Chapter 113.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go to the market.
When I returned home, I requested the Free Wind members and Martha to gather intelligence. I had pleaded with Dirk to get information from the Knights Order too.

I had Kou set free the magic beasts that knew the place where they could return. The light-blue colored goldfish said they weren’t provided with enough food and water.

The unlucky thing was the child of a Crystal Dragon among them. Dragons are possible to buy with lots of money through dark auction, but they are bad news. They are currently living with a non-aggression pact with humans, but if this time’s matter gets exposed, the herd of Crystal Dragons would wage war against humans.

“There was a Crystal Dragon named Rulan?”

(Yes. He got caught while trying to save us.)

Rulan is a dragon child I got to know in the Crystal Dragon Village. We became friends there.

“Do you know why he as nearby a human habitat?”

(He said he was going to meet his friend.)

Is that me!? It’s me, isn’t it? It’s my fauuuult! The only human that would have a Crystal Dragon come for a visit would be me, no!? While feeling greatly perplexed, Elder brother spoke to me with amazement.

“You do something every time you go out, huh.”

“That’s not… true.”

“Picnic twice.”


“Got lost.”


“And this time.”

“It isn’t on purpooose.”

My sorrowful shout echoed around. However, I can’t do anything about it even if I shout! I can only act to best of my ability!


“What is it, Kou?”

He’s back quicker than I thought. Huh? The magic beasts did not decrease in numbers?

“Everyone has a request for you. They said they wouldn’t return without returning the favor.”


How conscientious you are, magic beasts!

“Ah, then I would like you to cooperate with Rulan’s rescue plan! Can you?”

The magic beasts nodded and waited for instructions.

“Everyone says they will do it. Rulan… that Crystal Dragon Rulan?”

“Yeah. He apparently got caught. Kou, you help too please. We might as well have a big haul!!”




Crushing the magic beast merchant would be simple, but there are fools who are buying, so he might be useful for later. It’s an iron rule to remove weed at the roots! That being the case, let’s get to the dark auction. Moreover, the dark auction is tomorrow. I don’t have time and I am worried about Rulan, but it’s convenient in a sense.

Having paid considerable sum with the gem before, the merchant promptly guided me to the dark auction. Seems that I paid excessively enough.

Only well-dressed humans were at the assembly. Only fools with lots of money and spare time! I am going to crush you all! Making moves on my friend is why you are all out of luck! The Knights, Free Wind, Geraldin-san and high-ranking adventurers I hired are already surrounding the place! I won’t let you escape!

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome and thank you very much for coming today!”

I quietly slipped out of the venue. I erased my steps and presence with magic.


“Fumu, leave it to me.”

The people working behind the scenes fell asleep one after another. I found Rulan locked up in a cage.

“Rulan! This is so heartless…”

Rulan’s body was full of wounds. I should have come earlier. I wonder if I shouldn’t be thinking so much and just rescued him? I healed Rulan while crying from regret.

“You… are Rosarin?”

“I came to save you! Let’s escape!”

“I can’t.”


“Have to let the other magic beasts escape first.”

“As expected of you, Rulan! Do not worry, I will save them!”

“… Got it. Thank you, Rosarin. Don’t cry. I’m fine. Dragons are strong.”

“Sorry for being late.”

“No, you came fast enough.”

Rulan was understanding. Magic worked on him and there seemed to be no problems. The light-blue colored goldfish was also delighted from the reunion with Rulan and said its thanks. What a heartwarming scene… is everyone prepared, I wonder?

“Kou, Kou… where are you?”


“I am here. The cages are all open now. We have persuaded everyone too. It took some time, though.”

“Thank you, everyone.”

I asked the magic beasts I bought to persuade the magic beasts that were about to be auctioned off. I would be troubled if they rampaged once the cages got opened, after all. They had to be persuaded first to not follow the scent of the merchants.
Every single magic beast that was caged before escaped… huh? The light-blue colored goldfish didn’t leave.

(I can’t go. I have no home. I am alone.)

“Then, become our family’s child.”


“What is your name?”

(I don’t have one.)

“Then, how about Kuurin?”

It has aquamarine-like scales too. The light-blue colored goldfish seemed pleased with the name Kuurin as it shined in delight… huh? It shined? Its appearances turned into that of a mermaid with fairy-like wings, okay? Surely not… surely not…

“Oneechan… that child is the same as me, you know?”

“Let’s get along, Oneechan!”

Kuurin was a water spirit and a Bahamut… the child of the strongest fish-type monster of this world. She’s going to grow large, isn’t it? Don’t they get larger than a ship, these Bahamuts?
I, I am a woman that doesn’t learn! That reminds me, no one but me was able to hear this child’s voice! Setting them aside because dragons like Kou are needlessly bilingual… isn’t this the same pattern as with Kou!


“Your head is good but you are a fool, aren’t you? Rosarin.”

Aren’t you too cruel to me, Rulan? I can’t retort because I am self-aware! Uwaaah!

“I won’t be able to return to the Village for a while too.”


“It’s a curse. Although I am young, do you think dragons like me would be easily caught? It was a Beastman that cast a curse on me, but if this leaks to the Village, the dragons will rage. That is not my intention, though. The person who cast the curse on me aside, I don’t wish for human-dragon all-out war.”

Rulan showed me the curse crest. It gives off an unpleasant vibe.

“It’s weakening…”

I have been studying these recently, I might be able to do this myself? I remove the chains of curse with a soft light. While recalling Arisa’s magical power… clack, I heard a sound of something breaking.

“It came off.”



Rulan was dumbfounded. Kou was amazed. Kuurin and I couldn’t comprehend properly. But certainly, the curse came off.

“As expected, Oneechan is not normal. Humans aren’t generally able to remove curses that Dragons can’t remove themselves.”

“Ah, no, I only copied Arisa.”

“Arisa specialized in purification so it’s only natural that she can do it.”

“… I have Arisa’s protection!”

“I find it strange even with that.”

“Kou is now at the rebellious age, huh! Your Oneechan is sad!”

“Oneechan, I am afraid to say that it’s the truth.”

“Well, we all know that Rosarin is odd in many ways. In the first place, no normal woman would bring a box of cakes to a Dragon Village.”


What a persuasive power. I consented there for a moment.

“No, we were able to settle our differences with words! Sweet things calm down the heart!”

“”That you were able to connect with Dragons with that is strange in the first place.””

“Kou was there too, I thought it would be fine.”

“You are way too courageous… also very softhearted of you to come and rescue me without any hesitation.”

“Are you stupid? Helping a friend in predicament is only natural.”

“I see.”

Rulan laughed softly. Dragons are quite charming when they laugh, huh.

“Also, Rulan. I want to hear about the man who cast the curse on you in detail. He might be the person I am looking for.”

“Got it.”

“Now then.”

I activated the communication magic tool.

“Activate! Objective has been safely secured! Everyone, commence the operation!”

“What was that about?”

“We are about to arrest all the idiots who came to spend money on illegal products. They won’t be able to escape from the Knights and capable adventurers.”

As planned, the sponsors and customers of the dark auction had been seized and a thank you letter from Rudolf-san arrived to me at a later day.

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