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Idle talk – Diary of a Maid’s Observation of Her Master
Hello everyone, good day to you. It’s Alicia, a guard-type maid and a watchman. I’ve been so busy with work lately that I feel like I’m about to die for real.
I work for the former princess of our country and the current Viceroy family’s head, Lady Alicetia.
She has a very unusual sense. First of all, she observes. Then, she asks herself is she can reproduce it with magic. And then, she only thinks about whether she can make it into a magic tool. She doesn’t have the type of intellect to plan any of the intrigues that are typical of royalty and nobility. She’s a craftsman.
However, I am a guard and a watchman. My watchdog duties have been terminated since I became her Senior Knight. Moreover, if the Princess were to become a detriment to the country, I could be tasked with her assassination in the worst case scenario, but she is blatantly averse to power. According to her, she has more than enough power already. She refuses to accept more, saying that anymore would be an obstacle to her research. Her reason for refusing is too disappointing. She may have been influenced by the Prime Minister, who has the same tendency, but there is no doubt that she is not interested in it.
Today, I would like to introduce you to the daily life of our Princess.

“… That is a black hole~ you can’t let it get out on the surface~”
I was given the important task of waking up the Princess, who was muttering mysteriously in her sleep. If I make a mistake in waking her up, she will wake up like a ferocious beast, completely different from her normally quiet self. Basically, she gets in a bad mood when woken up from her sleep.

“Princess, it’s time to get up.”

“…… Twelve more hours.”

If I left her unattended, she will sleep for another 12 hours, no joke. She has more intelligence than most adults, but her mind is still that of a child. She is a free spirit. Therefore, we have to wake her up to help her mind mature, but as I said before, if I wake her up poorly, the damage will be enormous. She is a Princess to be handled with care.

“This is a very impolite way of waking her up but, she doesn’t wake up obediently any other way…”

Originally, it’s not acceptable to wag your tail in front of the royal family… you wouldn’t be able to complain even if you got beheaded for wagging your tail close to a Royal family’s member’s face, but the Queen has also given me a special exception because it’s no laughing matter when the Princess gets up from bed in a bad mood. So, I brought my tail close to her face and flicked it.
For some reason, Princess has a mysterious passion for my ears and tail. This has not changed since the first time I met her, and she can detect my “Invisibility”, which even Her Majesty cannot detect, by my tail and ears only. So even whiles she is sleeping, if I come within reach, she will instantly try to grab me.
Today, when my tail passed near her hand, it shot out from the blanket and grabbed my tail at a speed so fast that even if I had used my dynamic vision, it would have been blurred.
By the way, it’s not allowed to touch the tails of the Beastmen. By nature, only their mate and parents are allowed to touch it, and if a stranger does, it will be taken as a proposal. Well, I won’t tell the Princess. It’s very comfortable when she’s sober, so… it’s just that, in the morning, she will drag me straight into the blanket…


It won’t hurt if she just pulled me straight into bed. However, that alone will not wake Princess up. And once I get dragged into the bed, I will be treated as a body pillow or she will try to eat me like small children do. Oh, that reminds me, she is still a young princess. She is so unbalanced that I sometimes forget that about her.

“… Noisy.”

After about five minutes of continued resistance, she finally woke up. Princess looked at me with half-closed eyes as I brushed away her shaggy, bedraggled hair… Have I failed today?


“… Guh.”

Apparently, she isn’t awake yet. She fell asleep while sitting up. This time I put my tail close to her again, but the moment she moved her hand, I escaped with my tail. After repeating this for about 5 minutes, she finally woke up.

“Umiyuu… Alicia, good morning…”

The drowsy princess is really cute. Our Princess with a sleepy face and a few tears in her eyes is a rarity. If I were to draw this moment, the Knights in the castle would go broke trying to buy it. Well, as long as I’m around, I won’t let anyone do that. Only I, His Majesty, and the Queen will be able to witness this moment. His Highness the Crown Prince cannot sleep with the Princess because her chastity would be in danger. I don’t know what drives His Highness like this.

“Good morning. Have a sip of water.”

A half-asleep Princess is very hazardous. She must wake up as soon as possible. When we stay in the castle, His Majesty usually makes a suicide attack in the morning, and the Princess forces him into the wall with her bare hands. I don’t know where those thin arms of her hide that much power, but I don’t say anything because it was decided that it would be better not to tell her since she won’t remember it when she wakes up completely anyway.

“Mm, thank you.”

Drinking cold water will wake her up to a relatively safe degree. In this state, she is no danger, just a little sleepy. At best, she will only bite sweetly.
She is usually very gentle in her sleep. When she is still, she is so graceful that I can’t help but cry. If possible, please stay quiet like this all the time.
However, my wish will not come true. Because the notebook that Princess is reading… no, that is a notebook of another world that she is writing. It was written in a mysterious script that was a mixture of more than ten different languages from the Princess’s previous life, and she said that even people from another world wouldn’t be able to read it, except for a few like her. The notebook also contained many ancient characters from a world called Earth, which gave me a headache just by looking at it.
She said that the notebook contained designs of magic tools devised by Princess herself, but even looking at the contents, I, who is not a scholar, do not understand what it is about. Moreover, if anyone other than the owner touches it, it turns blank and nothing can be seen, to prevent theft or photocopying. Just how secretive is she?

“Is there a need to go that far?”

“If these got made, this world would be ours to take.”

When I heard her talk about this, I realized that what Princess invents is basically only weapons. Moreover, I heard that the majority of her knowledge is about the most advanced weapons from another world. She told me that she takes the technologies that can be used to make those weapons to create other things.
This is my first time hearing about this. No wonder there are so many kinds of weapons. A railgun? I was wondering what a railgun was, but when I heard the details, I was pale and wanted to cry.
Even Princess herself was complaining, “I have only inherited things that have no sense of fantasy~” Her previous life is probably the biggest mystery in this world. I really wonder what she’s doing over there.
When she is in the castle, she is rather busy. Basically, she has her lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, she meets with the Five Dukes on a case-by-case basis, or sometimes she is in the office observing His Majesty wok and basically working as an ornament to prevent His Majesty from escaping.
His Majesty, who likes to be a dignified father in front of the princess, rarely runs away from his work in front of her. However, when he reaches his limit, he jumps down from the window of his office on the third floor and runs away to the town. What is amazing is that the Prime Minister, who is also pissed off by this, jumps down as well and chases after him at a tremendous speed. Is he really a civilian officer?
Recently, she has been undergoing a lot of combat training, and so far, so good. She is getting older and already has the strength to fight, if not kill. And since her magic skills are already top-notch, I already don’t stand a chance against her in a non-lethal combat. However, killing would still be impossible for her. She said that if it were a monster, it would only hurt her heart a little, but I guess she’s not ready to kill people yet.
As a member of the Arland royal family and as someone who has that kind of ability, she will stand on the battlefield in the near future, but I think that won’t happen for a few more years. She already has more than enough ability to protect herself, so no one wants to expect more from her.

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