Chapter 77.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Killing Time
“Alright, see you later then. I’ll show you something nice as a souvenir… or should I say, would you like to ride it?”

(Airship!? I’ve never been on one before. Rather, you are amazing for making something like that.)

“Well, if you want to ride the airship, I’ll let you. I can even show you something even more amazing. It’s my masterpiece. Although it might change after a while.”

(I’ll look forward to it!! I’ll let everyone know.)

I’ve told her what I needed to for now, so I ended the call and put the phone away in my pocket. Come to think of it, I want to attach some accessories to it. When I get there, I’ll go shopping with everyone.

“Oh, I forgot about investigating that thing…”

“… Yes, indeed. It’s not surprising she has something like that… but because of the series of surprises, I completely forgot… Wait, does the other side have it too?!”

“Wha!! Alicetia, what’s that? A communicator?”

Huh? Are you talking about this? I hand it over and they tinker with it. But it’s exclusively for me, so it won’t activate for anyone else. I explain this and get it back. It’s not a good idea to rummage through someone’s phone, even if they’re family. Well, there are only five people registered, and there’s no internet connection yet, so the only things they might find annoying are funny picture collection of Alicia’ and funny faces of Mr. Coote.

“Um, the girls have three in total, and Alicia, and Mr. Grantz have it, too.”

“Yes. I received one from Princess, too. But doesn’t the country have it too?”

“… It’s not usually this small… This is it.”

What my Father brought out was… a box about the size of an early cell phone. It looked heavy. Want to use this one? I take out a few that haven’t been given to anyone yet. I just forgot to give them to everyone, so there was about 30 of them.

“Oh… yeah, that’s right. I’ll take one… I don’t know how to use it, though.”

“Isn’t this normal? I have not made a mistake, did I…?”

Each of them absentmindedly chose their favorite color and shape. Mother also receives it with a slightly complicated expression. I took out the instruction manual and handed it to everyone. Did I do something wrong?


“… Are you mass-producing these?”

“It’s a simple design, so it’s easy to make, right? Should I prepare some for the ministers too? Or do we have enough with what we have now?”

As I distribute the rest, they accept them slowly.

“Yeah… let’s call it a purchase. It’s convenient… but can this reach the other end of the continent…? Normally, they are powerful enough only to connect within the country.”

It seems that there are quite a few people in this world who can make magic cell phones. However, they’re considered disappointingly low-performance if they can only be used domestically. When I mentioned “disappointingly low-performance,” my Father said, “Don’t say that in the Magic Kingdom. They’ll get furious.”

Apparently, the Magic Kingdom is a country where magic users are a privileged class, and it’s a sort of magic user supremacist nation where they can’t stand being looked down upon. They’re likely to find fault with my airship soon, too.

“Oh, right. Let’s give one to the King of Osltand. You said you have been corresponding with him, so it’ll be easier to contact him than writing letters, right? Plus, I intended to spread these throughout the country anyway.”

Yeah, that’s a good idea. It’s convenient to have plenty of them. It’s not difficult to make them in bulk. But if I get involved in this too, I’ll also end up overworking myself. That’s it!! Let’s go to the library for the first time in a while. If I can see the restricted section, there might be some convenient magic or something.

And I also need to make a high-resolution camera for the new family member. I’m really busy. There’s no time to rest!! I immediately returned to the underground and started running around to make various things, but I got caught by Alicia, who has fallen to the dark side. I was hugged tightly as if I were an object.

“Well then, Princess, let’s take a bath and go to bed, shall we?”

“Alicia, starting from today, you will sleep with Alice… If she tries to move about without permission, you are free to punish her however you like.”


Nuooooh. If that happens, my activities will be restricted… Oh well, I’ll just use my illusion magic again.

“There won’t be a next time. I mean it, no more next times, okay? If you do this again, we’ll sell off all the magic beasts lounging around in the training grounds to the Guild as materials.”

Is she suggesting… euthanizing my pets?! How cruel… Those kids are harmless to humans now. They’re good kids. They’re doing their best as training partners for the Knights… I’ll just behave myself quietly.

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