Chapter 116.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sulking Black Panther
“If possible, I would like to occasionally fluff the magic beasts or Holy Beast-sama since they won’t become an object of my romantic interest. Also, Haku and children. I won’t fluff them, but I would like if you tolerated some contact.”

“Only if Jend is not included.”

“Of course, Jend is not included. I would be troubled if he got some weird expectations. I am yours after all, Dirk.”

Dirk leaned on my shoulder.

“Sorry for having no confidence. The fluff is probably the reason you like me, so I was panicking a bit. I was thinking that you won’t fluff me anymore with Mofumaru here.”

I see. He misunderstood me, huh. Even though that’s not the case.

“I would love you even if you had no fluff, you know? I am confident that I would love you even if you lost all your fluff, you know?”


“I will be troubled if you don’t see my love for you properly. I am confident that I would love you even if you were a human, old grandpa, or even a beautiful woman. Rather, I would be troubled if you didn’t take care of me when I grow old, so please become a charming old grandpa with me, okay?”

“… Okay.”

“Now then, it’s about time we get serious. You ready?”

“……… Yes?”

Dirk seemed a bit frightened… it’s just my imagination, right!

“In my opinion, there are different stomachs for Mofumaru and you. You want to get fluffed by me, right?”

“D, different stomachs!? Well, I do, but…”

Dirk replied bashfully. Are you a maiden!? I feel that my feminity lost to his.

“Well then, I shall answer to your request.”

My golden finger was in perfect form.
Myyy, Mofumaru and Dirk truly go into different stomachs. I only feel that Mofumaru, Arisa and others are adorable, but when it comes to Dirk, I am fully loaded with guilty pleasure. Dirk meowed under my golden finger… I am not satisfied no matter how much I fluff him.

“Wow… so cute. It’s impossible to get tired of you!”

Fuhaha, is it here? Here it feels good? It’s not just a massage, I occasionally play-bite him too.

“Fumiyuu… purr, purr… nyaa… an, not there…”

Dirk was no longer concerned. He entrusted himself to me as he turned flabby. Today, I mercilessly touched his tail as well. Dirk reached the level of no resistance. He’s melting!




Crap, I overdid it!!




When my sanity returned, I was shocked by the dead tired Dirk.

“Awawawawa, Dirk! Dirk!?”



He forgot people’s speech again!

“Dirk! Are you okay… obviously not! Errm, to return his sanity back… ei.”

I tightly grasped the root of Dirk’s tail he always defends desperately.

“Yaa!? Ah! You can’t!”

He immediately jumped on his feet with tears in his eyes. He got so startled his Beastification got canceled too.

“… Sorry, Dirk. I overdid it.”

“Ugh… no, it couldn’t be helped. I also wanted it… i, it felt nice too… let’s leave the rest to my day off, okay?”

“Is that an invitation? I certainly got turned on too. You have more sex appeal than me, after all.”

“Mu!? A, a girl mustn’t say words like that! I, I wasn’t inviting you to anything and I have no sex appeal either!”

Dirk scolded me with his face bright red.

“Dirk, please try imagining it.”


Dirk tilted his head puzzledly. I continued.

“As my body got played by you, I tell you it felt good while gasping for air, then I tell you with flushed cheeks that we will continue on my day off… wouldn’t you get turned on?”

“… I would.”

“There’s a difference between men and women, but my feelings are the same. Moreover, the other party is my beloved pair. It can’t be helped feeling that I was getting invited.”

Dirk turned red down to his neck, so he must have realized how bold of a statement he uttered.

“Ugh… b, but I told no lie. I love you, so I want to be touched, and touch you.”

“Yeah. I feel the same.”

I rubbed my cheek on Dirk’s chest. Dirk gently patted me.



Luckily, the recovery magic was effective, so Dirk was able to return to work in the afternoon. Mofumaru returned to me when Dirk left.

“Lord, were you able to, reconcile?”

“Yes, thank you, Mofumaru.”

What a capable furball! I told words of gratitude to my cute and sensible Mofumaru and returned to work with him sitting on top of my head. Dober-san looked at me with a complicated expression.

“… Somehow, you reek of Dirk-san’s scent… no, I didn’t say anything.”

Dober-san said hesitatingly as his face turned red. Eh, is that lingering scent so powerful? No, we certainly stuck to each other today!
I vowed to not fluff right before the work next time. The Beastmen’s sense of smell is incredible, isn’t it!!

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