Chapter 50.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gladius laughed. It will be supplied with ample magical power from me, so it will lend me all of its abilities… although I can’t be too careful since it is a cursed sword. And maybe if I leave an opening, it will try to take me over.

“Damn, you’ve learned some really troublesome magic. What kind of harassment is it to block my breathing!?”

“I don’t want my Father, who is still unharmed, to tell me that!!”

He swung his battered wooden sword at me, tearing through the tornado of blazing flames and wind barrier, and cutting through the air again… no, he must have thought he had really cut me down. And he looked at me like he made a mistake when he saw me not reacting at the moment it hit me.

“That one is an illusion.”

Gadius’es power strengthens illusionary magic. Combined with my illusions, I can create an illusion that can deceive even my Father. Moreover, this illusion was not just your simple illusion. If you are attacked by it, you will be wounded. The wounds inflicted by the advanced illusion will cause the other party to mistakenly believe that they too have been wounded, and they will materialize.

“Obediently return to your office!! Blade Paradise!!”

Many copies of myself appeared instantly and sent phantom blades flying towards Father. If I don’t win this, the theory that my Father was an inhuman being is going to be valid.


However, he still was my Father. He avoided all the phantom blades, and one by one, the phantoms were cut down and dissipated. And Father has already found my main body. He must have derived my real body from the copies from his numerous experiences. He cut through my illusions as he passed by in a flowing charge.

“Formula decompression… ah.”

I tried to escape by teleporting, but I couldn’t escape because the only magic left in my formula retention was a recovery-type magic. The chanting of the teleportation-type magic is abnormally long, so I couldn’t make it in time.

“Fuhh… as expected, any more than this is too tiring.”

“I cannot move anymore.”


I lost when the wooden sword, which was already close to charcoal, was placed against my neck. Father seems to be uninjured, although he was dirty with dust and stuff. I still couldn’t win. Can anyone tell me how I can beat my Father? Anyone who comes unscathed from a combo that a mid-level dragon would be completely obliterated from has already quit being a human being.
I disengaged all my magic and sat down directly on the ground. Alicia, who stood nearby, was in a hurry to bring two chairs, but I was too exhausted.

“That was too excessive!! Your Majesty, you said that you will only go through the basics today, and that’s why I allowed you to participate, you know? Are you intending to train Princess to the level where you are going to let her lead the dragon-slaying expeditions?”

This was certainly not the level of training you do on the first day… although I was the one who attacked him in the middle of the training, it was way too tough. I feel like I have moved enough for at least a year.

“No, when she used that level of magic, I ended up getting serious unintentionally. If it’s magic warfare, she can already call herself first-class. In the Adventurer rank, she would be the equivalent of A-rank.”

“Not SSS-rank?”

I’m aiming for SSS, so I was a little sulky. I’m planning to get that rank next after my Father. That’s what I’m aiming for eventually.

“Definitely not yet. It’s not easy to obtain rank, as you may think, Alicetia. But, since you are good enough to start off as A-rank, you have good prospects of becoming one in the future. Gil can’t afford to be complacent anymore.”

He threw his wooden sword to the ground and sat down on the ground with a thump. I was sitting down on the ground as well, but Alicia helped me up and sat me on a simple chair she brought over… It wasn’t a very comfortable chair. I took something like a cushion out of my Treasury and put it under my buttocks.

“It’s certain that you can fight. I’m amazed you got this far on your own, as expected of my daughter. Next time, let’s go invade the territory of monsters together!!”

As I thought, is my Father still a musclebrain? No matter how much… nevermind, my Big brother fought with him at my age. The Arland Quality is terrifying.
However, I was able to move better than I imagined. From the middle of the fight, it was as if my cogs had kicked into gear. Well, it could be said that I was able to give it my all because I knew I couldn’t win against Father. With this, I should be able to at least protect myself. It would be better if I could increase the number of magic spells I can hold, though.

“I will pass. If I’m to go, please let me be in charge of recovery…”

Well, if I, Father, Mother, and Big brother all go to the front, we can reduce the damage caused to the country’s citizens. Even I won’t show any mercy to monsters, so I can give it my all… although there’s a possibility that a Coote-like monsters will be captured by me instead.

“There aren’t many people who can use Healing magic. But, I don’t want you to be in a place with too much bloodshed… However, I also want to spend time with my daughter… ngggh.”
It seemed that he was torn between wanting to spoil his daughter as a father and wanting to fight alongside me as a warrior. If possible, please choose the former. I’m good enough to fight against others only in self-defense. I feel that if I get used to it anymore, I might become a second father.

“I refuse!! Princess is already too busy, so stop giving her more weird invitations like this. From now on, she must learn more about studies and manners.”

Alicia’s futile efforts were still going on, apparently. It’s true that I am busy, though, isn’t it? Academy, and political studies… did I make a mistake in telling them about the teleportation? Well, the academy lessons finish around 2 or 3 o’clock, so after that I just go back to the country and do about an hour of political study. I’m OK with teleporting because it’s good practice for my magic. Studying is also a thing I rather like.
During the holidays, I should also do adventurer activities. I haven’t been active at all, but recently I have some free time to spend. I could verify the effectiveness of my new magic tools against monsters.

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