Chapter 118.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wedding reception banquet and guests from Wolfanea.
Everyone gathered in our house’s hall. It’s our house’s party room. We were having a buffet-style dinner.

I was looking for the people Geraldin-san invited. It’s possible that they didn’t come too, but… huh?



The Beastman boy I met at the Country Foundation Festival, Jess was here. Eh? Is Jess perhaps… perhaps…

“Why are you here, Rosarin?”

“Eh? Ah, you see, I am a niece of Geraldin-sama’s wife, Lumia-sama.”


Then, from behind him, a Silver Wolf youth looked at me. Ah, it’s him. I have no doubts. He looks exactly like Geraldin-san. They must be the important relatives Geraldin-san invited.

And with the urge I couldn’t hold, I kicked the Silver Wolf youth who was sneaking glances at me. Normally, he would probably try to avoid the kick, but he most likely didn’t think a girl he met for the first time would kick him all of sudden. He must have been unprepared.

“… Guha!”

He flopped on the ground in agony. Jess drew away speechless… no, the surroundings took notice and all men drew away from me.

“Oh my, pardon me. I mistook you for someone else.”

“You are terrifying, oi! Where do women who kick people whom they met for the first time exist!?”

“Unfortunately, there’s one right here!”

“There’s not a slight sight of reflection though!?”

I mean, I’m not reflecting. I want to thank you by beating you completely to a pulp. Jess might find it unreasonable because he doesn’t know what this person did.
I hid my mouth behind the fan transformed from the Warrior Maiden’s ring and used a magic spell that reached only him.

“It’s quite a cute punishment when you consider what you did to this country, no?”

His pale face turned even paler.

“Are you okay, Jasper?”

Jess called out to him worriedly. I continued talking to him in a chilly voice that reached only him.

“Today is Geraldin-san’s celebration. I won’t arrest you. But, I won’t forgive you for hurting those close to me. You better remember that carefully.”

“… I’m fine. Please forgive me, Ojousama. I did something impolite.”

Geraldin-san invited him, knowing what he did. He himself is not the game’s villain. On the contrary of his ability, he’s a decent person. That’s why he feels unhappy. He looked straight into my eyes with his face still pale.
Jess asked “You did?” with a surprised face.

“Actually, we have met before and he did something terrible that made me hold a grudge. It’s my obligation to repay double. It’s standard to repay grudged ten times worse, after all.”

“Your grudge ratio is not a joke!”

I stood before Haku and Kou as if to protect them. He must have understood. The two are victims of his curse. On his expression, I saw surprise… mixed with relief.

“I’m fine. Thank you.”


“They are?”

“My spirits.”


I said cheerfully as if trying to change the mood. Haku and Kou were still vigilant, but understanding my intention, they moved to watch from the sidelines.

“L, let’s eat before the food gets cold.”

“… How extravagant. The food problems in Wolfanea are getting serious at the moment. You can’t get to eat a feast like this often.”

“Is that so?”

“Especially vegetables. Wolfanea’s Yggdrasil stopped operating for some reason.”

“Eh? You sure you can tell me that?”

“You will find out soon anyway.”

Hmm, how much does Jess know, I wonder?

“Do you want to know the reason Yggdrasil stopped operating?”

Sui in his Elven appearances leaned against me. What is he scheming this cheerfully? I decided to wait and see.

“He is?”

“He’s my Spirit of Greenery. What is the reason Yggdrasil stopped operating?”

“It’s because some fool from Wolfanea cast a curse on the Yggdrasil in the Elven Village, so it lies dormant in anger. If you saw Yggdrasil’s condition, then you would find it justified.”

“A curse…”

Jess seemed to have noticed something. He… Jasper’s forehead was sweating.

“A curse will rebound on yourself as well… huh.”

“What do you mean?”

“If a person casts a curse, that curse will eventually return back, digging your own grave… in other words, there’s a need to prepare two graves from the start.”


I ended up saying on instinct. Jess’ lips twitched, Jasper paled, and Sui clapped his hands… ah, Sui-san looked extremely mad. His face was smiling, but his eyes were cold as ice. Ahahahaha. To anger our harassment specialist… you are over, Jasper.
Sui partly resembles me. He’s merciless to those that hurt his family. I also don’t want to anger Sui… no, angering him is a no go.

“Thanks to some fool, the earth’s mana (magical power) got mostly dried up, inviting Wolfanea’s downfall.”

Yggdrasil… The World Tree exists all around the world. It’s a Holy Tree that absorbs magical power which plays a huge role above the ground. In other words, Yggdrasil lies dormant→the circulation of magical power in the ground stops and it dries up→the growing vegetation withers→which leads to starvation.
The complexion on Jasper’s face turned pure white. Because of you, the people of your country are starving, sentencing the country to the ruin. As expected of the harassment specialist. He gouges out your heart.
I want to stop the war, but that does not mean that I want Wolfanea to fall. Rather, ruining Wolfanea would be probably much simpler. It would be good as long as I did not do anything. I won’t do that, though. I mean, it’s not like I can watch innocent people starve to death. I don’t have the nerves to watch on people die while having the measures to stop it.

“Anyhow, let’s leave that conversation for later. Today is a celebration day. We can’t discuss something like that in a place like this anyway.”

“That… is so.”

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