfume.

By the way, I made the magical hair dye with the intention of selling, but I put that thought on hold because of Dirk who told me that it would be a problem if it got abused by criminals.

“Now then, for the final act. Arisa, it’s your turn.”


Arisa lifted Jash’s curse. The suggestion is lifted with death. The caster will also recognize that the curse had been lifted due to death.

I spoke to Jash.

“I will have you do paperwork at the Knights Order and you will also transport sweets to the Crystal Dragon Village of Rulan’s. What about you, Kou, Haku?”

“I want you to play with Jend and I sometimes.”

“Yes, gladly… but is this all right? I unconsciously create curses and make my surroundings unhappy. Even if I do it unintentionally… would it be possibly tolerated to let you play with me?”

“Ah~ about that. Your true Revelation is not a curse.”


“Your real Revelation is luck amplification. When you are happy, the luck of your surroundings increases.”


“Try thinking about it, okay? Nothing happened at times you were feeling happy, right? On the contrary, when you are feeling sad, misfortune happens. Am I wrong?”

“Eh… ah…”

Jash spilled large drops of tears. Jend worriedly wiped his tears.

“Is it really okay for me to stay with Jend and others? No one won’t get hurt because of me anymore?”

“No, unless you don’t quarrel for the rest of your life, not hurting anyone wouldn’t be possible, I think? If your Revelation carries such meaning, it all comes to your heart.”

“I’m glad… I am so happy!”

“Whoah? Oniichan?”

Jash embraced Jend and cried out loud. Looks like he really was cornered… Jend patted him “there, there”. That’s quite a healing scene.

“I am happyy for youu, Masterr… or nott, Jash-san.”

“To you… I’m sorry. Because of me-”

“You weree cryingg when castingg the cursee on mee. Currentlyy, I am happyy. Thereforee, you don’t havee to cryy anymoree. If youu want to compensatee to mee, thenn becomee happyy yourself, Jash-san.”

“Yes, yes… thank you.”

Jash smiled happily while crying. For now, he will be fine. Unlike in Wolfanea, he won’t be persecuted here, after all.

Besides that, what good children they are…! My spirits are way too good!

“Haku, crouch down.”

“Ehh? Okayy.”

When I patted him on the head, he smiled happily. So cute! But huge!

“Haku, what a good child you are!”

“Ehh? Ehehee, I got praisedd.”

As expected of our family’s healing machine! He’s cute even for adults!

“Oneechan, what about me?”

“Oneechan, I am also a good child, right?”

“What about Arisa? Mama, Arisa is also a good child, right?”

Kou, Jend, and Arisa approached me sneakily.

“Of course, everyone’s a good child! Group hug!”

When I hugged them all together, their happy voices leaked ‘kyaa’.





While I was giggling with my cute children, I received a call from Sui.

“Something too interesting is going on.”

I was told by Sui. I can only have a bad feeling about this, though.

“What’s going on?”

Sui gave me a brief report. Sui was in the Elven Village in his Elf form. For the necessary follow-up. I had Haku cast a soundproofing barrier and listened to the report.

Despite their low spirits, Jess’ group arrived at the village.

“Fumu, a snake, is it? Is it another Adventurer Killer?”

While having such a conversation, the discussion turned to the main subject, Yggdrasil.

“It’s likely that your Yggdrasil has been cursed as well. Our Yggdrasil has been saved by a girl named Rosarin-chan…”

“… From that point, the Old Geezer was boasting about you like you were his real granddaughter.”


“… Because the Old Geezer likes you very much?”

“I’m happy, but that’s embarrassing!”

“The villagers praised you even further.”


“Because you have become something like an idol in the village recently?”

“Why did it turn out like this!?”

“No… I don’t know why, but it was amusing so I left it alone.”

“Sui, you criminal—-!!”

“Ahaha, the villagers are currently proselytizing you. It looks like you have become a Saint or something.”

“Gyaaa! Stop it please! Sui is no good too! He’s enjoying himself! Hal! Hal~!”


“Please stop the villagers and Grandfather!”

“Sorry, I already tried but I couldn’t do anything against that number.”



Holy mackerel. I certainly feel that I won’t be able to do anything about those powerful elves. It’s hopeless. Sorry, Jess.




Late at night, I got contacted by Jess.
It appears that Jasper died safely.

“By the way… you have apparently become something like a Saint in the Elven Village.”

“You are just imagining things.”

“They spoke for so long, it was really difficult. It surely isn’t just my imagination. It was strange hearing what they say because I knew the real deal, but they told the stories so real I had trouble judging whether they were speaking the truth or not.”

“It’s just your imagination! Also, everything was a lie!”

“You are odd. But thank you, I will leave Jasper to you.”

“… It would be troublesome if he got found out. His name is Jash now.”

“I see.”

Jess’ voice was kind. Then, the communication ended.
I gazed at the beautiful moon outside, thinking about the elves. I feel like there’s nothing I can do!!

I digress, but in the end, Jash was taken into Jend’s home where he lives while working in the Knights Order. He’s always smiling happily.
The delightful miscalculation was Jash’s surprisingly good paperwork ability, he was at a perfect level to become my successor. Dober-san was pleased.

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