Chapter 51.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Was Requested Something
It has been about a month since I returned home. I had to return to the academy soon to make it in time, but I was asked, “Why don’t we just teleport to a place near the Capital?” So a special 3-meter cloth with a magic circle drawn on it was dispatched in a Dragon cage. This allowed me to use teleportation magic with a proper destination. I still cannot use Teleportation that allows me to freely go where I have been once before, so I have limited teleportation destinations between magic circles that are used as mediums. However, disposable magic tools are the kind I consider blasphemy, so I don’t like using it like this.
The advantage of a magic tools is that they can be used repeatedly and easily. I dislike one-off magic tools because they need to be crafted over and over again.

“Teleportation really is convenient, isn’t it? Normally, we would have to travel by carriage for a long time.”

“Instead, it’s a hassle for me.”

Usually, I create a magic circle by projection, but this time I had to draw the magic circle on a special cloth because the distance was too great.
Teleportation is a special kind of magic. Naturally, the magic circle cannot be off by even a millimeter. If I made a mistake, I don’t know where the magic circle would send us to. So it took a lot of nerve to make it.

“And I was asked to do something troublesome again.”

The reason I stayed home this long was because of a request. Well, a request as a scholar, not as an adventurer.
The request was vague, asking me to make something. I heard that this was because the nobles were wondering if I really have a talent for craftsmanship.
Considering my age, this was certainly inevitable. I don’t want them to think I was making things just for fun, since I will be using the government’s budget. That is why I was requested to create something simple that everyone could agree on. If you think about it, there are surprisingly few people who know about my magic tool crafting skills because I have not been active in the field.
However, I am not a certain blue raccoon dog. Even if they ask me to take something out, I wouldn’t know what. Would they like me to install a prototype railgun in place of the ballista on the castle walls? It can shoot down Attributed Dragons in one hit, you know? And when I said that, Mother spanked me…

“Don’t be taking out something dangerous all of a sudden. Don’t you have any peaceful inventions?”

“I don’t. I only make what is necessary, so all that I have on me are weapons.”

It’s troublesome, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have the need to hide my inventions if they weren’t dangerous. I was born in a position where there is little inconvenience in my life, so I don’t make such things. Well, I did make a hair dryer and some other small things that I thought would be convenient to use, though.
Hmm~ Something that would be useful… Ahh, I can remodel the castle!!

“Father, I have an idea!!”

I ran into the office. Inside the room, Father and Mother were working. My Big brother was in the corner looking through some data as he was leaving with me.

“You have come up with something? That took a bit, since you usually move so quickly.”

“I will remodel the castle.”

“Isn’t your mind going in circles?”


Big brother and Mother looked at me like I was some poor thing, but I won’t be discouraged, I just got a little teary-eyed. It makes me sad when my relatives look at me that way.

“Oh my, what a wonderful idea. I agree. You can remodel it as you want. It will be my castle in a few decades anyway.”

“It’s still ours now, you know?”

My brother gave his approval, but Mother had difficulty approving. Certainly, it belongs to Father and Mother now. I wonder how long it will be before it belongs to Big brother.

“As long as you don’t make it a mysterious building that ruins the sceneries of the castle, I don’t think I would mind.”

Father gave me his approval, so I handed him my plan.
The contents were to install a Magic furnace inside the castle and to automate the doors of the gates and every room. It also included installing a magic pump to establish a constant water supply around the castle.
By adding water purification and detoxification magic tools to the magic pump and faucets, clean water could be easily procured at any time. The water source will be the river that is currently being used to supply the castle.
On top of that, various lights will be changed to LED-like lights. With these lights, we can have daylight even at night. The rest will be flashlight-like torches using magic stones. All of these will be supplied with magic power from the Magic furnace, so there will be no need for the magicians to replenish the magic power. The flashlights also use a kind of charger, from which the magic stones can be replenished with magic power.

“This is outrageous.”

“This is a little out of the ordinary.”

“I knew you made it.”

It’s a peaceful use of the Magic furnace, isn’t it? Well, if I had a little more output, we could station anti-physical and anti-magic barriers covering the entire Royal Capital. The output of the Magic furnace is still low, so let’s endure it by increasing the convenience of its premises first. When the output of the Magic furnace is increased, we can exchange it for a new one.
Ignoring the three different responses, I made a presentation on the spot. I also appealed to the advantages of these conveniences, for example, the fact that intruders will be much easier to locate due to the enhanced light, and the possibility of future development… in other words, the fact that the Magic furnace can be replaced for an improved one.

“However, can this be done in time before you have to return to the academy? It will be a large-scale construction project, no?”

“It won’t be. I can install most of it using magic, so it won’t take that much time.”

I can make most things without my touch with the magic I created from modifying telekinesis. In other words, my physical strength and physical ability are not necessary to craft things. With a clear image, I can make most things. Incorporating magic is something I will have to do on my own, but I am used to that.
All I have to do is drill tunnels in areas that will not interfere with the stability of the castle and install water pipes for plumbing, and for the lights, a wire-like structure made of Orichalcum surrounded by resin can be placed in each room to supply magic power from the Magic furnace.
Orichalcum has a higher rate of magic power transmission than Mithril. Normally, you would have thought it was the other way around, but there would be no problem with the Orichalcum kind.
I have quite a bit of stock left in my Treasury, so if I stretch it thin, there will be no problem.

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