Chapter 118.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wedding reception banquet and guests from Wolfanea.
Lumia-san has apparently finished changing dresses right now. It seems that Geraldin-san changed on the occasion too.

Changed in the clothes of the same color, with the same eye and hair color, the two had a feeling of Christia’s wedding.
Seeing them fascinated with each other was very charming and heartwarming.

“Congratulations, Lumia.”

“Congratulations, Geraldin-san.”

Both Lumia-san and Geraldin-san seemed happy. Everyone was wishing them blessings. Yep, I’m glad we did this. I watch them being all warm and fluffy.

Before I noticed, Lumia-san and Geraldin-san came over.

“I am truly grateful. Lor… guha!?”

I interrupted Geraldin-san with a body blow. Don’t expose that I am your Lord to the public! It will get troublesome for me!

“So Rosarin treats even her aunt’s husband like that… just what did you do, Elder brother?”

“Umu… I have no clue. Lord is clever and I am dumb, so I don’t know. You did well coming, mainly because I abandoned the country. We are related by blood, but I had to divorce your mother, after all. However, I was told by Lord to invite people I can trust, so I thought of you guys. Thank you for coming.”

The two exchanged glances and Geraldin-san laughed.

“That country is too small for you, Elder brother. It can’t be helped. The divorce was also unavoidable. Congratulations on your wedding, Elder brother.”

“Yeah. You are a free Wolf, Father. Your happiness comes above all. Congratulations, Father.”

The two have a blessed atmosphere around them, so I have no place to strikeee! Don’t call me Lord! Is your Super Intuition on vacation today!? No, rather I wonder if his danger sensor is so excellent because he has no ability when it comes to a situation like this. I feel that he’s always stepping on landmines to get rid of me! Even though the other two Super Intuition holders could go along with my thoughts!
Moreover, he’s even a bigger idiot for being self-aware about this! Rather, huh?

“Elder brother?”

“Yeah, Jutiess is my little brother and this is my son, Jasper.”

“Little brotheeer!?”

So it was a false name, after all… no, I don’t care about that! Little brother!? While I was frozen in my thoughts, Geraldin-san introduced Jasper to Lumia-san.

“Lumia, he’s the one I’ve told you about before. My son, Jasper.”

“Y, yes… nice to meet you, Madam.”

“Nice to meet you too… that, what should I say…”

Lumia-san hesitated to speak. Looks like Geraldin-san explained something properly for once. Jasper is Geraldin-san’s son born of a different mother. Geraldin-san is in fact, one-time divorcee, he was married with a child before meeting Lumia-san. That child is Jasper. In the game, he was my follower and a capture target. In the game, he became Rosalia’s follower to protect his only remaining blood relative, Jend, and to kill her. He was called a brocon follower. Knowing the scenario of the sorrowful future, I can’t come to hate him.

“It’s often the case for Beastmen to remarry after losing the pair. Mother also created a new pair and remarried for the second time, so don’t mind it. Your happiness comes first, Father. Thank you very much for inviting me, Father.”

He spoke to Lumia-san kindly. He’s not that bad of a fellow, it seems.

“Jend, come here.”

“Yeah. What is it, Otousan.”

“This is your elder brother. His name is Jasper.”

“Oniichan? The older brother of a different mother, Kaasan spoke about?”

Jend tilted his head.

“Y… yeah. I’m Jasper. So you are Jend?”

Jasper patted Jend’s head timidly. Jend looked happy. His tail was swaying from side to side.

“Oniichan, are you going to live with us too?”

“Eh? No, that…”

“I will introduce you to others, Oniichan!”

He really looks happy… what do I do? Geraldin-san called out to me who tried to escape from reality again.

“Lord, I was interrupted before, but I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had no clue that Lumia wanted a wedding. Thanks to you, I am able to live with my family and make Lumia this happy. I can’t be grateful enough.”

“Me too, Rosarin-chan. Truly… to think I would be able to have a wedding ceremony… to think that I would be able to receive everyone’s blessings… I was happy just by being able to be with him. However, I did have a dream, after all… somehow, I envied others all this time. But, to think it would really happen…”

Lumia-san began crying.

“Awawa, your makeup will crumble! I am happy as long as you are happy. The two of you are working hard, so consider it something like a bonus from me! Besides, it wasn’t just me.”

All members of the family looked at them with kind gazes. It wouldn’t be possible for me alone.

“You two are our family, so everyone helped with pleasure. Rather than feeling gratitude, you better enjoy it. If you two smile in happiness, everyone will feel rewarded.”

“”Thank you.””

I was bewildered by the sudden embrace I found myself in. But, the two seem happy, so oh well.

“I also would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Elder brother.”


“You are welcome. Thank you for coming and blessing their marriage… do I continue calling you Jess?”

“Yeah. I don’t mind.”

We laughed.




Everyone started eating. Today is a special menu that challenged my and Dan’s skills.

“So geeewd!”

Someone keeps saying blindly gewd this gewd that. Are you a goat?

“Today’s meal is delicious.”

Dirk smiled at me and I smiled back at him. It seems that Dirk was watching my confrontation with Wolfanea from the sidelines, so he could protect me if something were to happen. As expected of my husband.

“This is my masterpiece. Say ahh~”

“Yep. Yummy.”

Dirk ate while embarrassed a little. S, so blissful!

“Fufu, everyone hunted various S to SSS ingredients for this occasion, after all.”

“It must have been difficult… these probably don’t come up even in the palace, right? I’m terrified of thinking about the cost…”

“… W, well, it’s delicious so it’s all that counts!”

While eating, various performances and speeches took place. Especially after hearing the speech of Father and Mother, and the children, Lumia-san was crying out loud. It can’t be helped that she destroyed her makeup in the process. She was crying with happiness, after all.

Once about half of the food was eaten, the two changed their dresses once more. They wore Wolfanea’s wedding clothes this time. They are specially made to order articles I requested from Miss Butterfly.
Lumia-san’s dress was a red dress with embroidery that looked very similar to a Chinese dress with long sleeves and a cat of the same color. Her makeup was unique too, mainly with the corner of her eyes retouched.
Geraldin-san wore navy blue ao dai. The embroidery of the Chinese Phoenix-like bird matched with Lumia-san’s.

Then, my super epic creation, the wedding cake has been carried in.


The eyes of the children were sparkling. Making this cake was difficult… I have never made a three step cake before, after all.

The married couple took the knife in their hands and cut the cake together.
Then, they fed each other intimately. Geraldin-san was very deredere. Lumia-san seemed super happy.

“Is that also one of Rin’s customs.”

“Yep. You are sharing happiness with others by slicing a large cake. The first slice the couple cut themselves has the meaning of their first group work as a married couple. Feeding each other means that the couple has no trouble sharing their food with each other.”

“That’s a nice custom.”


The large cake was cut up and I was called to by two people.

“Here, say ahh~”

“Lord, from me too.”

“Why are you trying to feed me.”

“I mean, this is sharing our happiness, right? I wish Rosarin-chan lots of happiness. I would like to return at least a little bit of the happiness I have received from you.”

“I have the same thoughts. I want my Lord to be happy.”

I wasn’t able to refuse the two and received a mouthful from each.

“They shared their happiness with me.”

I returned to Dirk’s side and laughed.

“I’m glad for you. It was a truly wonderful marriage.”

“Ehehe, thank you for cooperating with me as well, Dirk.”

“I would like it if our wedding was this heartwarming too.”

“… Indeed.”

I nestled close to Dirk and smiled. I would also like a wedding like this.

Thus, Geraldin-san and Lumia-san’s wedding came to end safely.

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