Chapter 121.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The other side of Jasper’s death.
I swung down the knife without hesitation… and stabbed it into the floor. Some hair got cut as the silver hair dropped to the ground.

“… Just kidding.”








I chuckled foolishly while everyone was petrified.

“Jess, you are going to take responsibility, right? For the nephew, that’s like your son.”

“… Yeah.”

“Do you have the resolve to deceive your country for the rest of your life? If you do, I’m going to spare this man’s life.”

“… I do.”

“Then, Jasper. Do you have the will to cast away everything and anything about you to live?”

“… I… I want to live!”

“In that case, I’m willing to lend you my wisdom. This favor is a huge one, you understand?”

The two nodded strongly.




“Well then, let me tell you about the strategy. Let’s call it, Operation: Jasper’s Death!”


Everyone looked at me with their mouths wide open. I explained to them the outline of the operation. There’s no time. I sent Sui to the Elven Village for a request for cooperation.
I discussed it with Jess in detail. The game is going to start tomorrow. After that, Jess promised me to invite me to talk regarding Yggdrasil’s matter before summer. Is Jess unexpectedly quite influential? Oh well.




Jess and Jasper came here after slipping away from the guards that were escorting them, so they joined up with them the next morning. They told the guards that they might have a hint about Yggdrasil, so they started heading to the Elven Village.

And there, Darkness-sama entered! He was more enthusiastic than usual and turned gigantic. Darkness-sama swiftly swallowed Jasper and flied away in the sky. The guards pursued them desperately. However, there was no way there were going to catch up. There were other monsters along the way too, after all. Moreover, they were relatively strong.

Additionally, further into the forest, in a suitable place, Jasper’s blood was scattered on the ground, his silver hair lying in a puddle of blood. The scene of the murder was ready.
I had Arisa cleanse us so we couldn’t be identified as murdered in case the blood somehow got on our bodies. We then used a teleportation magic stone and quickly retreated from the scene. I hid a camera-like magic tool before leaving.


“This is the scent of Jasper-sama’s blood…”

“With this much blood, he must be already…”


He’s alive, though. The guards hung their heads.

“This must be a lie! This is a lie, a lie, lie, lie!”

What a real performance, Jess. He seems to be truly shaken up. He’s a starring actor, isn’t he!

“Jutiess-sama… I understand your feelings, but…”

“Jasper! Jasper!! Uaaaaaaah!!”

“Jutiess-sama! The blood is going to attract monsters!… Forgive me!”

“There’s no use staying, we are withdrawing!”

Hitting the disordered Jess in the nape of his neck, the guards withdrew. They are quite excellent. Well, it looks like Jess is losing a lot this time, but it seems that it was the right call. In fact, I could see monsters appearing through the lens of the camera-like magic tool. They were attracted by the scent of blood.

“They don’t seem to have any suspicions, looks like it’s going to be okay for the time being~ We break through the first stage.”

Jess’ acting was more wonderful than I thought. It’s nothing compared to Rabisha-chan, though. I fell flat on top of my bed. Next to me was my beloved darling, Dirk.

“How do I say this… you did well coming up with something like this.”

Hau… being patted by Dirk is happiness itself…
I rubbed my cheeks against the lap of Dirk who sat next to me. Dirk patted me gently with a wry smile.

“I quite like the Miss Wise you.”

“Ahaha… I can’t deny your sugary words.”

But perhaps, even if he handed Jasper over, they would cut him off. Moreover, there are dangers of Christia and Wolfanea’s relationship worsening further, and the mastermind would have a motive to strike. I would like to avoid that and the person himself also doesn’t wish for this to happen, so sheltering Jasper is most likely the correct call.

“Oneechan, Oniichan has returned…”

Jend who completely rebound to calling me Oneechan brought a man covered in drool from head to toes and an apologetic Darkness-sama. Darkness-sama did not do wrong or anything. It was within the range of expectations. You will get covered in saliva when swallowed, yes.

As planned, they flew to a suitable, remote place, Jasper took out a teleportation magic stone and the two teleported away.

“Darkness-sama, thank you for your hard work. You did a wonderful job. Jasper, go straight to the bathroom. Dirk, dye Jasper’s body black with this magic potion in the bath. Full body, every nook, and cranny. Even the parts that can’t be usually seen.”

“… Err… parts that can’t be usually seen…?”

“I have no intention or interest in seeing men other than you naked, so I leave it to you.”

“I, I will do it myself!”

Jasper said with his face bright red.

“No, washing by yourself is fine, but you have parts you can’t see or reach, like your butt, and you need to be thoroughly checked that you are plastered with the stuff all over you in your Beast form. Dirk is originally black, so it won’t have any effects on him.”

“Give up. It’s for your own good.”

Dirk didn’t want to do it either, but he acknowledged it.

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