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Idle talk – Diary of a Maid’s Observation of Her Master
“Formula decompression, Flame Barret.”

Today, we were having a mock battle with Her Majesty, who forced all the work on His Majesty. The place is the practice grounds. When it comes to the magic battles between the two of them, many magicians and Knights gather as onlookers.
The magicians are getting inspired by Princess’s magic, which has already surpassed their own, but the Knights and I are not. We are worried. She moves around with that small body of hers, flying and jumping around during the mock battle. If she makes a mistake, she could get seriously injured, but Princess is Princess, and she does dangerous things without hesitation, mixing in self-destructive techniques, as if she didn’t care about her well-being simply because she could heal herself anyway.
The Knights and I are of one mind. In case of emergency… mainly if she falls while flying, we have to catch her before she hits the ground… the whole crew took off their armor to make ourselves lighter on our feet and got ready to move immediately.
I am so nervous and restless. Her Majesty has already recognized Princess’s magic skills, so she was going all out, just not using her “Happiness”.

“You are too naive. The judgment of the all-burning flames, Blazing Burial.”

The flame that erupted covered Princess and made her invisible to us. That’s a bit much. That was advanced magic. As expected of Her Majesty to shorten the chanting so much, but Princess will get burned with that.

“Clock tower of prison, ring the bell. The end of all, Dispel.”

The coffin of the blazing flames vanished as if it had never happened. But you could tell from the surroundings that it was scorched by high temperature fire. However, Princess did not suffer a single burn, not even a scratch on her clothes.

“You have put up too many barriers. Just how many barriers did you deploy? Normally, this spell would burn down the barrier magic.”

“I have only put up about twenty barriers.”

I am speechless. If you put up 20 barriers at the same time, surely even advanced magic can’t break them. But that would take unimaginable amounts of magic power to support… Oh, she has unimaginable amounts of magic power, doesn’t she? However, even Princess seems to be worn out by the deployment of so many barriers. Just how much magic power does she have?
Today’s training ended a few minutes after that. Afterward, Princess continued to fight with others while unfolding her magic, but she ran out of energy and collapsed. I panicked, but she said she was just tired.
Normally, you would fight while recovering magic, but I guess she hasn’t yet found the right pace. Far from recovering, she cannot even run 500 meters without getting exhausted, after all.


“I can’t do it anymore…”

She had dead eyes… like a damsel in distress. In case someone is wondering, Princess often makes eyes like this when she goes over the edge.
Ahh, it reminds me of the old days. I remember when Princess learned to fly before crawling. Back then, she only had a little bit of magic power, so she would run out of magic power in about 10 minutes.
She used to run out of energy while sulking in the corner of the room with that look in her eyes.
That’s all for today. If I leave her alone, she won’t be able to move the next day, so I massaged her carefully, and then it was time for bath. As for me? Of course, I’m going in with her. Basically, I wash Princess’s body except when she’s bathing with Her Majesty.


“It’s slippery…!!”

Princess, who fell down and cried out in agony, as soon as I spoke up, was still a child. She immediately cast a healing spell on herself. Well, it’s no wonder she gets excited. The bathrooms in the castle are large. Thanks to Princess, hot water is available 24 hours a day, so you can go in anytime you want. The remodeling of the castle is not very noticeable, but the convenience has certainly improved. The Knights were very happy to see the new shower rooms in the training area. Bathing in cold water in the winter is terrible, after all.
I washed Princess’s body while observing her body. She, who still had the body of an infant in my brain, has gotten a little bigger recently, hasn’t she? Well, it seems that she is worried about being smaller than average. Princess often says, “In the future, I will grow up to have a nice body like my Mother’s, so I have to suffer for now.” In my opinion, she is fine as she is, and I hope she stays this way forever.
I stopped Princess who was about to swim in the bath and soaked myself in the hot water as well. Princess’s preferred temperature is a little hot. She said it was about 43 degrees, but I don’t know what temperature the water is. It is just a little hot. Well, it is soothing. Princess, who was counting to 100 next to me, was also a rare sight, so I etched her cuteness in my brain while listening to her counting, and felt healed.
I am someone who wouldn’t be able to enter Princess’s sight normally, but it is all thanks to her that I am able to feel happy like this. I never thought that the time would come when I would feel such happiness, but if my old self saw me, she would be very envious.
Well then, now that she was dressed in her négligée, it is a hard task to get her to sleep. Basically, Princess gets active at night again. Furthermore, it’s in the research field.
Princess took out her notebook silently and wrote at high speed. She was probably designing a new magic tool again, but her hand never stops. The fact that she was writing without hesitation means that she had already finished the design in her mind and was writing it down in her notebook. If I leave her like this, she will hide herself in the danger zone that is the Treasury and start researching until she runs out of energy, so I must force her to lie down on the bed. The contents of the notebook are too complicated for me to understand, but I have never looked at them in detail because they are strictly off-limits even for me.

“It’s time to sleep. Please, be obedient.”

“It’s my time now. I won’t forgive obstruction.”

Even the quintessential Princess won’t use magic in this kind of situation. So, when I forced her into bed, I took out a book and sat down on a chair beside the bed. I also learned by chance that if you read a book to a child by the bed, they will fall asleep immediately.
I thought it would not work on Princess. She is unbalanced, and often acts far from her age. I wondered if it would be acceptable to treat her like a child. But I couldn’t think of anything else, so I tried it, and it worked great.
It’s this kind of imbalance that makes us feel at ease. No matter how smart she is, she still needs us, and she still has her childlike nature.
When I quietly read a novel to her, she starts to fall asleep within a few minutes. It won’t be long before she falls asleep completely. Even Princess, who resisted the sleepiness, began to sleep deeply after 30 minutes.
I covered Princess with a blanket and quietly left the room. It will be late at night before I get to sleep again today, as I will be meeting with her guards and the Secret Service. Good grief, I truly am so busy. However, it was a fulfilling day.

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