Chapter 116.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sulking Black Panther
Today, I have a lunch date with Dirk at the Knights Order after a long time. I was currently prostrating before Dirk.

“Why are you prostrating all of sudden?”

Dirk was bewildered by my sudden actions.

“Forgive me! I mofued a little!”

“Ahh… were you just hugging? You endured all this time, the spirits must have swarmed you like spoiled children too, no?”

Dirk confirmed by scent. I am glad he doesn’t seem angry.
Now then, lunchtime.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced you just yet Dirk, didn’t I? This is magic beast Mofumaru. Mofumaru, this person is Dirk. My pair and lover.”

“Lord’s, pair, regards.”

Mofumaru fluffily bowed.

“So cutee! Mofumaru you are so cute! Mofumaru has been recently satisfying my fluff cravings, so I am sure I won’t spontaneously discharge at you, Dirk.”

Nevertheless, as expected of the fluff of my dreams! What wonderful cuteness. It’s smooth and fluffy!



Mofumaru seemed troubled for some reason. That reminds me, I have been hearing creaking sounds since a while ago.

Dirk, scary.
His tail was expressionlessly hitting the floor.

“… Dirk?”

Dirk silently arrived at my lap. He Beastified and rubbed against me.
However, the movements of his tail spelled out sullenness. I am worried whether he’s in pain or something.


No reply. He rubbed against me, but his tail still showed displeasure. What happened now, I wonder?

“Lord, I will, go, for a walk.”

Mofumaru read the mood! What a capable mofumofuness! Up and down, he separated from us.

Errr… Dirk was normal up until now. He became displeased when… I mofumofued Mofumaru.








Jealousy? It’s jealousy, isn’t it! So he was trying to show affection to appeal to me, huh!! I have no doubts! He’s acting sulky in order for me to direct my attention to him… how slyly cute! To be jealous of Mofumaru, how cute can you get!! I instantly erected a barrier.



Dirk continued rubbing against me without replying. He was making sure to not show me his face too. Crap. Somehow, my heart is skipping beats.

“I would love to caress my beloved Dirk. Say, may I fluff you?”

“… Do as you please.”

He didn’t show me his face, but his tail became playful. Dirk is acting like a tsundere!? How infatuated do you want to make me!? I’m going to snap and jump at you!?


“N… feels good.”

Dirk became entranced. What do I say, he’s seductive. I had not mofued Dirk for a while now. We usually flirt with each other, after all. Normally, flirting is my favorite kind of food, but when we fluff like this, I feel so happy…

“So happy…”

Something snapped inside me when I heard this low mutter. I hugged Dirk with all of my strength.


“Cute! You are the cutest in the whole world, Dirk! Ah geez, lemme kiss you! I love you! Dirk, Dirk, Dirk! Muah, muah, I love you!!”

“… I love you too.”

My wonderful Darling said shyly while rubbing against my neck like a spoiled child. He was nonchalantly purring. His mood turned for better and he finally showed a smile. The tail was also obviously trying to fawn over me.








What, geez, he’s so cute I’m going to die! I will die from too much moe! No, I will live!! I can’t leave my cute Darling behind!

“Umm, Rosarin… sorry. I got jealous of Mofumaru.”

“I know. I love that about you, though.”

“… You are weird.”

“Even though you like such me.”

Caressing his chin, I kissed him lightly.

“That’s right. That’s why I don’t want us to part. Please don’t come to hate me, okay? In truth, you really don’t want to hold back on the fluff, right?”

“You are going to repay for what I endured, no?”

“Yeah… are you really fine with that, Rosarin?”

Dirk seemed to be hesitating. I proposed a compromise plan.

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