Chapter 77.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Killing Time
It seems that while I was indulging in my hobby, things outside got pretty intense. How many days have passed? When I asked Mr. Grantz, he tilted his head and said, “Who knows?” It seems quite some time has passed. Come to think of it, there’s a bath in the Treasury, and food too, since there’s plenty of meat stocked up. It’s all thanks to Mr. Grantz cooking it and us eating together, so I haven’t stepped outside at all. Mr. Coote seemed satisfied too, since he had plenty of meat to eat. He was guarding Mother, and since he knew I was here, there haven’t been any issues.

“Well, it’s probably just been a few days, right? We’re still good.”

“We’re busy here. Outsiders, leave!!”

Mr. Grantz, showing his artisan temperament, threw spanners at the intruders. This is a sanctuary for craftsmen. There’s no room for outsiders. We’re engrossed in making the airplane.

But Big brother, using the sword he had, cut the spanners in half and lifted me up. Father and Mr. Grantz were wrestling each other. Their muscles bulging, they were incredibly passionate and sweaty.

“Just get outside already. You’ve been holed up underground for nearly a month.”

“You need to chill out too.”

“Shut it! We’re pioneering something unprecedented. Those who don’t understand should stay out of our way.”

Big brother carried the struggling me, while Father dragged Mr. Grantz outside. The sunlight was blinding. Nuooh, we were all blinded by the brightness. Outside, there was Alicia and Mother, looking stern. Why?

Anyway, we all got lectured. I was just indulging in my hobby because I was told to take a break, but no one listened to my side of the story. Mr. Grantz, in particular, was smoking and casually ignoring everything. I want that level of nonchalance too!!

“Exactly! I was just taking a proper break and indulging in my hobby!! I wasn’t working.”



As expected, Mother’s scolding is terrifying. I don’t really understand what’s wrong. I wasn’t working.

“If you had a proper rest, then what’s with those dark circles under your eyes? You look exhausted.”


“Your Highness… I absolutely won’t forgive you this time.”

After the lecture, it was decided that I’m not allowed in the underground during breaks anymore. Also, the secret passage in my room was sealed off.

The proper way to spend a break is supposed to be about relaxing with activities like reading books or taking walks to rejuvenate. Sure, I might have been physically tired, but I was overflowing with enthusiasm and energy… Well, I guess it’s still not okay. Understood.

“Ugh… Everything is forbidden and it’s frustrating.”

“Just take a normal rest for once.”

“Then how about I go to Ostland for a visit?”

Well, that seems fine. That was the conclusion. But there was talk about contacting them beforehand rather than just going there suddenly.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll contact Anon and get permission from her dad.”

Taking out my phone from my pocket, I dialed Anon’s number. After a while, Anon picked up, accompanied by sounds of haste.

(There it is~!! Alice? It’s been a while. What’s up?)

“I want to visit your place. I got scolded for indulging in my hobby when I was supposed to be resting, so I decided to come over for a visit.”

(… Ah, did you mess up with that hobby of yours again? Well, I’ll let my stupid old man know. But you’re pretty much given passage without scrutiny, so it should be fine. After all, you’re basically a hero. If you mention your name at the border, they’ll let you through without any issues. They probably won’t even charge you for passage fees.)

Hmm, I’d appreciate it if they let me know beforehand about the free pass. Also, Big brother chimed in saying he’ll accompany me… or rather, he’s heading there for official duties, and he apparently postponed it for two months already, so I’ll give him my schedule accordingly. The escorts will be sent ahead via teleportation, but Big brother seemed to be going by airship. It seems the first export destination is Ostland. Since it’s not official business for me, I’m free to go as I please.

I’d love to go visit right away, but it seems they need to make arrangements over there, so it might take some time. Just dropping by without notice might cause some issues. Well, since we’re quite in touch, it’s not a problem for me, but it might be on their end, being from different country and all.

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