Chapter 77.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Killing Time
Now that the dock was done, and we had the personnel, I thought about creating my research space. Something impressive underground like Umbrella. But everyone kept insisting I take a break. Alicia even held me back when I tried to leave and wouldn’t let me out of the room… Well, there’s no defeat for me who has already finished making the direct passage from my room to the underground. Today, I’m going to make an engine.

“Are you sure it’s okay to sneak out?”

“I left a phantasm… I think it’ll be fine even if they touch it.”

I was in a small room, holding a meeting with the research section. For now, I will be calling this place a provisional research lab. Ideally, I wanted to expand this place, but before that, I wanted an aircraft.

Hey! Don’t say I’m changing directions like a child. Both are necessary, but it’s not like my research space is urgently needed right now. If I don’t have enough space, I can always retreat to the Treasury. After all, this is just a hobby.

Alright, enough about the lab; I won’t accept any objections. Today, I’m not making a large engine for an airship, but an engine for an aircraft. I’m making a propeller plane. I can’t maintain or mass-produce jet planes anyway.

First off, let me clarify that the engine I’m building adopts an air-cooled system. By incorporating a magic tool that generates air within the engine instead of drawing it in from the outside, the heat issue has been resolved. There’s no need to resort to liquid cooling, which has problems with toughness and maintenance. In this world, even air-cooled engines can perform adequately.

The problem lies with various rare metals. And rubber. Since many rare metals are scarce, I’ve started by examining the properties of metals existing in this world, and rubber is substituted with the skins of monsters. They seem to be searching for petroleum, but it won’t come out unless they dig for it… It’s not like it springs up like a fountain somewhere… Well, it’ll just end up in flames.

“You said it’s an aircraft, right? It would be convenient to have one, but do we really need it? I think airships are sufficient.”

“Airships lack maneuverability and attract attention. Besides, other countries already have airships. There’s a possibility the Empire might push with sheer numbers.”

“Isn’t that plan enough? It’s not something that can be resolved just by quantity.”

“It’s a hobby, you know? I’m on vacation now. Father and Big brother said I could do as I please.”

It’s just a hobby anyway. It’s inevitable since it’s a secret and I plan to use it as my carriage substitute. Now, the goal is to manufacture a 4-row, 28-cylinder forced air-cooled engine, an otherworldly model, capable of stable output of 4,000 horsepower. Well, it might not become famous since it was born in an era transitioning from propeller planes to jet planes, but it should be a monstrous engine. I felt the urge to have an airplane equipped with this. And surprisingly, the pilots might look cool.

Well, my knowledge strangely includes a vast number of weapon blueprints, so it’s more like reproduction than creation. Normally, even if it’s outdated, it should be classified, but I wonder why I remember it.



A few days later?

“Sounds like a lot of horsepower!!”

“So loud—!!”

Amidst the thundering roar, Mr. Grantz and I clung to the equipment to avoid being thrown off as we shouted at each other. That’s right, the engine was completed easily. But what a tremendous roar. I feel like I might be blown away by the wind. Or rather, I’m floating while clinging on.

After rotating the propeller for a while, I fixed any problems that arose. It’s still a temperamental engine, but there are no issues with heat. This should be sufficient as a practical product. Now, it’s time to make the aircraft itself. Despite complaining, Mr. Grantz seemed quite interested and helps out. But is there something I’m forgetting?

Oh well, it’s fine. With that said, I drew up the blueprints and created the aircraft. What about the airships? Well, if it’s just the main body, it can be managed by engineers alone, and there are multiple power units in stock, so it’s not a problem even if I’m not around. And since Mr. Grantz has already retired, his absence isn’t an issue either. In other words, there’s no problem at all.

“Yahoo!! I finally managed to destroy it, Father!”

“Well done!! What are you up to, Alicetia?!”



Suddenly, the door connecting the laboratory to the dock blew off. That’s odd. It’s made of my own alloy and is a thick armor plate of 2 meters. It weighs several tons on its own, yet someone with enough force to blow it away as if it were kicked… Father?! Or rather, Big brother stroke a pose as if he was the one kicking it!!

“I told you to take a break. Yet here you are, holed up underground, starting some suspicious research!!”

“I heard the roar from underground and thought to check. How long do you plan to stay cooped up? Alicia was frantically searching for you.”

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