Chapter 51.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Was Requested Something
“That being the case, I decided to let myself be at disadvantage, so I will be taking the entire estimated budget. Hand the compensation directly to me.”

“Not happening. I will hand it to Alicia.”

“If we give the money to you, you will just spend it all again to replenish materials.”

Gnnh, that would reduce the amount of Orichalcum ores I have. According to my calculations, I have about a few hundred kilos left, but it’s a high-grade material, you know? Well, at least unlike in games, it’s not at the legendary level. It’s at the level where you can get it if you spend the money.

“We will provide you with the amount of material you need. Your reward is your savings.”

“Saving money is good, but not being able to spend it freely is weird. As the head of the Viceroy family, I formally protest.”

“You should say that when you come of age.”

It seems that there is no room for negotiation. I’m being paid, but I can’t spend my reward freely… it’s unreasonable!! Should I eventually generate my own ores and such? My ambitions are growing rapidly, but my Mother, perhaps sensing this, looked at me with a very scary smile, and I instantly withered. Too scary.
That being the case, I started construction. On the way, Mr. Grantz and his workers came to help me in their work clothes for some reason. Although it was not the kind of work that required the help of others, the Dwarves are also users of earth magic and Mr. Grantz is a specialist in making things.
He is a kind of genius who specializes not in what he is good at, but in all things related to making things, so he was my advisor on measuring the stability of the castle and where to install equipment, as well as an observer of my work.

“So, how are you going to embed this? We’ll lose the daylight if we keep drilling. And since you’re going back to school, you’re not going to go through all that trouble, are you?”

“Of course not. I planned to embed it with magic. We’ll use earth magic to temporarily open the walls and close them once they’re embedded. In places we can’t do that, we will drill holes and run the pipes through them. I have the materials, so let me know if there are any problems with the stability.”

“Roger that.”

And so, the construction continued. Mr. Grantz often tells me what to do and what not to do, but the work was progressing at a very fast pace. By the way, these pipes had no joints. The pipes were several meters long and were magically integrated, so they were not fastened with screws or anything like that. Basically, if it was a clay wall, we embedded it, if it was a wooden wall, we drilled a hole and installed it with the combined magic of short-range teleportation and clairvoyance. The installation was completed in about three days.
The Dwarves led by Mr. Grantz helped me with the installation of lights, so I just handed over the magic tools and wiring to them.
All that remained were the doors, which were a bit troublesome. What made it troublesome was that I wasn’t sure whether to use a button type or a sensor type. So I put both on. If you stand in front of the door with the sensory system, an alarm will sound to indicate that someone is coming inside. The alarm can be changed or stopped.
Then, if you press the authorization button, the door will open. This is only for rooms such as the office, but normal entry areas will open on their own if a person stands in front of the door, and will close on their own after a certain period of time. The door can also be left open by pressing a button next to the door on the inside of the room.
By the way, to counter a certain king, my own room’s door was reinforced with magic, so it wouldn’t be crushed by an assault like before… though it’s probably useless.


“I’d love to have you as my son’s wife. I guess you could be the Captain of the craftsmen’s division from now on!!”

Mr. Grantz laughed: ‘Gahaha’. It was quick, sure, but the Dwarven unit also played a huge role, too, you know? Because it would have taken twice as long if I was alone.
Also, at Mr. Albert’s request, we have decided to install concealed, reinforced partitions in the corridors leading to important facilities such as the Audience Hall, and the Treasury. When a card is loaded into a magic tool next to the wall, a massive wall will descend from above.

“And so, where are you planning to place the Magic furnace? Depending on the location, the security route will have to be redrawn, because having that thing stolen wouldn’t be a joke.”

“I will install it in ‘that’ place. Since only a few people know about that place, and we won’t tell the nobles either. I mean, if we really want to hide it, it would be best if no one else knew where it is.”

The truth is in the dark. I did not intend to show the Magic furnace to the nobility anyway. So, I will install it in the underground laboratory we are building. The nuclear power reactor-like place was the first place I built anyway, so let’s put it there temporarily.
The construction took about 20 days. The last part of the construction period was so fast that we couldn’t keep up with the production of faucets and other magic tools, so I was rushed into production while Mr. Grantz took care of the construction work.

“And that marks the end of the operation. I will be returning to the academy tomorrow.”

“Thank you for your hard work. You’ll be returning every week, right? You promised, I’ll be waiting for you in the garden.”

Get back to work. I’ll be back on Sunday anyway… hah. I was on a vacation, and yet I haven’t rested all that much… ah!! I didn’t buy any souvenirs. What shall I tell little Anon and the girls… should I make them now…?
After that, I transformed crystals and made them into blue bird figurines. Arland is a country that was originally created by cultivating uninhabited areas, so the flag is also a migratory bird on a blue background. Therefore, migratory bird figurines are rather popular over here.
Since they were small, I was able to make them rather cute. I don’t want them to hate me because they are my first friends of the same age. Will this be okay, I wonder? I was still wandering around after I made it, wondering if I should prepare something else, but Alicia told me it would be fine.
Well, these blue crystals were also reasonably priced, so it was by no means trivial. And although this one I consider a failed product, I’ll present them a barrier magic tool, too. This is a bracelet that can deploy a super-strong barrier for a short while, but it will break after one use. It’s not strong enough. This needs to be remade from a more durable material…
Well, this should save them at least once if they get involved in some kind of incident. My Father brought these to me as a sample, so I should be able to give them away as a gift. He knows I can use magic anyway, so there is little point in me having it.

“It’s nighttime already~ the time for good girls to go to bed.”

“You know, I am a surprisingly bad girl, so it’s not time for bed yet for me.”

“Today, I brought a book called: The Old Red Knight and the Princess in the Tower. It is a story about a princess who is trapped in a tower and an elderly knight who comes by and rescues her. There are no romance scenes, by the way.”

Another strange one… don’t such books usually have at least one romance scene in them? I thought so, but it was written on the cover of the book that it was censored.
Today I endured for 30 minutes. I endured so much that I don’t remember anything that Alicia read, but I endured!!

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