Chapter 120

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Jasper’s death.
A point of view of certain someone in Wolfanea.
Jutiess and Jasper stopped by the Christia’s Elf Village to break the deadlock with Yggdrasil. On the way, Jasper was swallowed by a huge snake monster. The fleeing snake was then pursued, but it escaped in the end.
I fear that he can’t be saved.

The reports of Jutiess and the guards were identical. I have no doubts.
Moreover, the presence of the curse disappeared. Jasper must have passed away. He was a strong piece, but it can’t be helped.

Jasper’s funeral ended quietly. I wonder how many people will truly mourn his death?
A cursed child. Someone who scatters curses around him unconsciously just by existing. When Jasper’s Mother was told what happened to him in Christia, she smiled radiantly.

A pitiful child neglected by his mother and abandoned by his father.

A sad, sorrowful child that was not loved by his parents.





Yeah, just like me. Let me be the one to grieve for you at the very least, I looked up at the night sky.

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