Chapter 115

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Spirits and neighbors.
After discussing Rulan’s recovery, I introduced the new spirit, Kuurin, to everyone.
I called Holy Beast-sama and Darkness-sama too.

“This is Kuurin, a new spirit I received protection from. Her attribute is water. She’s apparently a half-Bahamut.

“Are you completing the attributes by gathering all heres- “I’m not! It’s just a coincidence!”

“I was in a similar situation, but this time it was an accident too.”


Holy Beast-sama looked exhausted after hearing Kou’s words. Yep. It was inevitable.

“Please call me the woman that doesn’t learn…”

“Lord, not at fault.”


What a compassionate furball! I hugged Mofumaru tightly.

“Not fair, Mama! Arisa wants a hug too!”

You are so cute, my daughter! Naturally, I will hug you tightly too!



“Rosarin, you were a mother?”

“You’ve got it wrong. Arisa is a spirit born from Rosarin and Magchelia’s magical power. I’m Sui. Spirit of Greenery and half-Elf.”

“I am Hal! Wind is my main attribute, but I am a spirit of all attributes! Rosarin, let me join in! Gyu~!”

I embraced Hal with everyone.

“I’m Kou. Fire Spirit and half-Dragon. Best regards. Oneechan, hug me too~!”

Kou came too! I feel that I hadn’t patted him recently. His scales are cool and smooth. Kuurin was fidgety.
Is she coming? Looking carefully, Sui and Darkness-sama were fidgety too!

“I am Earth Spirit and Mole half-Beastmann. My name’s Hakuu. Let’s get alongg… if I do it too, Dirk-san would be jealous, wouldn’t hee…”

“I am lifting the ban for today! Sui, come too!”

“C, can’t be helped, I will do it too.”

Sui in his fairy form came too.

“Thenn, just for a littlee.”

We were completely engulfed by Haku.


“I am a Spirit who plans on giving Rosarin protection! The attribute is darkness. I am also a Quetzalcoatl.”

“People call me the Holy Beast of this country. The attribute is light. I am also a spirit who plans on giving Rosarin protection.”

“Oneechan has lots of protections, doesn’t she?”

When I accidentally looked at the fields outside while listening to Kuurin’s voice, Elder brother stopped working and looked at me. Warmheartedness and affection is what his expression was full of.

“Darkness-sama, Kuurin, Holy Beast-sama too, c’mon!”

Darkness-sama cheerfully, Kuurin with pleasure, joined in. Holy Beast-sama moved to my feet too.

And so, because of the excitement, Darkness-sama turned into Quetzalcoatl. So huge~ If unlucky, people might have thought we were getting attacked.

Ah, Elder brother’s expression stiffened. Come to think of it, Darkness-sama’s Quetzalcoatl form is scary, isn’t it? Moreover, Kou got on board and turned into a Dragon. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Huh? Isn’t he bigger than before? Moreover, there are spikes… no… his horns multiplied! Did I give him too much nutrition!?



Kou burst into flames in excitement. Elder brother’s face turned pale.

“Kuurin will turn big too!”


The light blue goldfish suddenly turned into a gigantic fish… fish? She turned a little Dragon-ish… didn’t she? Ahh, I saw that in the game! Real Bahamut is hugeee!

“So huuuuge!?”

It seems that Kuurin can turn gigantic. A few adults… by that I mean 20-30 could get on her back.
Elder brother looked enlightened. Rather, is Elder brother all right!?

“Me too, will turn, big.”


Mofumaru turned big too.


I was somewhat expecting Kuurin to be capable of turning huge because she’s half-Bahamut, but Mofumaru, you were able too!?

“Wau… mofumofu.”

However, the fluffy feeling was supreme as always.

“Rosarin! Are you okay!?”

Elder brother who was watching us while doing farmwork must have gotten worried when I got engulfed by the fluffiness as he suddenly ran over.

“I’m good, Mofumaru wouldn’t hurt us. Right, Mofumaru?”


Elder brother obviously became relieved. I am sorry for worrying you.

“First of all, it would be troubling if the neighbors reported that huge monsters rampaged on our property, so could everyone turn back into the small forms?”

“… Everyone, turn back!”

And, just as everyone turned back, Dirk contacted me via a communication magic tool.

“Look here, we got a report that gigantic monsters keep appearing at Duke Rosenberg’s mansion, but they are probably your spirits, right? The Dragon must be Kou. Is Darkness-sama over there too?”

They are already done reportiiiing!! I am glad it was Dirk who knows the situation got to deal with it! I caused unnecessary work to Knights Order!!

“Also my new spirit and magic beast.”

“… Got it. The neighbors must have been startled.”

Dirk must have understood and judged that there won’t be a need for the Knights Order to dispatch people over.

“Rosarin, shall we go explain and apologize to the neighbors?”


After that, I went with Elder brother around the neighborhood apologizing and explaining that the monsters that appeared in Duke Rosenberg’s mansion were magic beasts I bought. Martha accompanied us too. The neighbors’ reaction was: “As long as you are safe, Rosarin-chan. My, that startled me…” Isn’t that too lax of a reaction? I regretted that I asked Martha.

“Recently, in Duke Rosenberg mansion, a huge tree has been appearing and disappearing (it seems that Yggdrasil-san was seen while growing), cacti have been grazing (not grazing but playing), dragon bursting into flames (that was Kou), vegetables had been running around (Elder brother produced veggies. They occasionally talk too), so everyone in the neighborhood must have gotten accustomed to it already.”


I couldn’t say anything. My neighbors, I am truly sorry!

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