Chapter 117.1

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A wedding ceremony in this country is held with everyone’s blessings in a church. The wedding dresses are not mostly white like in Rin’s country as they are of various colors. The color is apparently to be matched with the groom. The sealing of vows with a kiss is apparently the same too. There seems to be no exchange of rings and bouquet tossing, though.

As for why I am talking about that… let’s go back a month.

Lumia-san happened to be accompanying me to shopping. There was a wedding happening in a church on the street corner.

“The bride looks beautiful, doesn’t she?”

“Indeed, I also wanted to have a wedding.”

“… Pardon?”

“Isn’t it something to yearn for? A wedding ceremony.”

“It is, but you had no wedding ceremony?”

Lumia-san laughed in embarrassment.

“We made the vows with just the two of us.”

“Is that so? A wedding certainly is a maiden’s dream.”

“Right? As expected of you, Rosarin-chan.”

Exchanging vows is a simplified kind of wedding where the couple exchanges vows in a church. Lumia-san and I got excited talking about weddings and returned home while giggling. Then, once I parted with Lumia-san, I called over the disappointing subordinate and urgently summoned the family for a serious matter.

“This might sound sudden, but I think I would like to hold a wedding between Lumia-san and Geraldin-san.”

“Lord, we have already exchanged vows, though?”

“You fooool!”

I sent the foolish hero flying with my Warrior Maiden’s harisen.

“A wedding ceremony is a maiden’s dream! I am telling you that your beloved could only watch a wedding ceremony with longing, sorrowful eyes! A subordinate’s incompetence is the lord’s incompetence! Even though I am saying that I will arrange it myself in the stead of this very incompetent subordinate! How sad!”

“No, Ojousama… Geraldin-san knows nothing about these things and he’s obviously of the ignorant type.”

Arc was trying to soothe the angry me, but my anger won’t lessen.

“I won’t forgive him even if he’s just ignorant! He’s to blame! Guilty!”

“Why did you say it basically twice?”

“Because it’s important! Anyhow, we are holding a wedding ceremony!”

“… Fumu. Are you fine with a cathedral for the ceremonial hall?”

Father who was quiet all this time suddenly spoke up.

“I thought that a house as a wedding present wasn’t enough. This is just perfect.”

“Oh my, a cathedral is just too big. There’s no need to invite other nobles anyway, why not hold a ceremony only with our relatives?”

“Kaasama, I love you!”

Yep! What I had in mind was this kind of wedding! Lumia-san is a noble no more, so a snugly wedding with the blessings of her relatives would be just… dreamy!

“Fumu, let’s go with that then. Martha, can I leave the ceremonial hall and wedding dress to you?”

“I will gladly accept.”

Martha was eager too, I see.

“Thank you, Martha. I would like to ask you to handle it as well.”

“According to Ojousama’s wishes. I will definitely secure the most excellent ceremonial hall and a wedding dress!”


“Ah, I would like to make the dress too. I think I could do it if I had two weeks…”

“Ohh… as expected of my Kaasama. I have an idea for the design if you are interested.”

“Oh my, it will be a joint work of me and Rosarin then.”

Mother who was loaded with playfulness winked at me. My Mom is so cute! I ended up being charmed by my own mother.

“Depending on the ceremonial hall that was decided upon, the children and I could work on the decorations. It would be better if there were many flowers, right?”

“Niisama, please by all means! I also have something crucial for a wedding ceremony to ask of you!”

“Hm?… I see, leave it to me. I think I can make it.”

“What should I…”

“Please think of the words to tell your beloved pair. Also, you better hunt some special ingredients for the after-wedding dinner. Additionally, send written invitations to your relatives in Wolfanea. You could consider it a lucky charm if they reply.”

“… Is that fine with you?”

“If possible, I would prefer only the relatives you can trust.”

“I would like to invite two people.”





Then, I called the children to cooperate with me as well.

“… That being the case, everyone’s mission is to make sure the secret doesn’t get exposed to Lumia-san.”

“Got it! Mary will work hard!”

“I will also do my best.”

“… (Nod, nod).”

Mary, Pochi and Nex agreed readily. Our children are such good kids!

Huh, Jend was frozen in place.


“Thank you, Rosarin.”


“Kaasan will surely be delighted. I knew that she was jealous looking at the brides. But, I couldn’t do anything myself… so, thank you.”

“Fufu, you will also be our partner in crime from now on, so it’s not only my doing, but you will also be the accomplice.”


“Right! Jend is our partner! Let’s make Lumia-san happy, everyone!”


The children did a really good job as Lumia-san had not noticed the project at all. In particular, Jend’s acting ability was…! That slyness at that age… what a frightening child!

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