Chapter 61.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Chaos in Ostland (7)
The moment the castle walls were opened, the monsters tried to pour into the Royal Capital. However, they were unable to harm the people inside.

The monsters that invaded were turned into meat paste by ten miniguns, and their own corpses piled up like a bulwark.

Hindered by the castle walls, the monsters that couldn’t fly and could only enter through the castle gates were killed without even being allowed to approach the waiting miniguns.

“Let’s go.”

We left through the castle gates at the brief moment when the monsters hesitated to invade the Capital due to the heavy damage. Otherwise, we would be pushed back by sheer numbers alone.

I went from the castle walls up to the sky. About 50 meters high. The monsters tried to knock me down by slinging spells, projectiles, or parts of their bodies at me, but I have an Aegis Shield deployed below me, so everything was deflected.

“Laugh, Gladius.”

I point Gladius’ sword tip at the ground and let go of it. Gladius fell and stuck into the ground up to its hilt.


Then the ground turned black and the movement of the monsters standing on it stopped. Looking closely, their eyes turned black and they immediately started attacking each other. They fight and bare their fangs at each other no matter how much they are hurt. My role here was over, so I headed back toward the castle walls. By always facing away from the castle walls, we limit the combat area.

“While I’m at it, multiple activation, Ice Javelin.”

I switched from my Dragon Wand to my usual wand and project countless magic circles that covered the sky. From there, ice javelins rushed towards the monsters.

The monsters ignored even that and continued to kill each other, but I felt like their numbers have decreased significantly.

“All OK here.”

“The last one was violent, but well, it’s monsters, so it’s fine. The rest is over there.”

Big brother cut an Ogre in half together with its club and looked at me. He looked so relaxed. I can’t see Alicia, but the monsters around were having their necks separated from their bodies all over the place, so she must be using her Invisibility to fight. Some of them can sense her and chase her around, but to the rest, they just look like monsters running around meaninglessly.

She’s probably crying and running away, so I shot the heads of the monsters chasing her with a revolver.

“Thank you~ Princess~”

Alicia, who appeared, was indeed crying. Alicia is quite strong, but her original way of fighting is to strike from behind the enemy, so she’s not that strong (by Arland standards) if she’s discovered, but she’s almost invincible when unnoticed.

“Alright, let’s not hold back. Alicia, focus on protecting Alice. I’ll take care of the big ones. Alice, shoot magic from behind as you like.”



“Got it. Blades of Ice, rain down, pierce and freeze everything, Ice Stream Swords.”

Ice swords appeared around me and flew towards the monsters. The monsters that were stabbed by the swords were not instantly killed, but they got gradually frozen from where they were stabbed. But the monsters kept coming at us with sheer numbers. I glanced at Mr. Grantz’s direction and… yeah, it was bad.

The Spider spread its legs, drove the stakes into the ground, and lowered its posture… its body went as close to the ground as possible, leveling and fixing its joints in place. Then Mr. Grantz shot the railgun that the Spider was equipped with. The monsters that approached were annihilated by the two miniguns in front and back, and the monsters in the line of fire of the railgun were smashed to pieces. As soon as he finished shooting, Mr. Grantz returned the Spider’s posture back to normal and crushed the monsters with its front legs or slashed them with its claws. There is support from the castle walls with bows, ballistas, magic, etc. Occasionally, when an arrow hit the Spider, Mr. Grantz turned his gun port to the castle wall and shot a low-power railgun at the upper part of the wall. It doesn’t hit the wall or people, but I think the people on the wall were crying…

“There’s no time to look at the other side!!”

Big brother yelled at me as he fought a giant monster. He’s right, it’s okay over there. Let me do my job.

“Flames of Hell, appear in this world and consume everything, Hell Flare.”

A meteor-like mass of flame fell on the group of monsters and burned their bodies. Then, I noticed that the control of the insect-type monsters was disturbed. They started attacking not only us but also other monsters. One of the leaders must have died in the previous attack. Big brother took advantage of the opportunity to cut down the monsters.

An armored centipede, whose body was covered in scaly armor, and a goblin, who must have looted armor from a fallen adventurer, were both cut in half regardless of the strength of their armor. He occasionally shot magic, but mainly seemed to be using Body Strengthening.

He kept dodging the monsters’ attacks with minimal movement. In the meantime, he lightly swung his sword and cut his enemies like tofu. No matter how sturdy they are, it’s meaningless in front of that sword.

“There’s no end to it. Dragon Wand, lend me your power, Pseudo ‘Alterna’ Dragon Flare.”

When I opened my mouth, a red flame ball the size of a marble was born just in front of my mouth. The monsters who saw it fled according to their instincts. This is a blow from a dragon. A blow of destruction that burns everything. Magic reproduced from the memory of the Dragon Wand.

I released a blow that I have charged to the limit about 1 kilometer away from Big brother. It flew at an incredible speed, evaporating the monsters in its path. Then, at the target point, the fireball exploded all at once. A dome of flame about 30 meters in diameter was created. And when it disappeared, there was nothing left. The ground was burned and turned into glass, and nearby monsters were also heavily damaged. I shot the same spell five times. Then the monsters started to move.

“So they’re aiming for us after all. And it’s all low-level monsters. They’re clearly aiming for us to run out of stamina. This time, the leader seems to be quite smart.”

Monsters with low ranks in large numbers, such as goblins, attacked us. But they can’t beat me with that level of monsters.

“Big brother, step back. Pseudo ‘Alterna’ Dragon Flame.”

When my brother backed off, I spat out flames. I turned sideways, spitting it out in a semicircle, and the monsters were burned without being able to resist. No matter how many low-ranked monsters there are, they can’t beat me.

And then, Big brother ignored the still-living monsters and attacked the General-class monster behind them. Alicia was finishing off the survivors. She ran around at an incredible speed and took care of the surviving monsters. I drank about half of a potion to recover my magic power.

“I’m sleepy…”

My limit is near. I can’t sleep in this situation where there are still many monsters. I have to reduce them a little more.

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