Chapter 114

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Curse and dragon.
We returned home for the time being. Oh my? There are many magic beasts in our garden, though.

“Kou, can you ask why are they here?”




A short while later.


“I’m sorry, Oneechan. I wasn’t able to persuade them.”

“… Persuade?”

“They want to be of use to you in order to repay you, Oneechan.”

“… Why did it turn out like this?”

“I told them that you don’t really require their services, but… it’s also because of the type of magical beasts they are, but most of the magic beasts you bought and saved at the dark auction were magic beasts with high intelligence and a strong sense of duty.”

“Erm… I am currently not troubled about anything, you guys are free. I am sorry that humans did something so horrible to you. If you feel like you have a debt of gratitude to repay to me, do save other humans in need, please. Couldn’t I ask that of you instead…?”


“Oneechan… it had the opposite effect. How very modest and suitable to be our Lord, is what it said.”

“But why!?”

“So troublesome, why don’t you hold a tournament and take in just the winner?”

Rulan looked truly bothered. Oy, you might be tired, but you speak too carelessly!

“You fool! They will be pitiful if they get hurt! I reject!”

“What are you going to do then?”

“I, I will take in a magic beast with the fluffiest fur.”

“… That’s so like you, Oneechan.”

Kou’s gaze of surrender is hurting me! I couldn’t think of anything else! Anyhow, let’s earnestly mofu the magic beasts first. Everyone gave off quite a pleasant feeling of fluffiness if I say so myself. No, Dirk can’t blame me this time, right? They are not Beastmen, so it can’t be considered cheating. The opposite party is animals, after all.




I found it. The supreme fluff!

“I choose you!”

The magic beast’s race was Kesaranpasaran. It was a palm-sized, soft fluffball. Moreover, its round and cute eyes were super adorable!


“… As expected of our Lord! To think you would choose the strongest one among us… is what it said.”


No, the fluffy sensation was genuinely my only criteria… no, wait.
Fur that does not change even in a bad environment → very healthy and strong?

“We are no match for this Kesaranpasaran-dono even if we group up. As expected. If you are choosing Kesaranpasaran-dono, we will take a step back.”

Kou interpreted, but… the magic beasts were taking glances at me with sorrowful faces. A, auu… I am going to feel guilty, but… I want to make them my allies…

“Why don’t you become their temporary owner then? You would remove their collars if they wanted to leave, right? There’s a possibility that they will get recaptured again, but there won’t be many fools who would make moves against magic beasts in your possession, no?”

“T, then, let’s go with that…”

The magic beasts were delighted. I had Rabisha-chan prepare special magic beast collars which I loaded with my magical power and put on the magic beasts. It’s an exceptional item that prevents others from robbery and ignores the town gate’s barrier. Wild monsters and magic beasts get repelled by the barrier, but magic beasts wearing this collar are able to go freely in and out.

“You are so softhearted, Ojousama. Well, that is also why I am following you. That is your good point, so it can’t be helped.”

I am not sure whether Rabisha-chan’s muttering was elevating me or making me fall.

“I am sorry for causing you hardships.”

“… If it’s your wish then it’s no hardship for me, Ojousama. I am only worried because you are too softhearted.”

“Then, thank you.”

We both laughed.

The collar was too big for the Kesaranpasaran, so it got a magic ribbon instead. A red ribbon on a pure white steamed bun-like furball… this is…


It looks exactly like Mofumaru whom Rin raised before!

“Lord, is that my name?”

“It spoke!?”

“That Kesaranpasaran is a strong one, after all. There are occasionally fellows among the magic beasts that are capable of speech.”

“Is that so… the name, are you fine with Mofumaru?”

“Yes. Lord, best regards, okay?”

His voice is cute too! The fluffy dreams Rin once wished to be a reality are currently within the palms of my hands!


“Let’s get along, Mofumaru.”

Mofumaru rubbed against my cheek… so cute! This is bliss! To think this kind of fluff was legal! With this, my lack of mofu will get reduced! I have another stomach for Dirk alone, but I surely won’t spontaneously explode anymore!




Now then, I saw off other magic beasts to the forest and now we were in the office.

“What kind of fellow was the one who cast the curse on you, Rulan?”


Rulan looked around the room and started looking intimidating. I moved in front of Rulan and calmed him down.

“Look carefully, it’s a different Beastman.”

“Yeah… however, they look similar. That man had no muscles. He was also of smaller stature, I know that. But, his face and fur were exactly the same.”

“… I see.”

I have no doubts about the criminal… before the muscle-headed Hero could give an unnecessary apology, Haku said something unexpected.

“I smell my previous Master from Rulan-kunn.”


“It’s the scent of the Master that abandoned me and cast the mushroom curse on mee. The one who cursed Rulan-kun was my previous Master then, I seee.”

“… Didn’t you say that you didn’t see the person who cast the curse on you, Haku?”

If I recall correctly, he said that he was cursed while taking a nap.

“I couldn’t speak because of the slave crest’s limitationss. I am sorryy. I now got used to my new lifee… every day I spend is really funn, I forgott. I am truly sorryy, Rosarin-chan.”

“No, it brings you many painful memories. Your happiness is the most important, Haku. What kind of person was your previous Master? Tell me, if it’s not unpleasant?”

“Sure. It’s me who he did something terrible to sayingg, but I don’t think he’s a bad personn. He’s a Silver Wolff… I don’t know his namee. I didn’t spend much time with my previous Masterr, but he was usually kind to me who was just a slavee. I believe that he was crying while casting the curse on mee. Sorry I can’t be of helpp.”

“… Certainly, when casting the curse on me, he apologized with a crying face.”

“… There’s only one person who specializes on curses among the Silver Wolves, right?”


Geraldin-san was super downhearted. How unusual.

“Rulan, I would like to capture the one who cursed you alive, if possible.”

“… What for?”

“It’s highly likely that he was ordered to do it by someone else.”

“All right.”

Rulan agreed. Geraldin-san looked relieved too.

“You are too softhearted, Rosarin. Forgiving those that cause harm…”

“No? I feel very itchy right now? You can’t be acquitted of the crime of hurting my cute spirit and friend. I will show the hell worse than death! Especially that person pulling the strings behind the scenes!”




The place got silent.




“Fu, ahahahahaha!”

Rulan burst into laughter. What’s up? Huh? Everyone is laughing?

“No, I understand. I will definitely bring him over if I capture him. No, you really are a strange human.”

“You won’t get bored with Oneechan around.”

Kou was grinning at me too. Yes. What do you mean by that, you dragon duo.
It has been decided that Rulan is going to assist us with the search for the Silver Wolf who casts the curses. However, the reason we weren’t able to catch him until now is because he’s using a teleportation magic stone or something similar. I am uneasy about the many incidents happening around the Capital recently.

The paperwork got postponed because the barrier locations and patrol routes got leaked, so everything had to be reorganized… I felt depressed thinking that it’s going to get much busier at the Knights Order tomorrow.

“Lord, are you sad?”

Mofumaru who was quietly sitting on my head spoke words of concern.

“It’s fine, Mofumaru! I am going to do my best!”

“Do your best, Lord.”

Mofumaru is super adorable! I was madly in love with the new kind of solace. By the way, I was super happy when the jealous spirits and children clung to me tightly. This is not mofuing, so forgive me, Dirk!

Correction. All of my children are adorabz!!

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