Chapter 117.2

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Now, the day of the wedding came in the blink of an eye. Lumia-san who did not know anything was being escorted by Jend.

Martha, Rabisha-chan, me, and Mother were waiting in the waiting room. With the beautification and cosmetics sets.

“Then, I will leave my Kaasan to you.”

“Leave it to us.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

“How fun. Let’s do it then.”

“Indeed, there’s not much time left, let’s do our best.”

“Eh? What? Rosarin-chan, what’s going on?”

Lumia-san was flustered, but I massaged her with a beauty lotion first. In the meanwhile, Martha and Rabisha-chan worked on her hair.

Martha then did her makeup, put on her the dress, and attached the accessories.
With the finished touch of the Maria Veil, she was complete! By the way, it’s an item I unreasonably had Miss Butterfly make for me. Her dress was a pure white mermaid line dress. The detailed embroidery on it was beautiful, the elegant product was a joint work of me and my mother.

“White wedding dresses are unusual over here, but it suits you well. Jend, Tousama! Please escort her!”

“Whoa, you are so pretty, Kaasan!”

“Fumu. It suits you. I will escort you in Father’s place. Let’s go.”

“Umm… this is…”

“Something Rosarin arranged. Your and Geraldin-dono’s wedding… it’s still too early to cry. You will destroy your makeup.”

“Here you go. Please throw this after the kiss of vows.”

I handed her the white rose bouquet Elder brother made especially for this occasion. It looked wonderful just like I imagined.

“… Thank you.”

“Let’s leave the crying after everything is finished, okay? I’m sorry for doing this so willfully. But I did not do this all by myself as everyone helped me. Please enjoy it, Lumia-san.”

“… Yeah!”

Lumia-san’s smile was truly wonderful.

She was being escorted by Father while Jend and Mary held the veil from behind. Pochi and Nex were throwing petals behind them.

In the church, a Priest and a dressed-up Geraldin-san were waiting. My, he really shines when polished. He has the bearing of a King. His refined elegance combined with his heroism as Father handed Lumia-san to him.

“So wonderful…”

Lumia-san got completely charmed by her own husband. No, looking carefully, Geraldin-san was totally lovestruck too. I’m glad they get along above all.

As I watched the vows being exchanged, my hand was grasped.


“Someday, let’s get married too, okay?”

“… Ah, yes.”


Stop with the surprise attacks! Right now, I was totally unprepared after all!
Nooooo! Being proposed to marry by the cool-looking Dirk who looked so manly in his navy blue suit and his cheeks blushed… this must be the reward for working hard, right! Thank you, God!
I was worried about the sweat on my hands, but I grasped Dirk’s hand back.

“Well then, you may exchange the kiss of vows.”

Crap, I was preoccupied with Dirk and missed half of the ceremony!

Geraldin-san pulled up the Maria Veil and kissed Lumia-san. Everyone applauded.

“Let’s do it, everyone!”

I and my spirits used magic simultaneously. It was a joint magic of all attributes. A moment later, a rainbow shined within the church and rainbow-colored petals fluttered down.

By the way, because of this magic, the Sage who was also invited told me to stop calling myself his disciple. “You are better with magic than me!” He snapped. I cheated him with sweets.

“So pretty…”

I’m glad everyone was having fun above all.

“I’m going to throw the bouquet!”

The bouquet Lumia-san threw landed in my arms.


So, does this mean that I’m going to become a bride next?

“Does this bouquet throwing have any meaning?”

“There’s a legend that the person who catches the bouquet is going to marry next. I was proposed to again a while ago too, so it looks like I will be the bride the next time.”

“Proposed to!? T, that was… Miss Rosarin, would you please kindly marry me in a few years’ time?”

“Yes, gladly. I’m sure I will make you happy for a lifetime.”

I replied with a smile.

“Wasn’t that my line to say?”

“I have the confidence in being happy simply by being with you, Dirk. Therefore, I did not make a mistake. But, indeed. Stay with me for a lifetime and please be happy together with me for a lifetime too.”

“Yes. It’s a promise.”

We both laughed. This is happiness.

“Jend… it’s hopeless for you.”

“How about you give up?”

“Pochi, Mary, shut up!”

Seems like the children overheard us. We were seen flirting!
While feeling a bit awkward, we helped the bride change clothes and moved to a different room. Next was the dinner party.

By the way, when we were about to remove the glittering, rainbow-colored petals, the Priest told us to leave it as it is, so we did.
This very church has become popular as the church of the Rainbow God’s miracle in the future.
Eh? It’s mere all-attribute magic, you know!? I recalled, but… well, I did not want to pour water where it wasn’t needed, so I left it alone. The rainbow petals were beautiful especially at night, so the church has become quite popular in the Capital it seems.

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