Chapter 76.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Reunion and a New Family Member
“Your manners are terrible. Well, at least you didn’t kick the door down like Draco does, I guess?”

“I won’t do that this time. It would be terrible if any debris hit you.”

Inside, Mother was sitting on the bed in a négligée? Well, she had a blanket on, but she was sitting there.

I do have some self-control. Anyway, Father will probably be still out of it, so I’ll put up 30 barriers on the door. This should prevent it from being broken in one blow. And I’ll put up barriers around Mother, too. This is a precaution in case Father destroys the door with each barrier. Just in case, I’ll also add soundproofing – not to completely silence it, just to reduce loud noises to a normal level. That should do it.

“I see. That’s good. I was thinking if you kept acting like Draco, I might send you off to Madame’s for about two years of training.”


That was close. My limited rationality seemed to have averted the biggest crisis of my life. I should behave from now on… but it’s too late. I’ll try not to anger Mother any further. After all, a little girl like me can’t rebel against Mother.

“M-More importantly, are you okay? You are already in your thir-owowow!”

When I tried to mention her age, I was grabbed by the head like an eagle seizing its prey. The shape of my head is going to get changed!!

However, Mother is also approaching her forties. This can be considered a late pregnancy. In a world where medicine relies on magic, it’s dangerous for both mother and child. Of course, Mother is determined to give birth, so there’s no stopping her. I need to prepare what I can. Worst case scenario, I will have to consider a cesarean section. I have some knowledge of it, so it’s not impossible, but I’d rather not do it if I can help it. I have no experience with it. So, I should practice healing magic more. I could help out at the church and practice at the clinic. I’m already good enough, but improving precision requires repetition.

“Are you being sarcastic? Even Mom can get angry, you know?”

“Based on my knowledge, giving birth at the age of 35 or older is risky. That’s why I’m worried. But leave it to me; I can check the gender and make sure everything’s okay, so there’s no problem. Mother, you should rest for a while.”

“Ugh, being scolded by my daughter… You’ve grown up, haven’t you?”

“Why the questioning tone?”

For now, Mother’s wand is confiscated. I’ll hang it by the bed. And I need to make sure she gets nutritious food… Should I make it myself? Well, let’s start by persuading the Chef and giving them some recipes. They’ll probably make something tastier than I could.

As I hopped around Mother, there was a sound of barriers being shattered. But it was not as loud as usual. And only 26 barriers were broken. It seems they endured the attack… I wish Father would return to being human.

“Why can’t I break through?!”

“Fa-Father?! What will you do if something happens to Mother? This is Alice’s barrier. She just foresaw your actions.”

There was a sound of rolling. It seems he hurt his leg on the barrier’s hardness.

“If you can’t enter normally, then you absolutely won’t be allowed in.”

I redeployed the broken barrier and reinforced it even further. If they’re going to shatter the door, I declared that they won’t be allowed in here under any circumstances.

“Alright, I can enter normally, so please dispel the barrier.”

Since Father seemed to have calmed down a bit, I lifted the barrier. Once they entered, I redeployed it. Now this place is safe. From now on, I’ll give Mother a ton of defensive magic tools.

“Ar-Are you o-o-okay?!”

“This is the third time. I’m used to it now.”


Father entered the room and embraced Mother. He seemed to be holding her with enough strength that it was not a burden for her. If he applied too much force, I’d throw him out the window.

“… Alice, I’ve been thinking…”

Big brother murmured while looking at Mother. It seems he’s come to the same conclusion as me.

“Yeah. We can’t wait for 10 more years.”

“Indeed. Ideally, I’d like to finish everything before that child is born… It would be nice if it’s a sister.”

“A brother!! I want a little brother. I’ll raise him to be Big sister’s boy.”

Big brother looked at me with a shocked expression. It seems we’re like irreconcilable enemies.

“Wait. A sister would be better. We could go shopping together, you know? She’d be cute and soft.”

“I want to be that child’s proud big sister. I want to achieve something great for them.”

It would be nice if it’s a brother. Of course, I’d love a sister too. But my Big brother keeps murmuring that a sister would be better. Well, if he had a brother, he’d love him just as much, so it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Now the question is, I want to do something amazing for the new family member. What can I make that would make me a sister to be proud of in the future?

“I got it!! Let’s build a flying palace for them!!”

“Hey, stop it!! Calm down, Alice. Why did you come to that conclusion?”

“It’s fine! I’ll install defense systems to make sure it doesn’t get stolen.”

I’ll put all my skills into creating a Laputa-like flying palace that will fly for thousands of years. Yeah, it’ll be perfect for a birthday celebration. It’ll be magnificent. I’m sure this future Big sister will be praised as wonderful. My motivation has reached its limit. I raised both hands in triumph. I’m already energized, all fatigue has disappeared.

“Father, Mother. Somehow, Alice has started to go out of control. She’s saying she wants to build a palace in the sky for the new family member, please stop her!!”

“That’s wonderful, Alicetia. Yes, that’s the spi-guooooh!”

“Calm down, Draco. Alice, can we talk for a moment? It seems like you need more education.”


Two hours later, I was apologizing to everyone. What happened? Well, Mother is aggressive even though she’s pregnant, that’s all I’ll say.

“… Sniff… I want to celebrate too… Waaaah!”

“It’s not something to celebrate with, is it? Something lighter would be better.”

“Fine, I’ll make a pendant.”

Making a pendant was approved. Alright, let’s make it a versatile pendant that can use all kinds of magic. And let’s also incorporate various hidden features, like being able to summon a gigantic golem.

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